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How long has it been since you promised yourself you’d do a back-to-back marathon of the old seasons of The Walking Dead, so you could be caught up on all the trivia when you got back to school for the semester. Is there a hard-to-find Max Shreck movie you need to study for your film class? Better yet, maybe you’ve just aced your finals and want to veg by watching Golden Girls from start to finish (don’t worry; we won’t spoil the ending). At TextbookRush, you can browse an online selection of hundreds of movies, and buy your DVDs online without even having to get up from your dorm bed.

How do you buy used DVDs on TextbookRush?

The first step is to know what you want. Our video selection ranges from classic TV episodes to Blu-ray Discs of modern-day movies. The search engine is easy to use, and most items ship within a week of your purchase. We make the whole process easy:

  1. Type the name of the movie title, or enter some of the keywords in the search bar. Choose from titles that auto-fill.
  2. Purchase your items using a credit card, or store credit from items you recently sold.
  3. Eagerly await your shipment of DVDs or Blu-ray Discs.

Who benefits from buying and selling movies?

Each year, students make more and more money selling their used textbooks and DVDs online. It makes sense to put that extra cash to use in the same place you earned it: here on TextbookRush. Simply register to become a member of our bookselling community, and you can shop for movies at any time of day. Your purchase helps us offer higher buyback prices to students who are selling their DVDs and Blu-rays, or parting with last semester’s textbooks.

Buy DVDs online with us, and you’ll benefit from competitively low prices and a number of other perks.

What sets us apart?

Studying can be time-consuming and stressful, but shopping for Blu-rays online doesn’t have to be. If you add a couple DVDs on your required textbook order, chances are you’ll easily earn free shipping. It’s one of the many advantages you have when you use TextbookRush to shop for DVDs and Blu-rays online. Here are some more:

  • Free shipping on orders over $35
  • Extensive, ever-changing selection
  • Combine with book purchases
  • Easy-to-use search engine
  • Earn rewards points
  • Detailed product descriptions
  • Speedy shipping

If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we will link you to another website that might.

Students can use our online marketplace to sell back used movies, and restock their collection with their new favorite films. Consider hosting the occasional movie night for some of your friends, or sending a Blu-ray as a gift for the holidays, or to reward your roommate for surviving her advanced calculus exam.

To start saving and making cash on used DVDs, contact us now!