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How do I return my eBook rental?

You don’t! Your eBook will simply expire on your due date, so you don’t have to worry about returning it on time.

Can I extend my eBook rental?

Unfortunately, extensions are not available for eBook rentals. If you wish to have access to your eBook longer, you need to re-rent it by reordering the eBook.

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Access textbooks on any device with e-book rentals

There's nothing worse than losing a textbook and having no idea where you left it. You’ll have to re-trace your steps from the dorm, coffee shop, bus stop, train station, library and dozens of other places. If you can’t find it, you’ll need to purchase another one. Stop losing money when misplacing textbooks with the convenient e-book rental service from TextbookRush. We offer textbook rentals in e-book format that are accessible on any type of device for the length of time you need to study the college subject.

Advantages of renting textbooks in e-book format

As a college student, you shouldn't have to worry about carrying all your textbooks with you at all times, or forgetting your books during a study session. At TextbookRush, we have simplified the process by allowing you to rent your textbooks any time you want. This way you can download them onto your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Some of the advantages of using an e-book rental site include:

  • Thousands of e-books available to download
  • Able to rent e-books online on any computing device
  • Downloaded e-books have the same information as physical textbooks
  • Can read the e-books offline anywhere
  • Instantly start studying your chosen subjects once the e-books are downloaded

Consider the great conveniences that renting a digital textbook has to offer: Read the e-book on your laptop in the library, on your smartphone while taking the bus to your part-time job, or on your tablet while relaxing on the grass at the local park. What’s more, you can manage your time more effectively when you have the digital textbook available — since you can access the device anytime, anywhere.

Enjoy renting textbook e-books from TextbookRush

Why rent textbooks? A lot of college students won't need to use the textbook again after the semester ends. Instead of having a room cluttered with books, they simply rent the e-books for a certain length of time. We offer multiple rental periods to choose from. Simply pay for your selected rental period at our online checkout. Once you are finished with the e-book it will expire from your device. You don't have to do anything else with the e-book. If you need to have the e-book rentals for longer than the original rental agreement, feel free to rent the book again through TextbookRush — this way you can continue to study for those hard exams.

Why TextbookRush is your ideal online campus to rent e-books online

Our vast catalog of available textbook titles will allow you to select the right digital reading materials required for your college classes; and we are continually adding more titles to the list. Also, our low prices will help you save money during each semester. Another reason to shop at our online campus bookstore is that you can later decide to purchase the e-book rentals. You can save up to 60 percent when purchasing an e-book.

Ready to take the next step? Start renting your textbooks in digital format today. Contact TextbookRush to learn about our e-book rental service agreements or browse our online catalog.