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Treasury of African Folklore The Oral Literature, Traditions, Myths, Legends, Epics, Tales, Recollections, Wisdom, Sayings, and Humor of Africa

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ISBN-10: 1569245363

ISBN-13: 9781569245361

Edition: 2nd 1996

Authors: Harold Courlander

List price: $16.95
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Book details

List price: $16.95
Edition: 2nd
Copyright year: 1996
Publisher: Hachette Books
Publication date: 12/26/2001
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 640
Size: 6.00" wide x 8.75" long x 1.50" tall
Weight: 2.046
Language: English

Man in Africa, and His Literature
The Ancient Soninke and Fulbe Epics
Gassire's Lute
The Rediscovery of Wagadu
The Fight With the Bida Dragon
Samba Gana
The Blue Blood
The Valiant Goroo-Ba-Dicko
Sayings of the Fulbe
The Messenger to Maftam
The Two Traders
The Sau Hunter
A Chronology of Kings and Migrations in Kanem-Bornu
How the Kanuri Mark the Time of the Day
The Hausa, an Account of Their Origin
Hausa Religious Poetry
Seidu the Brave
Life and Death
The Son of the Hunter
The Friend and the Lion
Two Gizo Tales
The Spider and the Crows
Spider Deals with the Famine
Some Hausa Proverbs and Sayings
Four Tales of the Impossible
Contest at the Baobab Tree
Three Friends Cross the Water
The Strong One
Three Fast Men
Lion of Manding
The King of Sedo
The Song of Gimmile
The Gluttonous Ansige
The Cow-Tail Switch
Preachments of the Animals
Kru War Song
Hammer and Chisel Rhythm
The Akan Peoples of Ghana
Akan Poetry
Drum Poetry of the Akan Peoples
Drum Poems to Onyame, the Supreme Deity
Akan Sayings About Nyame (Onyame)
The Drum-History of the State of Mampon
Chiefdom Among the Ashanti
A Song for the New Chief
Some Ashanti Proverbs
Sayings as Guides to Good Social Behavior
Four Ashanti Tales
The Coming of the Yams
Journey to Asamando, Land of the Dead
O the World!
Gold and Gold Weights
Ashanti Proverbs and Sayings Cast in Brass
The Search for Gold
Anansi, Trickster Hero of the Akan
Anansi Proves He is the Oldest
Anansi Owns All Tales That Are Told
Anansi's Rescue from the River
Aberewa's Sword
Anansi Borrows Money
Anansi Gives Nyame a Child
How Debt Came to Ashanti
The Competition for Nyame's Daughter
The Hat-Shaking Dance
Anansi Plays Dead
The King's Drum
The Wall of Millet
Dahomey, The Kingdom Built in Da's Belly
The Gods of Dahomey, Their Exploits
To Each is Given His Dominion
The Rule of Sky and Earth Delimited
Sogbo Becomes Master of the Universe
Sagbata's Control of Earth Stabilized
Sun God Brings Iron to Man
Serpent as Headrest for an Overburdened Earth
The People Who Descended from the Sky
Origin of the People of the Agblo Quarter
How Legba Became Chief of the Gods
Exploits of the Aladahonu Dynasty
Origin of the Royal Sib
How the Aladahonu Kings Came to Rule Abomey
The King and the Nago
How Behanzin Fought Against the Whites
Seeking Poverty
Two Dahomean Songs for the Dead
Some Dahomean Riddles
Some Dahomean Proverbs
The Yoruba
Deeds and Adventures of the Yoruba Gods
The Descent from the Sky
Iron is Received from Ogun
Oranmiyan, The Warrior Hero of Ife
Orunmila's Visit to Owo
Shango and the Medicine of Eshu
Obatala's Visit to Shango
How Shango Departed from Oyo
Yoruba Warriors, Kings and Heroes
Ogbe Baba Akinyelure, Warrior of Ibode
The Burning of the Elekute Grove
Ogedengbe's Drummers
Olomu's Bush Rat
The Yoruba Trickster, Ijapa
How Ijapa, Who Was Short, Became Long
Ijapa Cries for His Horse
Ijapa and the Oba Repair a Roof
Ijapa and Yanrinbo Swear an Oath
Ijapa and the Hot-Water Test
Ijapa Goes to the Osanyin Shrine
Ijapa in Yoruba Proverbs
The Worship of Twins Among the Yoruba
How Twins Came Among the Yoruba
Two Tales from Benin
Ozolua and Izevbokun
How Bronze Castings Were Made at Benin
Onugbo and Oko
Three Isoko Songs from Ilue Ologbo
The Ekoi People of the Calabar Coast
Obassi Nsi and Obassi Osaw
How the First Rain Came
How the Moon First Came Into the Sky
How all the Stars Came
How the Rivers First Came on Earth
The Egbo Secret Society
How the First Egbo Image Came
How the Efik Learned to Cook Their Meat
An Efik Lamentation
The Feast
Brass Casting Among the Bamum
Some Cameroon Sayings in Pidgin English
The Journey of the Afo-A-Kom
The Origin of the Kom Kingdom
The A-Mbundu of Angola
Mbundu Human Tales: Kings, Hunters and Heroes
King Kitamba Kia Xiba
The Young Man and the River
Kingungu a Njila and Ngundu a Ndala
Two Men, One Woman
A Father-In-Law and His Son-In-Law
The Young Man and the Skull
The White Man and the Negro
The Past and the Future
Squirrel and the Kingship
Dog and the Kingship
Dog and Lizard
Dog and Jackal
The House-Hog and the Wild Boar
Partridge and Turtle
Lion and Wolf
Frog and His Two Wives
Dinianga Dia Ngombe and Deer
Nzambi and Nzambi Mpungu
The Bird Messengers
Nzambi Mpungu's Ambassador
Who Beats Nzambi's Drum?
Nchonzo Nkila's Dance Drum
Nzambi's Daughter and Her Slave
The Creation of Lake Bosa
How the Spider Won and Lost Nzambi's Daughter
Litigation Among the Fiote People
Litigation Among the Bambala
Mnemonics for a Yombe Song
The Mwindo Epic
Some Songs of the Luba People
The Supreme Deity of the Luba
How I Shall Be Admired
The Story of Mukana-Lwewo
Teachings of the Chagga Elders
Nothing on Earth Is Cleverer Than the Female Sex
We Are Little Snails Who Seek Refuge Behind the Fronds of the Banana Tree
Chiefs Are Like the Rain
Eating Alone Brings Ruin
The Head of a Man Is a Hiding Place, a Receptacle
Some Traditions and Stories of the Ganda
The First King of Uganda
The Legend of Kintu
Mpobe and Death
Ndyakubi and Ndalakubi
Some Proverbs and Sayings of the Ganda
How the Mountains and Rivers Were Made
Wanjiru, Sacrificed By Her People
The Lost Sister
Mukunga M'Bura
The Making of Iron Among the Kikuyu People
Music Among the Bongo
Schweinfurth Gets to See the Akka Pygmies
A Song of the Twa Pygmies of Rwanda
Some Literary Traditions of the Southern Bantu
Origin of the Tsonga or Shangaan People
Some Customs and Traditions of the Tsonga or Shangaan People
Shangaan Children's Activities
Storytelling Among the Shangaan
The Adventures of Papaju
The Story of Xikhibana
Tendejuva the Handsome
Shinangana's Chronology
The Origin of the Venda People
How Phuti Became a Totem of the Tswana People
Much Searching Disturbs Things That Were Lying Still
Some Tswana Proverbs
A Xhosa Reproves a Missionary
How God Distributed Property
The Story of Umkxakaza-Wakogingqwayo
The King's Child and Ubongopa-Kamagadhlela
Uncama-Ngamanzi-Egudu's Journey to the Other World
The Man Who Threw Away His Bread
How the Zulu Experience Sympathy Through the Navel
Some Zulu Riddles
News from Zululand
Fragments of the Zulu Past in Song
The Hemp Smoker and the Hemp Grower
Shona Walking Song
The Bushmen and the Hottentots
The Coming of the Sun in the Sky
The Son of the Wind
The Wind in the Form of a Bird
The Lion's Dwelling Place
The Cloud-Eaters
The Fish-Stealers
A Nama Woman Married to an Elephant
The Horse Cursed by the Sun
The Origin of Death
Some Eastern Cattle Peoples
The Tutsi of Rwanda and Burundi
The Hunting Ritual of Tutsi Kings
Royal Drums of the Tutsi
Abagombozi Poetry of the Tutsi
Gihilihili: The Snake-Person
Some Masai Myths and Traditions
How the Masai Got Their Cattle
Why Man Dies and Does Not Live Again
How the Masai Split Off from Other People
The Sun and the Moon
The Stars
Sunrise and Sunset
The Rainbow
Sheet Lightning
The Story of the Flocks and the Rain and the Sun
The Story of the Night and Day
Volcanoes and Steam Jets
Origin of the Lumbwa People
The Giraffe Hunters
The Nuer and God
Dialogues With Europeans
Ethiopian Beginnings: The Axumite Empire
The Queen of Sheba Legend: The Founding of the Solomonic Dynasty
How Makeda Visited Jerusalem, and How Menelik Became King
Another Account of the Queen of Sheba
Menelik's Return to Axum, and How He Became King
The Ten Churches of Lalibela
A Proclamation of Menelik II
The Sense of What Is Just: Five Ethiopian Tales
The Donkey Who Sinned
The Goats Who Killed the Leopard
The Judgment of the Wind
Fire and Water, Truth and Falsehood
Four Poems from the Amharic
Myths and Legends of the Mensa Bet-Abrehe
Creation and Death
The Rom, a Race of Giants
How the Giants Disappeared
Certain Years As They Are Remembered in Mensa Bet-Abrehe Tradition
Philosophical and Proverbial Sayings of the Mensa, and the Tales from Which They Derived
The Two Donkey Owners
The Prophet and the Hyena
The Proverb of Adeg Wad Fedel
God's Gift to Children
A Proverb Made by the Ad Takles People
The Leopard in His Old Age
The Debbi
The Descent of Mount Gadam
Dannas and His Slave
The Heway Snake
The Poison of the Chameleon
The Tail of the Wolf
Historical Recollections of the Mensa
The Fight at Balqat
The Battle of Sangera
Kantebay Sallim and Ali Wad Mao
How the Game of Fersit Is Played
Three Laments of the Mensa Bet-Abrehe
The Somali and Swahili
Ogge Ben Onogh
The Battle of Eghal Shillet
The Lion's Share
Adventures of Abunuwas, Somali Hero
The Story of Liongo
Poem of Liongo
A Swahili Poet of Mombasa
Swahili Dance Song
Excerpt from a United Nations Report on Bride Price