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Yes! With many eBooks, purchase or rental, you can still expect to see savings up to 60% off list price.

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You sure can! You will be able to search, highlight, and annotate specific text in your eBook.

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Are you tired of lugging physical books to each and every class throughout the semester? What would you say if you could ditch the textbooks and access your course materials via your computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone anywhere at anytime? It’s now possible when you buy e-books from TextbookRush.

A growing trend for students who want an e-book for textbooks

College students want an easier way to get all the information they need in a hassle-free, readable format. At TextbookRush, we offer the perfect solution in the form of e-books for sale. Choose from our selection of more than 600,000 e-book textbooks and download them in the library, in your dorm room, at the coffee shop or just about any place where you want to study for your classes. The information in the e-book download is exactly the same as in the hardcover textbook. The only difference is that you are reading it in a digital format from a computer, tablet or smartphone screen.

Check out some of the advantages of obtaining your textbooks as e-books for sale:

  • Save up to 60 percent when purchasing e-books
  • Have the textbook available anywhere on or off campus
  • Download e-books to any device: PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • Have the option to buy or rent the e-book
  • Read the e-book online or offline
  • Download tons of e-books on your tablet or smartphone and eliminate the need for physical books

Why you should get involved with TextbookRush e-book program

To get an e-book download simply use the convenient search bar to find the right book by title, subject, author or text keyword. Rest assured that you’ll find exactly what you need — we’re constantly adding more e-books to our growing inventory.

Enjoy your textbooks in e-book format from TextbookRush

Make your college life simpler. You'll never forget another textbook in your dorm or on the bus again when you can carry it as a downloaded e-book. Take it to your study group, read in the library, or cram for that exam at the coffee shop. With e-books for sale from our online campus bookstore, you'll have the textbook material available when you are ready to read it. Visit our website and check out our available e-books today.