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Math for Real Life for Dummies

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ISBN-10: 1118453301

ISBN-13: 9781118453308

Edition: 2013

Authors: Barry Schoenborn

List price: $20.99
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The easy way to brush up on the math skills you need in real lifeNot everyone retains the math they learned in school. Like any skill, your ability to speak "math" can deteriorate if left unused. From adding and subtracting money in a bank account to figuring out the number of shingles to put on a roof, math in all of its forms factors into daily life. Math For Real Life For Dummies provides you with the simple formulas and theorems that you're likely to encounter in the workplace, the kitchen, and even when playing games.You can turn to Math For Real Life For Dummies to brush up on your math skills or to handle everyday encounters, like calculating restaurant tips, understanding interest…    
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List price: $20.99
Copyright year: 2013
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated
Publication date: 2/25/2013
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 288
Size: 6.10" wide x 9.20" long x 0.80" tall
Weight: 0.770
Language: English

About This Book
Conventions Used in This Book
What You're Not to Read
Foolish Assumptions
How This Book Is Organized
Boning Up on Math Basics
Math for Everyday Activities
Math to Manage Your Personal Finances
The Part of Tens
Icons Used in This Book
Where to Go from Here
Boning Up on Math Basics
Awesome Operations: Math Fundamentals
Numbers You Can Count On
Reviewing the Four Basic Operations
Finagling Fractions
Getting familiar with types of fractions
Reducing fractions
Adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions
Converting fractions
Processing Percentages
Converting a common fraction to a percentage
Converting a percentage to a fraction
Grasping Charts and Graphs
Looking at line charts
Gobbling up pie charts
Bellying up to bar charts
Working Wicked Word Problems
Doing the analysis
Applying the math
Other story problem tricks
High School Reunion: Revisiting Key Principles of Algebra and Geometry
"A" Stands for "Algebra" and "Awesome"
Getting acquainted with variables and constants
Expressions and equations
Operating with variables
Applying the same operation on both sides of the equal sign
Keeping order with operations
Jousting with Geometry: Simple Rules about Shape and Size
Looking at geometry's basic parts: Planes, points, and lines
What's your angle? Acute, obtuse, right angles, and more
The shape of things
Calculating areas
Getting pushed to the edge: Perimeters
Speaking volumes about boxes
Summing up geometry
Becoming a Believer: Conversion, Statistics, Probability, and More
Wrangling Ratio-Proportion: The Best Calculation Method
Doing Conversions: Lots of Pleasure and Hardly Any Pain
Factoring in the conversion factor
Using United States customary units
Managing the metric system
Mastering Simple Statistics
An average is a mean thing
Mediating the median
Figuring percentiles
Being aware of statistical fallacies
Predicting the Probable
Determining probability
What are the odds?
The Miracle of Mental Math
Mental Math Basics
Adding and Subtracting on the Fly
Adding numbers quickly
Subtracting numbers quickly
Making Hay of Multiplication and Division
Multiplying in your head
Dividing in your head
Estimating with Ease
Estimating sales tax and value added tax (VAT)
Estimating tips
Estimating guests at a banquet
Doing Simple Cerebral Statistics
Figuring averages
Managing medians
Math for Everyday Activities
Let's Make a Deal! Math You Use When Shopping
Determining Actual Cost
Finding the total cost of acquisition
Figuring the total cost of ownership
Uncovering hidden costs
Making Tradeoffs: A Fun Balancing Act
Buying in Quantity: A Good Deal?
Knowing the Real Cost of Sale Items
Counting coupons
Calculating percentage decreases: You save 10 percent!
Calculating the real percentages in "get one free" offers
Dealing with dining specials
Doubling down on discounts
How Do You Wanna Pay for That?
Capturing bargains with credit cards
Taking advantage of layaway
Discovering Deals at the Grocery
Estimating the whole grocery bill
Estimating how much to buy
Comparing unit prices
Comparing products per roll or square foot
Calculating volume (25 percent more free!)
Determining Where to Shop
Narrowing your choices
Looking at externalities
Gauging the impacts of different store types
Mmm, Mmm, Good: Kitchen Calculations
Taking Measure
Knowing your units
Equivalencies - All things being equal
Scaling a Recipe
The keys to scaling a recipe
Scaling in action
Using Math to Buy and Cook Smart
Calculating per-serving costs
Taste by the ton: Buying in bulk
It Does a Body Good: Math for Health and Weil-Being
Figuring Your Nutritional Needs
Read the label, Mabel: Nutrition facts
Figuring out your ideal daily calorie intake
Following the recommended daily allowance
Calculating Calories
Counting calories in your food
Managing your weight with math
Comparing your current weight to your goal weight
Calculating BMI
Exercise Math
These METs won't win a pennant: Metabolic equivalent of task
Figuring an activity's calorie burn rate
Being the Doctor at Home
Understanding medicine labels
For good measure: Dispensing liquid medications
Putting Geometry to Work at Home
Calculating Your Way to a Better Lawn and Garden
Figuring how much seed you need
Mulching math
Planting the seeds of success - mathematically
Knowing how much you really mow
Fixing Up the Place
Laying carpet
Calculating paint amounts
Pouring a patio
Math and Statistics around Town and on the Road
Automobile Arithmetic: Figuring Costs, Mileage, and More
It's a gas! Comparing fuel prices and mileage
Are we there yet? Figuring distance, time, and speed
Making sense of the mechanic's bill
Dining Out
Calculating the tip
Splitting hairs and bills
Taking a Vacation: To Drive or to Fly?
Leaving on a jet plane
Driving: The daring alternative
Gambling: Money You Take to Las Vegas Stays in Las Vegas
Understanding odds, bets, and payouts
Playing the most popular games
The worst casino bets
Math to Manage your Personal Finances
Budgets, Bank Accounts, Credit Cards, and More
Beginning with a Budget
Identifying what's in a budget
Using your math skills to make a budget
Applying budgeting principles
Balancing Your Checkbook
Homing in on Mortgage Math
Having a PITI party
Amortization: Paying down the loan
A second mortgage or home equity line of credit
Using Smart Math for Other Big Purchases
Cruising around car loan math
Studying up on education loans
Calculating How to Avoid or Get Out of a Credit Card Hole
Understanding how credit cards work
Avoiding annual and other fees
Paying down credit cards
Selecting Savings Accounts
Key Principles of Investment Math
Factoring Personal Info into Investment Decisions
Knowing your tolerance for risk
Looking at your investment horizon
Choosing between appreciation or income
Playing with Instruments: Not the Musical Kind
Basic financial instruments
Climbing the investment pyramid
Growing the Green Stuff: The Time Value of Money
Calculating simple interest
Calculating compound interest
Calculating future value
Oh, see how it grows! The joys of making regular deposits
Rounding Up Retirement Plans
The feisty 401(k)/403(b): Defined contribution plans
Adding up IRAs and their kin
Making sensing of Social Security
Calculating current and future tax advantages
Managing Mutual Funds
Paying attention to fees
Figuring the average annual return
Considering Common Stocks
Processing P/E ratios
Figuring your dividends
Investing in Bonds
Calculating interest on bonds
Calculating yield
Covering Your Assets: Insurance Math
Honing in on How Insurance Works
Spreading risk around
Evaluating risks
Determining premiums
Making Calculations about Your Own Lines of Insurance
Auto insurance
Homeowner's insurance
Health insurance
Life insurance
Taking Math to Work
Setting Prices
Managing markups
Figuring discounts
Predicting time and materials costs
Paying Attention to Profit
Calculating profit margin
Determining gross profit
Pre-tax profit
Net profit
Making Change
Tracking Your Time
The timesheet
Heavens, no - Not project accounting!
Parsing Your Paycheck
Calculating your gross pay
Figuring your net pay: All about deductions
Using Form W-4 to change how much is withheld
How Taxing! (Almost) Understanding the Government
Illuminating Income Taxes
Taming Form 1040
Deciding whether to itemize
Observing Other Taxes
Surveying sales tax
Processing property tax
Fee, fie, foe, fum
The Part of Tens.
Ten Quick Calculations You Can Do in Your Head
Miles to Kilometers
Miles to Your Destination
Time to Destination
Sales Tax and VAT
How Much Paint to Buy
Number of Pizzas to Buy
Blood Alcohol Content (BAC)