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Study Briefs® Subject summaries

All the information you need in one place! Each Study Brief is a summary of one specific subject; facts, definitions, equations, and shortcuts you’ll need for multiple courses.

Get your study tools from TextbookRush

Cramming for all-night study sessions to pass your college exams can be overwhelming. What’s more, it’s not productive: When you have to study for the next five hours and gather the information you need from a multitude of websites and textbooks, you’re ultimately losing valuable study time. Thankfully, there’s an easier and more effective way to study, and TextbookRush has the study tool solutions you need. We offer Study Briefs that cover a variety of courses allowing you to access the information immediately.

What makes a Study Brief ideal?

With all the technology available for college students, it should be easy and fast to access information and references needed for courses. Unfortunately, using Google and other search engines to find every definition and answer bogs you down because the information you want isn't located in one place. For this reason, our unique Study Briefs for college students house all the required study materials that can be used for multiple courses. The information is located in one convenient digital format right on your computer, laptop or tablet screen.

Benefits to using a TextbookRush Study Brief when boosting your course knowledge include:

  • Concise subject summaries
  • Organized digital course information in one location
  • Each Study Brief offers definitions, facts, equations, answers, highlights and shortcuts for course material
  • Study Brief information can be used for multiple courses
  • Suitable for intermediate and advanced students
  • Reduces research time and increases study time
What students gain from this versatile study tool

Cram sessions cause nothing but frayed nerves and temporary memory retention of course material. It also creates a mess of documents and books that reduces your study efficiency. Using a Study Brief for college can help organize your study materials so you can concentrate on learning all the required key concepts at a steady pace. Better manage your time while studying smarter thanks to the help of TextbookRush Study Briefs.

Also, you won't have to obtain a Study Brief for each individual course. For example: A Study Brief can cover all the equations and answers for physics, chemistry and calculus classes so you can use it for as long as you need it. You don't have to buy more books or spend extra time finding the answers you need for related classes.

Let TextbookRush help you study smarter

At TextbookRush, we cover all the college subjects. We have more than 15 million products available: from Study Briefs and textbooks to workbooks and novels. Whether you need extra study help for the upcoming exam or you just want to hone your knowledge to excel at your classes, our study tools are designed to give you an advantage when learning your chosen subjects.

We also understand that you are working with a tight budget. With TextbookRush, you get all the semester materials you need at everyday low prices. Purchase or rent from us for affordable and effective options that will help enhance your overall college learning experience.