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Rush Rewards U

Get rewarded when you buy, sell, or rent your textbooks, video games, or movies!

OK, here’s how this works.

Earn these

Carrot Coins icon
Carrot Coins Earn Carrot Coins to buy swag & other awesome rewards.
XP icon
Experience Points (XP) Earn XP to level up & hit the top of the leaderboard.

Buy swag

Buy t-shirts, coffee tumblers, & more with your Carrot Coins. NEW: Coupons are now available in the Rewards Store!

Water bottle Water bottle
T-shirt T-shirt
Bottle opener Bottle opener
Tote bag Tote bag
Drink koozie Drink koozie
Tumbler Tumbler

Level up

Accept the TextbookRush challenge! Earn enough XP to unlock all the badges and become a master.

Book Buyer badge
Book Buyer Stop shopping around. Unlock badges in this challenge by buying books from TextbookRush. We have over 15 million titles!
Book Renter badge
Book Renter Every textbook you rent gets you closer to unlocking the next badge! Return those books on time to earn an extra 15 XP.
Book Seller badge
Book Seller Unlock badges in this challenge by selling us your unwanted books! We offer the highest textbook payouts around.
Social Sharer badge
Social Sharer Brag on Facebook & Twitter about your exclusive membership and the cool prizes you’re winning with Rush Rewards U.

How do I earn carrot coins & xp?

We’re glad you asked. Pretty much just do your normal TextbookRush thing and you’ll earn points, but here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • Sign up for the program +50 Carrot Coins +50 XP
  • Buy, sell, or rent a book +1 Carrot Coins per $ +1 XP per $
  • Complete profile +50 Carrot Coins +50 XP
  • Tell your friends +10 Carrot Coins +10 XP
  • Share on Facebook +10 Carrot Coins +10 XP
  • Share on Twitter +10 Carrot Coins +10 XP