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Save money with rebound textbooks.

Once again, we’re making college more affordable for you. We rebind books to expand the life of the book.

It starts with loose-leaf books…

Publishers sometimes offer books in what they call a “loose-leaf” form. This means they’re selling you the same book but without the binding - basically a stack of paper with holes punched out so you can put it in a 3-ring binder.

Cash savings we pass on to you

…and ends with them in a rebound hardback cover.

We send loose-leaf textbooks to a binding company to bind them in brand-new hard covers. That way you get hardback quality that can withstand a lot of wear & tear, but without the hardback price.

Durable, sturdy binding

There are 2 ways to get one:

Buy the book at TextbookRush.

Some books have “bound loose-leaf” as a purchase option. Simply find your textbook and review the options in the “Buy” tab. Supplies are limited.

You may receive one as a rental.

When you rent a book from us, we may send you a bound loose-leaf copy (depending on our current stock at that time). Supplies are limited.

Read it, then recycle it for cash.

Bought a loose-leaf edition but don’t need it anymore? We’ll buy it back from you. Click here to get started.