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TextbookRush Anti-Counterfeit Best Practices Policy

What is a counterfeit book?

A counterfeit book is an unauthorized copy, imitation or replica of an original copyrighted book, produced illegally by a source other than one authorized by the publisher/copyright holder.

What do we do with suspected counterfeit books?

Video: Our textbook review process

TextbookRush takes this issue seriously and we don’t accept counterfeit books. We use strict criteria to identify counterfeits using publisher approved training. By taking part in our buyback service, you acknowledge that payment will not be made nor will the book be returned if the book is determined to be counterfeit.

If TextbookRush determines a book sent to us may be counterfeit, we will coordinate with the publisher of the book for final determination.

  • If the publisher determines the book is counterfeit, then the publisher will retain the book. You will not receive payment for the book. Additionally, the publisher might request your contact information.
  • If the publisher determines the book is authentic, then TextbookRush will notify you and issue payment.

This process may take one to three months, and we apologize for any inconvenience it may cause. Temporarily, this process may require more time due to limitations as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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How do you determine if a book is counterfeit?

Common characteristics of a counterfeit include:

  • Cheap or split binding
  • No copyright page
  • Cover stock is heavier
  • Corners are less rounded
  • Color and dimensional discrepancies
  • Monochromatic cover
  • Black and white pictures
  • Poor paper quality
  • Strong smell from cheap ink
  • Images inside have poor resolution
  • Doesn’t lay completely flat
  • Spine has small sections that are not bound tightly together
  • The book will look poorly made

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