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Packaging guidelines for book buybacks, returns, & rentals

In order to ensure the safe arrival of your buyback or return, please follow these packaging recommendations:

Video: Packing guidelines
  • Pack your books tightly in a heavy duty shipping box.
  • Do not reuse a shipping box that has a hazardous material sticker on it.
  • Lay books flat in the box.
  • We suggest putting the books inside a plastic bag – like a grocery bag – to protect them from the elements while in transit.
  • Do not stand books upright.
  • Secure all remaining open areas of the box, preferably with a recyclable packing material such as crushed paper or bubble-wrap.
  • Please do not use any type of pellets.
  • If you can hear or feel the contents move inside when you shake the box, you will need to add more packing material.
  • Seal your package with heavy-duty packing tape.

Lack of adequate packing material often leads to books arriving damaged or missing because the box is not securely packed. TextbookRush is not responsible for books lost or damaged in transit.

You must include all CDs, disks, booklets, and other text supplements with your shipment to ensure proper credit.

If you are returning a book and the box you received is still in good condition, you are free to use the same box, but please remove the previous address label. If your book arrived in an envelope or bubble mailer, we do not recommend re-using it, since these do not hold up well with multiple uses and your book could be lost or damaged in transit.

We highly recommend using FedEx as the shipping method as we have far fewer issues with FedEx, and each FedEx package has insurance for up to $100 automatically included. If you must use USPS, we ask that you obtain the optional insurance since we are not responsible for lost shipments or lost/damaged items. We can process items we receive in good condition.