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What’s an international textbook?

International Edition textbooks offer the EXACT same content as the US edition. The book cover and jacket design on an International Edition might differ from U.S. versions, but you get the exact same material at incredible cost savings.

A little secret that can save you a ton

Discover the benefits of International Editions.

30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee!

The other guys don’t offer anything as good. Just one more reason to pick us.

International Edition textbooks

Nobody has to tell you that textbooks can get pricey — when you’re buying a slew of new material every semester, it’s easy to feel like you’re money is disappearing. However, we’ve got good news: TextbookRush is here to give you every opportunity to save money on textbooks. One great way we do that is through international editions, which are up to 80 percent cheaper than American versions, but filled with the exact same content. Did you know that international books online are a smart and savvy way to lower textbook costs? It’s true. Just because they have a different ISBN and a different picture on the cover, they’ll be a whole lot cheaper.

Don’t let anyone tell you International Editions aren’t acceptable. The Supreme Court is on your side.

In March 2013, the United States Supreme Court ruled that international editions published anywhere in the world can be sold in America. Offering the exact same content as domestic copies — but with different ISBN codes and often with different cover art — these books offer a wide range of benefits to students. Ultimately, just because they were published for use elsewhere, they are able to provide incredible cost savings for the exact same material you need.

Benefits of International Edition textbooks

Why exactly should you buy international textbooks? What’s in it for you? From lower costs to incredible convenience, think about the big perks that come from these copies:

  • Same content as United States editions
  • Up to 80 percent lower prices
  • Fully legal here in America
  • Only differences are cosmetic
  • Our quality control team verifies that the content is identical
  • Free shipping on orders over $35
  • 100 percent money-back guarantee
  • Opportunity to sell international edition textbooks back to us when your class is over

Buy an international textbook from TextbookRush for your next course, and save a big chunk of change in the process. Like all the books we sell, our international version textbooks ship for free on orders over $35 and come with a 30 day full money-back guarantee. What’s more, when your semester ends and you don’t need a certain book any longer, sell it back to us to recoup even more of your investment.

Why and where to buy International Edition textbooks

It’s simple: international editions offer the EXACT same content, page for page, as their American counterparts. Plus, TextbookRush can deliver them right to your door for up to 80 percent lower prices.

Check out our amazing savings on international editions. The Supreme Court says they’re all legal, so why not use them to avoid paying full price?


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