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Rush Rewards U frequently asked questions

How do I join Rush Rewards U?

Do you already have a TextbookRush account? If so, you can join within your customer account. Simply login and locate the Rush Rewards U program in your Account Home. Don’t have a customer account? Don’t worry, creating one is easy. Just click the My Account link on our homepage and create a new account.

Do I really have to be 18 years old to participate?

Yes. You do. The lawyers said so. :(

What about Bulk Sellers & Bulk Buyers?

Unfortunately, industry professionals like Bulk Sellers, Bulk Buyers or anyone affiliated with a company or school in the industry cannot participate in Rush Rewards U. The program is designed to benefit students. Our low prices and high buyback offers are still available to these professionals.

What is XP?

XP stands for Experience Points.

How do I keep track of my XP?

Your account dashboard will automatically track the XP you earn.

What can I do to earn XP?

There are a lot of different actions that can earn you XP. Visit the challenges page to find out what you need to do next to level up and earn more Carrot Coins!

How do I get XP for referring friends to

In order for you to get credit for actions your friends take, they must click on the link you created from in order for the XP to be awarded to you.

What’s a Supa’ Fly Rush Jockey?

That’s you! Once you’re in the program, you’re a Supa’ Fly Rush Jockey. So you tell us; what does it mean to you? Share it with us on our Facebook page!

Can I buy additional XP?

Sorry, XP is not available for purchase. Don’t forget to review all the challenges available for earning XP!

What’s the maximum number of XP I can earn in one day?

The most XP you can earn in one day is 400. The same applies for Carrot Coins – at most, you can earn 400 a day.

When I make a purchase, do I need to be signed in to my account to receive XP?

Yes, you must be signed in to your account to earn XP for your purchase. You will be prompted at checkout to login to your account.

What are Carrot Coins?

Carrot Coins are your spendable currency that you can use to redeem items in the Rush Rewards U Store.

Can I share my XP or Carrot Coins with a friend or transfer them to another account?

XP and Carrot Coins cannot be shared or transferred to other accounts. Carrot Coins are only redeemable using the account they are credited to.

When I share Rush Rewards U with a friend, how will I know that I've earned XP for it?

All XP is awarded in real time. To see your current XP total, visit the rewards section of your account page.

Does XP expire?

No! The XP and Carrot Coins you earn never expire.

Can I exchange XP or Carrot Coins for cash?

XP and Carrot Coins are not redeemable for cash.

What if the size/color that I want is not available when I redeem my award?

Rewards are subject to availability at the time they are redeemed. TextbookRush will work very hard to keep items in stock all the time!

How long does it take for a Reward Store item to be back in stock?

We know you want your Rewards items as quickly as possible so we put a rush on new reward store items. With production and shipping, new items take about 2 weeks to appear back in stock in the store. While you wait, keep an eye out for new challenges that will earn you more carrot coins!

Can I exchange my reward?

Rewards cannot be returned or exchanged.

Can I return my awards and get my Carrot Coins back?

Rewards are non-refundable and cannot be returned or exchanged.

When will my reward arrive?

Rewards will arrive within 7-14 days from order date.

Are Rush Rewards items available for purchase?

No, you currently cannot purchase awards with any currency other than Carrot Coins.

How can I track my shipment containing my reward?

Yes, you can track your order in the Rewards Order History tab on your loyalty account home page.