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Book buyback FAQ

Know before you sell

Why wasn’t I paid for the book I sent in?

We do not buy back all books that are sent to us. If you did not receive a payment for the book you sent in, it is likely for one of the following reasons:

  1. Condition, Edition, ISBN: If the condition, edition, or ISBN of the book we receive does not match your submission, the book may not have value. Please carefully review our list of what we do and do not accept, and be sure to properly pack your book to keep it safe during shipping. If your book is determined to be different than what you quoted, it will either be processed and paid based on what we received, or it will be rejected. Rejected books will not be returned.
  2. Video: Our textbook review process
    Counterfeit Textbooks: TextbookRush does not accept counterfeit textbooks, and we are required to confiscate any that are sent to us to ensure they do not re-enter the market. If your book is determined to be a counterfeit, you will not receive a payment and the book will not be returned. See our Anti-Counterfeit Best Practices Policy for more information on how we handle counterfeit textbooks.
  3. Not Received: We only process the items we receive. Items lost or damaged while in transit are our most common Buyback issue, and one that is completely out of our control. Please see this section of our website for more about this issue.

If you have additional questions, read our guide on how to spot a counterfeit textbook or reach out to our customer service team at the link below.

The process

If you notice any discrepancy in your buyback, please contact us within 7 business days.

I have never sold books back online before. Why should I trust you?

We appreciate that you put a lot of trust in us by selling and sending your books and we take that responsibility very seriously. We’re proud of the good reputation we’ve earned since starting in 2002. With the Better Business Bureau, we are an accredited business in good standing and currently carry an A+ rating.

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How do I sell my books to TextbookRush?

Selling your books to TextbookRush is easy! Follow our instructions on how to sell your books.

How long does the entire process take?

After your buyback order is received, it usually takes 2-3 business days to check-in your books plus an additional 5-10 business days to issue payment via check and 1 business day to issue payment via PayPal or Store Credit. During peak buyback periods, processing may take longer.

How do you determine prices?

Pricing is based entirely on demand. We can usually beat your local college bookstore on price, since your bookstore will only pay you a low wholesale rate unless they can immediately sell the item. Additionally, we have the largest buyback catalog on the web, so we can almost always make an offer. Please note the amount quoted is dependent upon you correctly identifying the condition and edition of each book.

How long do I have to send my books?

You should send your books within five business days of when the buyback order was created. In extreme cases, USPS Ground can take up to 3 weeks for delivery. If we do not receive the books within 14 days from when the order was placed, we cannot guarantee the quoted price. After 6 weeks your order will be cancelled. We may still pay you for the books, but they may not have the same value they did when the order was placed. Instead, your books will be received at the current value, which may be different from when you originally submitted your buyback. Your books will not be returned to you.

Can I sell under multiple accounts?

Selling under multiple accounts is not permitted. We set our quantity limits on a per merchant basis. If multiple accounts are created and the maximum number of items that can be sold is exceeded, the additional items we receive will be discarded. Do not create multiple buybacks or multiple accounts to sell more copies of a single ISBN. All items received in excess of the quantity limit will be discarded. Items are not returned for any reason. It is the seller’s responsibility to read, understand, and follow our guidelines. One account per household.

What are quantity limits?

All ISBNs have quantity limits. Our system is primarily designed for individuals who are selling back one copy of various books. Please email us at if you wish to submit more copies than the system allows. Please send the quantity and the ISBN(s) you wish to sell, and we’ll get in touch with you.

What we accept

We accept books that are…

in good or better condition.

Any CDs, access codes, or supplemental materials that came with the books should be returned with the buyback order for that book.

Examples of access codes and supplemental materials:

Sometimes there are different editions of the same title, so be sure to select the correct edition in order to receive the most accurate quote. Refer to the ISBN to confirm the edition you want to sell to TextbookRush:

  • US Edition textbooks: These are the most typical books you find and include paperbacks, hardbacks, textbooks, and non-textbook items.
  • International Edition books: Sometimes softcover, these books may have “ISE” printed on the spine, or the front cover may contain “International Edition” markings. This information will also appear on the title page of the book.
  • Complimentary textbooks / free copy / sample textbooks: These books are considered USED. We can only pay the used price even if the book is new. This is standard throughout the industry, as we cannot resell the book as new. They will contain markings or imprinted stamps displayed on the front or back cover, such as “Complimentary Copy,” “Free Copy,” “Instructor’s Edition,” “Not for Sale,” “Examination Copy,” or “Instructor’s Review Copy.” Please note that books marked “Instructor’s Edition” with all answers to even AND odd questions are considered annotated and will be checked in and paid at the annotated edition price.
  • Annotated Instructor’s Editions: These are often marked as “Annotated Instructor’s Edition” or “AIE” and usually contain answers and/or instructor’s notes. May also be marked “Instructors Copy,” with answers included.
  • Eastern Economy / low price / Indian Edition textbooks: These books are a subset of international edition textbooks that are commonly softcover, printed on cheap paper, and contain only black and white photos and illustrations. Please note that we do not buy back Eastern Economy / low price / Indian Edition textbooks.

Examples of various textbook editions:

How do I sell back an edition other than a US student edition?

Enter the US student edition ISBN and click on the link that states “I have another edition.” From there, select the edition you are trying to sell. If the edition of the book you are selling is not listed, we are not currently purchasing that edition.

Examples of items we don’t accept

Books received with any of the following characteristics will be unacceptable and will not be returned: moldy, badly stained, liquid damage, copies with missing pages or obscured text, advance reading copies (ARCs), and uncorrected proof copies. All books must include a copyright page with the ISBN listed. Stickers with an ISBN printed on them are unacceptable. Also unacceptable would be any one-time use or stand-alone items (i.e., workbooks that have more than six pages written on them, one-time use standalone access codes that have already been used, etc.). Any CDs, access codes, or supplemental materials that came with the books should be returned with the buyback order for that book. If you have any questions about your buyback, please contact us at before you send it in.

Why did I receive an amount lower than the amount quoted to me?

Prices paid are based on the condition, edition, and ISBN of the book when it is received in our warehouse. If the condition, edition, or ISBN received does not match what you’ve submitted, your quote will be adjusted. Please give accurate information about your book and pack your shipment well. Once you send your books, they cannot be returned for any reason. Our buyback staff tries to be as lenient as possible with every buyback book we receive, and we like to buy as many books as possible. If a book requires minor repair to a sellable condition, we will make the repair and the price paid will be slightly adjusted. We strongly suggest that you review our packing guidelines to ensure your book arrives at our warehouse safely.

Why aren’t you buying my book?

Our ability to purchase your book is based on demand for the specific edition/version of each book. If there is very little or no demand for your book, we are unable to purchase it.


How does shipping work?

TextbookRush will provide you with a prepaid and trackable shipping label that you can print from your computer. Delivery Confirmation is included with the label, so you can verify that your buyback successfully arrived at our location. The cost of this label is billed to us, so you never have to worry about it.

Need more labels? No problem, just visit your account and click on the buyback order in question. Then click “Add a shipping label.” You can request as many free labels as you need, but please use a unique label for each package.

Shipping methods:

  • FedEx (pre-paid label) is the default carrier for buyback shipments. FedEx guarantees delivery in 1-5 business days. Drop off packages with FedEx labels at the nearest FedEx drop off location or arrange for a free pickup from a business by calling 1-800-GO-FEDEX. When dropping off your package, please select either a FedEx-staffed center, FedEx Office, or FedEx Authorized ShipCenter. Do NOT use a FedEx drop box to ship your package; it will not be processed or delivered. Pickups must be scheduled from a business, not a residence. If you call to schedule a pickup, make sure to mention you have a “return label.”

Please note that these times are estimates and we are not liable for delays that are out of our control.

What if I cannot view or print my shipping label?

Please be sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader installed on your computer. If you do not have this software, you can get Adobe Reader here for free.

What is the advantage of using FedEx over USPS Ground?

FedEx guarantees delivery in 1-5 business days. Each order shipped via FedEx is automatically insured up to $100.00 per package.

USPS Ground usually takes 4-14 business days to arrive.

We strongly suggest you purchase insurance when shipping your buyback to us via USPS Ground; however, optional insurance for USPS Ground packages is not an expense TextbookRush covers.

TextbookRush is not responsible for packages lost or damaged in transit.

Why was I issued a USPS Ground label instead of a FedEx label?

FedEx does not operate on holidays or weekends. Therefore, buybacks submitted during those periods may receive a USPS Ground shipping label instead of a FedEx shipping label. It may take longer depending on where you are shipping from and whether it is a busy time of the year. Packages shipped around major holidays may take an additional week to arrive.

If you ship via USPS Ground, we strongly suggest that you purchase insurance when shipping your buyback to us.

Please note that both the FedEx and USPS Ground labels are pre-paid, so the shipping charges are billed to TextbookRush.

What happens if the items are damaged in transit?

Video: Packing guidelines

TextbookRush will grade the books we receive in the condition received and make any necessary adjustments to the amount paid. We cannot pay you for items that arrive bent, mangled, torn, or otherwise dismembered. TextbookRush will not pay you for books we do not receive.

Packages can be damaged and the contents lost or damaged while in transit. This is why we recommend using FedEx, which comes with insurance per package/label. USPS is NOT insured. However, many of the damaged packages we receive are due to the packaging not being adequate for textbooks. Please review and follow our shipping/packaging guidelines in this video.


How and when will I be paid?

Check: Payments are issued within 5-10 business days after your shipment is processed.

PayPal: Payments are issued 1 business day after your shipment is processed.

Store Credit: Payments are issued 1 business day after your shipment is processed.

What is the advantage of choosing Store Credit as my payment method?

If you opt to receive store credit, your payment will be the amount quoted for Cash/PayPal plus 5%. Please note the amount quoted is dependent upon correctly identifying the condition and edition of each book.

Once store credit is issued it cannot be changed to another method of payment.

How long should I wait to receive my check?

You should receive your check within 7-10 business days after your shipment is processed. However, if you have not received your check within 45 days, please contact us immediately.

How long do I have to cash my check?

You must cash your check within 45 days of the check date. The check will be voided after 45 days.

Why did I receive a check when I selected PayPal as my payment method?

If your PayPal email address is returned as invalid when we issue payment, then a check will be sent to your billing address the following business day. We will also default your payment method to check. In order to receive payments via PayPal in the future, please login to your account and re-enter your PayPal address and verify that it is correct.

I cannot find my check or I’ve lost my check. Will you reissue one?

You may request a one time reissue of your check provided it has not been cashed. Be sure to include a note detailing your buyback number and the address the new check should be sent to. Please note that we reserve the right to assess processing fees when applicable.

I have my check, but I’ve forgotten to cash it within 45 days of the check date. May I request a new one?

You may request a one time reissue of your check provided it has not been cashed. You must include your original check and a note detailing your buyback number and the address to which the check should be sent. Please note that we reserve the right to assess processing fees when applicable.

May I change my payment method?

No. Once a buyback payment method is selected and your payment is processed, it cannot be changed. For example, we are unable to change a store credit to a check or PayPal payment.