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Degunking Your Email, Spam, and Viruses

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ISBN-10: 193211193X

ISBN-13: 9781932111934

Edition: 2004

Authors: Jeff Duntemann

List price: $24.99
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The Internet and email has become a communications bonanza, allowing people to socialize, do business, shop, and enhance their education just about anywhere there is a computer. As convenient as all this communication is, it also creates piles of electronic clutter that accumulate on your computer, creating a blizzard of overstuffed files, annoying spam, and pop-ups, and making you vulnerable to dangerous hackers and viruses. "Degunking Your Email, Spam, and Viruses is organized according to a special cleaning process and written in everyday language that is designed for all computer users. With our unique 12-step Degunking program, you'll learn all the tried-and-true techniques to keep…    
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List price: $24.99
Copyright year: 2004
Publisher: Paraglyph, Incorporated
Publication date: 10/2/2004
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 310
Size: 7.00" wide x 9.25" long x 1.00" tall
Weight: 1.342
Language: English

JEFF DUNTEMANN is the Editor-in-Chief of Visual Developer magazine, former editor of Turbo Technix and PC Techniques, the "Structured Programming"columnist for Dr. Dobb's Journal, and has written and edited more than twenty programming books.

Why Is Your Computer Suffering from Email and Virus Gunk?
What the Experts Know
Understanding How You Got So Gunked Up
The 10 Key Causes of Email Gunk
The 10 Key Causes of Virus Gunk
Identity Theft
The Strategy Behind Degunking
Important Questions to Ask Yourself
Email Management 101
Combating Spam with Filtering Techniques
Setting Up a Virus Protection System
Preventing the Installation of Spyware and Adware
Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft
Setting Up a Firewall to Protect Against Internet Worms
Oh, and Don't Forget Your Backups!
The Email and Malware 12-Step Degunking Program
Gunk Be Gone
Creating Your Email Degunking Strategy
What's Your Email Profile?
The Public Professional
The Private Professional
The Student-Enthusiast
The Casual Communicator
Pick Your Profile
The Three Kinds of Email Addresses
Using Your Primary Email Address(es)
Using Your Backup Email Address
Using Disposable Email Addresses
Understand Where Email Addresses Come From
ISP Internet Accounts
Your Employer's Email System
Web Hosting Service Email Accounts
Free Web Mail Accounts
Freenets and Community Networks
Back Up Your Internet Access
Register Your Own Internet Domain
Obtain and Use "Evaporating" Email Addresses
Summing Up
Using the Right Email Client
What Makes a Good Email Client?
Easy to Learn and Use
Multiple Mail Accounts
Hierarchical Folders or Mailboxes
Binary Attachments
HTML and Plain-Text Mail
Protection Against "Spam Beacon" Image Downloads
Protection Against Scripts in HTML Messages
Imports Mail from Many Email Clients
Exports Mail to Standard Formats
Uses the Windows Address Book
User-Defined Message Filters
Easy Backup of Your Mailbase
Support for POP and IMAP Mailboxes
Cheap or Free
Not Too Popular
The Problem of Software Monoculture
My Recommendations
Protocols: POP vs. IMAP
Protocols: Client Choices
Clients and Your Experience Level
Clients and the Nature of your Work
Summing Up-Have Client, Will Email!
Developing Good Email Habits
Sort Your Email: Keep, Hold, or Pitch?
Beware the Fold!
The 100-Message Rule
Prioritize Your Email with Email Notifiers
Notifiers: Your Silent Email Partner
POPTray: Free and Easy
Install POPTray
Create POPTray Rules for Critical Senders
Let POPTray Prioritize Your Mail
Back Up Your Email
Have an Email Backup Strategy
Find Your Mailbase
Backup Media
Use Backup Utility Software
Summing Up-The Habits of Highly Effective Emailers
Read and Degunk Your Email from Anywhere
Get Reliable Access to the Net and Your Mail Server
Understand the Port 25 Blocking Problem
Using the Local Network for Outbound Mail
Don't Fork Your Mailbase!
Leaving Mail on the Server
Synchronization and the "Holes Don't Travel" Problem
Traveling with IMAP
Traveling with Web Mail
POP Interfaces to Web Mail
Web Mail Interfaces to POP Accounts
Use a Client on a Key Chain: Poco EmailVoyager
Handing Off a Mailbase Between Poco Mail and EmailVoyager
Use Google's Gamil: "Deep Storage" Web Mail
Gmail and the Privacy Issue
Pop Goes the Gmail
Gmail Loader
Competitive Pressures
Summing Up-Traveling Smart
Cleaning and Organizing Your Mailbase
Understand the Two Faces of Mailbase Gunk
Create a Folder Hierarchy
Apply the Single-Screen Rule
Use Folders for Topics, not Senders
Keep Your Time-Delimited Mail in Separate Folders
Use Folders within Folders Carefully
Sort Your Email into Folders
Clean Your Attachments Folder
The Trouble with Attachments
File Extensions and File Types
Clean Up the Odds and Ends
Watch Out for Abandoned Drafts
Delete Obsolete or Duplicate Copies of Your Mailbase
Outlook's Mailbase and Windows Address Book
Remove Outlook Express Email Gunk from the Windows Registry
Editing the Registry with REGEDIT32
Email Spring Cleaning
Summing Up-Clean Me Now... or Clean Me Later!
Avoid Becoming a Spam Magnet!
Understand the Prime Directive Against Spam
Don't Buy from Spammers!
Don't Respond to Sneaky Spam Messages
Friends Don't Let Friends Buy from Spammers!
Why Is Stopping Spam So Hard?
Choose a Spam-Resistant Email Address
Avoid Dictionary Attacks
More Advice on Choosing an Email Address
Don't Hand Your Email Address to Spammers!
Never Post Your Email Address on the Web
Never Unsubscribe from a Spammer Mailing List
Check to See if Listservs ARe Archived to the Web
Obfuscate Your Email Address on Newsgroups and Discussion Boards
Use Disposable Email Addresses for E-Commerce
Don't Complain to a Spammer's ISP
Avoid Triggering Other People's Spam Filters
Summing Up-From Prevention to Cure
Understand the Spam Filtering Conundrum
Understand Spam Filtering Jargon
Develop a Good Spam-Fighting Philosophy
Love Your Address Book-and Use It!
Use Your Address Book as Your Whitelist
Use Content Filtering
Automatic or Manual Filtering?
Filtering on Sender Addresses and Domains
Is It a Spammer Domain?
Filtering on Key Words in the Subject
Filtering on Key Words or Domains in the Message Body
Watch Out for False Positives when Creating Filters!
Run Your Spam Filters in the Correct Order
"Inbox Thinning" with POPTray
Defining Spam Filters in POPTray
Summing Up
Deep-Clean Your Spam Using Bayesian Spam Filtering
Degunk Your Spam with Statistics
The Bayesian Regimen
The Bayesian Downside
Further Reading
Learn about POPFile
Why Is POPFile So Good?
Install POPFile
Selecting POPFile's Install-Time Buckets
Configuring Your Email Client to Use POPFile
What Happens When POPFile Checks Mail
Train and Use POPFile
Training POPFile
Setting Up a Spam Category Filter in Your Email Client
Use POPFile's Magnets
Creating Magnets in POPFile
Back Up and Share POPFile's Corpus Data
Finding the Corpus
"Borrowing" a Corpus
Use Outclass to Access POPFile from Outlook
Installing Outclass
Configuring and Using Outclass
More Outclass Training Tips
Using Safe View to Inspect Message Source Text
Summing Up
Avoid Spam Control Methods That Don't Work
Understand How Antispam Technologies Fail
Be Careful with Server-Side Spam Filtering
Watch Out for IP Black Holes
Malicious Spam Reporting and "Joe Jobs"
Peer-to-Peer Collaborative Spam Filtering
Challenge-Response Spam Blocking
Captchas: Riddle Me This to Email Me!
Whitelists Are Everything
Other Problems With C-R Email Systems
Why Spamming Should Not Be Illegal
Keep a Cool Head and Win the War
Summing Up
Protect Yourself Against Viruses, Trojans, and Worms
Develop a Malware Master Plan
Understand the PC Malware Bestiary
Trojan Horses
Back Doors
Social Engineering
Hackers and Crackers and the Colors of Hats
Security Holes in Software
Where the Risks Are
Malware Defense: From a Height
Defeat Those Viruses
Understand What Viruses Are and What They Do
How You Contract PC Viruses
Watch Out for "Dangerous" Files and Their Extensions
Microsoft Office Files and File Extensions
Havoc from Hiding Windows File Extensions
How Viruses "Space-Shift Right" to Hide File Extensions
Disable Microsoft Office Macros
Macro Viruses in Office Add-Ins and Templates
Choose an Antivirus Utility
Using Software Reviews for Purchasing Decisions
What All Good Antivirus Utilities Should Have
Things to Watch Out For
Do You Need Multiple Antivirus Utilities?
What I Recommend
Using Trial Products
Installing a Typical Antivirus Product
Using a One-Off Virus Removal Utility
Summing Up-Use Good Virus Hygiene Daily
Avoid Adware, Spyware, and Browser Bugaboos
Adware vs. Spyware
The Two Kinds of Free
Know What You're Installing!
Good Adware/Spyware Research Sites
Use Anti-Spyware Software
Installing and Using Spybot Search & Destroy
Why Keep Adware?
Installing and Using Ad-Aware
Watch Out for Phony Spyware or Adware Removers
Implement an Adware/Spyware Strategy
Be Mindful of Browser Bugaboos
The Hazards of Internet Explorer
Drive-By Installs
Disabling Install On Demand in Internet Explorer
Beefing Up Security in the Internet Zone
Disabling Install on Demand in Mozilla Firefox
Block Pop-Ups!
Use Limited Windows Accounts for Web Surfing
Creating a Limited User Account in Windows
Fast User Switching in Windows XP
Summing Up-Peddlers Not Invited
Use Firewalls to Stop Those Worms
Understand That Worms Are Viruses with Legs
The Nature of Worm Gunk
Worms with a Mission
The Life Cycle of a Worm
Interfering with the Worm Life Cycle
Your Worm Defense Strategy
The Prime Directive in Worm Defense
Learn the Essentials about Firewalls
Using Software Firewalls
Using NAT Firewalls
Install and Use ZoneAlarm
Getting ZoneAlarm
Installing ZoneAlarm
Understanding ZoneAlarm Zones
Software Package Permissions
Deciding Whether to Grant or Deny
Install and Use the Linksys BEFSR41 Router
Installing the BEFSR41
MAC Address Authentication
Cloning Your MAC Address
Tricky: MAC Cloning on an Older Router
Summing Up-Turning Worms Away
Degunk Nigerian Rhapsodies, Hoaxes, and Other Smelly Phish
Degunk Those Viral Hoaxes
Social Engineering Viruses
So Why Are Harmless Social Engineering Viruses Wrong?
Avoid the Nigerian 419 Scams
Don't Be Victim to Identity Theft Because of Phishing Expeditions
The New Scourge of the Internet
Impersonating a Web Site
"Bait and Switch" Web Links
How Not to Get Hooked
Summing Up
Degunking After a Malware Attack
Understand the Five PC Defense Conditions
Was It Really Malware?
Is It Simply Plain Old Windows Gunk?
How to Handle DefCon 1
How to Handle DefCon 2
How to Handle DefCon 3
When Do You Yell for Help?
How to Handle DefCon 4
Get Your Data Out of a Damaged PC
Booting into Windows Safe Mode
Booting Your PC into Linux with a LiveCD
Repair Windows with a Nondestructive Reinstall
The Final Solution: "Burning Down the House"
Summing Up