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Caffeine for the Creative Mind 250 Exercises to Wake up Your Brain

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ISBN-10: 1581808674

ISBN-13: 9781581808674

Edition: 2006

Authors: Stefan Mumaw, Wendy Lee Oldfield

List price: $16.99
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Packed Full of 15-Minute Creativity Sparking Exercises *Chock-full of useful exercises designed to help readers tap into a daily creative buzz *Features an edgy sketchbook design (by the authors) for visual allure *Appeals to anyone looking for easy ways to jump start their creativity For any designer or creative type who wants to quickly limber up their imagination on a daily basis, Wired helps readers get into the creative zone, from which all their best work springs. Packed with 15-minute simple and conceptual exercises, this guide will have readers reaching for markers, pencils, digital cameras, and more in order to develop a working and productive creative mindset.
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Book details

List price: $16.99
Copyright year: 2006
Publisher: Adams Media Corporation
Publication date: 10/2/2006
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 360
Size: 5.00" wide x 7.00" long x 1.25" tall
Weight: 0.946
Language: English

Pimp My Red Flyer
How'd That Get There?
I Tried It
I Actually Have a Need for a Hacksaw at My Studio
High Fructose Corn Syrup Is Not a Banned Substance
This Exercise Puts So Much Pressure on Me...HEY!
Circular Heaven
I Could Have Sworn That Sign Means "Walk Stiffly"
Is Anyone Home...?
Interview: Terry Marks
I Think My Seven-Year-Old Could Beat Me In a Race
The Love Bug Returns!
Rock Star!
And Your Name Was...?
Bugs Just Wanna Have Fun!
Stupid "K"
That's Not the Words!
Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!
I Tried It
The Ultimate Desk
What Day Is It?
Red and Blue Dogs
Egg Drop Soup
Don't Underestimate the Power of Example!
Where Is That "Q" I've Been Saving?
Dude, C'mon!
The "Million Dollar Idea" List
Is That How They Made the Pyramids?
Interview: Kevin Carroll
Good Fences Make Good Neighbors
Shhhh. I'm Hunting Wabbits
It's Sort of Like Volleyball, But With Joe as the Ball
That Guy Is the Shape of a Caslon "R," Huh?
My Words Caught a Fly
I Was Told There'd Be No Math
Once Upon a Tune
Gnome, Gnome on the Range
My Astro-Toupee
I Tried It
No Rules!
Dude, Nice Koala Pinky!
Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Boom!
What's a "Dot-Com"?
I Knew He'd Have a Book of Potions, Right?
Sharpie; Shirt Pocket; Laundry Bill
Is That a Diamond-Studded Coffee Mug?
I Tried It
Hold On, I'm Folding My Quarter
Take a Seat
What Is That Thing Dangling From Your Other Arm?
Three Things
You Got a "D" In Font Selection?
Can Anyone Direct Me to the Perfume Aisle?
Interview: Denise Weyhrich
What the Heck Is a Quince?
Survival of the Fittest
There is Always a Better Way
Why Can't I Have an Evil Lair, Too?
If You Cross Your Eyes Like That, They'll Stay That Way
You Want an Acme What?
I Tried It
Where Was This 25 Years Ago?
Defend Yourself!
Agency Oz
Mirror, Mirror on the Desk
Can You Feel the Love?
Excuse Me, Your Three o'Clock Is Here
That Looks Just Like Nothing
I Tried It
Nice Hood Ornament!
Holy Nightmares, Batman!
White or Wheat?
Prehistoric Voicemail?
Et Tu, Rombus 3000?
Did You Get That License?
I'll Take a Double Scoop of Pay-Toilet, Please
Can You Get Curds at the Deli Down the Street?
Our Janitor Doesn't Look Like That!
And the Pitch...Touchdown!
Pimp My Catapult!
Interview: Brian Sack
I Think It Needs More (Insert Noun Here)
Fore! Five! Watch Out!
Is That a Fire Pole?
I'm New and Improved!
Did He Just Tell Me to Steal Third or Is His Nose Running?
How Do You Say "Red" In Caveman?
So Should I Stop Where I Am or Run?
It's Even Got Flaps!
Don't Push That Button!
An "E" Ticket Ride
I Tried It
In a Land Far, Far Away...
Can Someone Show Me the Door?
My Totem Is Teetering
I'll Take the Double Raptor Meal Deal, Please
I Didn't Think She Could Eat All of That
I Can't Find the Surprise!
Sorry, Charlie
We've Got Spirit, Yes We Do!
I Wear My Sun-Survivor-Goggle-Glasses at Night
Mine Has Five Colored Rings!
Rest In Peace
Box That Ferret, Please
I Already Have That One!
Interview: Steve Morris
Lets Introduce You to Alex
Superman's Not Home Right Now
Back In My Day, the Fans Didn't Have Lasers
How Do I Get Ink off My Desk Again?
How Do You Draw Music?
It Keeps Things Hot And Cold!
I Didn't Know I Had It In Me
Top Dog
Scott "Tired of Bein" Poe Called for You
Shoot, I Pulled the Door Off Again!
I Tried It
Life In the Fast Lane!
Where's This Going?
That Penguin Is Throwing Up on My Pants
A Little Dab'll Do Ya!
My New Shoes Are Stuck in the ATM
Is This How Milton and Bradley Started?
And It Still Staples
Do These Shorts Make My Line Look Big?
What Time Is It?
Where's That Copy of Emoticons Illustrated?
The Pet Rock Just Got Booted
I'll Take the Next Catapult, Thanks
Interview: Mike Dietz
Does This Dress Make My Brain Look Fat?
Don't Put This on Your Hood, Though
Wave 'Em Proud
You're Fired!
I Wouldn't Have Chosen Relish for the Carpet, But That's Just Me
Where'd They Get That?!
What "Does She Over There Have to Do With That?
I'm Gonna Need a Bigger Fishbowl!
The Envelope, Please
I Never Knew So Much About a Pencil Sharpener
What Does Melancholy Look Like?
We Got the Beat!
Black Eye Bart's a-Lookin' for Ya!
Poor Hamster...Never Had a Chance
I Tried It
I Call It "Helveticaslon"
How Do You Photograph Smelly?
Twinkies Count as Two
Should Bees Wear Kneepads?
I Can't Come In, I Have the Gout
I Can't Spell "Abnormal Martian" With Just Seven Characters!
Like, Ummmm...I Mean, It's Like...
Yes, Doc, I Think I Broke My Pancreas Sleeping
Tweety Would Freak
Trick or Pantone Book?
Is My Hair Ok?
We're Gettin' Hitched!
Did You Just Get Really, Really Mad at That Bank Robber?
Interview: Peleg Top
Knock Knock!
Shoot! I Left the Ten Trophy Again!
Very Green
Oh No, They Didn't!
Does That Come In Suede?
I'll Have The BBQ Rack of Vader Please!
What an Odd Place for a Totem Pole
Dumb as a Rock
Have a Nice Day!
Lick and Stick
That's Great, Moses Is In Foul Trouble
Is That a Tailpipe, or Are You Just Happy to See Me?
Water and Air Are Cold
I Tried It
What's Next?
How Do I Make a Round Chimney?
Survivor: Madison Avenue
Oh Say Can You Peep?
And Then He Said...
What Happens From Here?
All Aboard!
Would You Like Any Fillings or Gold Caps With That?
Where'd You Get That Hot Chocolate, Dude?
Is That a SuperSlushee Monument Built Out of Wieners?
It's Good to See a Happy Potato
Go Joe!
What's That Amazing Smell?
Interview: Jeff Fisher
I Never Knew a Pencil Sharpener Could Be So Deep
It's Better Than Cleaning It!
Is That Chest of Drawers on a Dimmer?
How Many Ounces of Gold Do I Need to Park Here?
Mmmm...Lincoln Logs
That Box Is Looking at Me
When Egg Noodles Die Young
Home Sweet Hobo Home
I Call Him "Upside Down Coffee Cup Man!"
My Guard Rail Keeps Blocking the Scanner
I Make a Terrible Clown
It Looks Like a Scribble
I Knew That Xylophone Would Come In Handy One Day
I Tried It
I Have a Full House, Marketing Directors Over Production Thugs
Sure Beats Hand Puppets
Fire In the Hole!
Doesn't Anyone Wear Yellow Anymore?
It's Up, and It's Good!
Creatures of Habit
If You Want to See Your Beloved Pencil Sharpener Alive...
A Buffalo Would Definitely Destroy an Eagle In a Fight
Is That for a Dog Food Company?
Interview: Sayles Graphic Design
Hey! She Has My Hairdo!
Dude, Feel Free to Pop a Mint
Is It a Star?
How Do You Sell "And?"
I Tried It
I Changed That...I Think
We Have So Much In Common!
I Knew I Should Have Saved That Copy of Ice Fishing Illustrated
Does This Color Go With My Work Boots?
How Do You Get Your Lips Way Up There?
Big Brother Is Not Only Watching, He's Brewing Cups of Coffee for You!
How About Dessert?
I Tried It
Is That Hairnet Real?
Debate This!
Extra, Extra! Read All About It!
Is That a Paisley Screensaver?
The Wright Bros. Would Be Proud!
Interview: John Foster
Hi, I'm Fido
Cool Vanishing Point!
One Meeelyun Daaaahhllers!
I'm Flippin' Sweet!
Retreat! Retreat!
I Don't Think They Make a Slushee That Big
I Tried It
Tag, You're It!
Did That Guy Just Say "Shucks?"
Wanna Play Some Mini Desk Volleyball?
Have You Ever Noticed That Before?
Desks Ahoy!
For Sale
Pablo Is Calling!
I Can't Hear You, I'm Screaming
How Could I Live Without My Combination Hot Dog Cooker and Bun Warmer?
Was That Jeff or Did a Car Just Backfire?
Where'd the Cork Go?
Play Ball!
You Mean There Really Is Truth In Advertising?
3, 2, 1, Score!!!
Interview: Von Glitschka
Batteries Not Included
Ah, Go Fly a Kite
Bland No Longer
How Big Is a Bread Basket?
I Can't Find "Downsizing"
Go Fighting Brain Men!
My Business Helmet Keeps Falling Over My Eyes
You're Walking on My Line
Do I Use Ballpoint or Felt Tip on the Inside of My Eyelids?
Bachelor Number Three...
I Think That Florist Is a Total "H"
I'm for It...Wait...I Mean, I'm Against It
Are Mom's Cookies an "X" or an "O"?
Blind Man's Bluff
Doodles from Interviewees
Index of Exercises by Type
Contributor List