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Why Sell Used Textbooks?

Students use an average of 40-60 books over the course of a four-year college program, so it's not uncommon for a stack of used textbooks to pile up. Reduce the clutter and earn some cash for books you don't need by selling college books to TextbookRush. We'll pay you top dollar and cover shipping costs though our quick and easy textbook buyback program. Search by ISBN above to see your quote and sell books online today!

How to Sell Textbooks Online

When it's time to sell back textbooks, our three-step process makes it simple:

  1. Request a Quote: Enter each ISBN into the search bar above, separated by a comma, space, or return.
  2. Review and Accept: See how much your books are worth and choose how you want to be paid (Cash, PayPal or store credit).
  3. Ship Your Books: Select a shipping method, print your free label, and send the books our way.

That's all there is to it! Once we receive and inspect your books, we'll pay you via your choice of cash, PayPal, or store credit. It's never been easier to sell college textbooks.

Textbook Buyback Tips

We believe we're the best place to sell textbooks, but we want to make sure you feel the same from quote to cash in hand. Check out these resources to ensure you earn the most when you sell used textbooks back to us:

  • Create an Account: Sign up to earn an extra 5% in store credit when you sell textbooks online.
  • Packaging Tips: Keep your books safe and secure during shipping.
  • Selling FAQ: Learn the ins, outs, and best practices of selling old textbooks.

We hope you'll make TextbookRush your home to sell textbooks every semester. If you have any other questions, our customer service team will be happy to help!