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How does TextbookRush calculate shipping?

  • Except in the case of a shipping promotion, TextbookRush calculates your shipping charges based exclusively on weight. TextbookRush receives discounts from USPS and FedEx based on our volume, and we pass those discounts on to our customers. In no case do we ever “profit” from your shipping charge.
  • In the case where your actual shipping charge is more than the amount that we quoted you during checkout, TextbookRush pays the additional charge.
  • TextbookRush operates multiple warehouses in the US and occansionally your order will ship from more than one warehouse. Our shipping calculator is aware of this, and in the event that all the items in your order can ship from a single warehouse your shipping charge will receive an additional discount. For example, if you order two books, each weighing 3 pounds, you would be charged for a single 6 pound shipment, which is substantially less than two seperate 3 pound shipments. Because some books (especially textbooks) can be quite heavy, most companies will actually charge a per-item fee for each book shipped, rather than their actual cost.
  • TextbookRush ships most products using United States Postal Service (USPS) and FedEx. Occasionaly, we will use UPS for some packages if we would otherwise have to wait another day to ship your package via FedEx or USPS. In the case that your order ships UPS, an equivalent UPS service will be used to what you ordered (e.g., UPS Ground for FedEx Ground, UPS 2nd Day Air for FedEx 2-Day, etc.)
  • If you have any questions about your quoted shipping charge, or estimated arrival time, feel free to email for assistance.