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Buy textbooks, sell textbooks, and rent textbooks in Ohio

Going to school in the Buckeye State? We’ve got good news for you: TextbookRush is your No. 1 resource to buy, sell or rent textbooks in Ohio — plus, we not only deal with textbooks, but also e-books, study guides and more. At the start of a new semester or school year, don’t waste your money at the campus bookstore or other places where the prices are too high. Instead, come to us to buy textbooks in Ohio for the lowest rates available. Then come back to us when those classes are done to have a place to sell textbooks in Ohio, too. When it comes to finding, renting, buying or selling books for cash, we’re here to make the process easy and profitable for you.

Cheaper than the campus bookstore

Whether you’re majoring in biology or American literature, purchasing new textbooks for those classes can be pricey. That’s why it only makes sense to research for the best book rates. Nobody has to tell you campus bookstores can be expensive — but you can save some money when choosing to buy textbooks in Ohio from us. Because we specialize in buying back good-condition textbooks, TextbookRush is proud to be the place you can go to find cheap textbooks in Ohio and beyond. Shop our online catalog to find everything from the math books to the literary novels that you need for classes.

Cheaper than your local bookstore

Retail bookstores are great — but when it comes to getting new books every few months as part of your coursework, the retail costs add up. Why pay sticker prices when you can chop those costs significantly at TextbookRush? Shopping at TextbookRush means shopping at the online textbook resource where prices can be up to 60 percent lower than traditional rates. With us, you not only can find a textbook, but you can also find an e-textbook in Ohio, at a great rate.

Huge selection with over 600,000 titles available

TextbookRush offers a huge selection of books — meaning an equal or better shopping solution, and for better prices, than what you might find at another bookstore. Whether you’re attending The Ohio State University, Miami University, Kent State University, Ohio University, University of Cincinnati, Bowling Green State University, Cleveland State University or another Ohio school, you can find the necessary course materials with us. Forget going to the local bookstore or campus shop and check out our rates to save time and money this year.

About TextbookRush

TextbookRush has been the top online campus bookstore since our founding in 1994. Offering books at outstanding prices, not to mention book rentals and e-books, we’ve built our business on buying back books from students and other sources in order to continually expand our catalog. Come to us for books, e-books, movies, video games and more. In Ohio and throughout the nation, we’re proud to be the best place to get used textbooks for a great price.

Ready to buy and sell textbooks in Ohio with TextbookRush? Search our catalog to learn more — or get in touch with us today!

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