Difiore's Atlas of Histology with Functional Correlations

ISBN-10: 0781750210

ISBN-13: 9780781750219

Edition: 10th 2005 (Revised)

Authors: Victor P. Eroschenko

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Book details

List price: $65.95
Edition: 10th
Copyright year: 2005
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Publication date: 4/14/2004
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 464
Size: 8.25" wide x 10.50" long x 1.00" tall
Weight: 2.794
Language: English

Planes of Section of a Round Object
Planes of Section of a Tune
Tubules of the Testis in Different Planes of Section
The Cell and Cytoplasm
Apical Surfaces of Ciliated and Nonciliated Epithelium
Junctional Complex between Epithelial Cells
Basal Regions of Epithelial Cells
Basal Region of an Ion Transporting Cell
Cilia and Microvilli
Nuclear Envelope and Nuclear Pores
Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum
Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum
Golgi Apparatus
Epithelial Tissue
Classification of Epithelial Tissue
Simple Squamous Epithelium: Surface View of Peritoneal Mesothelium
Simple Squamous Epithelium: Peritoneal Mesothelium Surrounding Small Intestine (Transverse Section)
Different Epithelial Types in the Kidney Cortex
Simple Columnar Epithelium: Stomach Surface
Simple Columnar Epithelium on Villi in Small Intestine: Cells with Striated Borders (Microvilli) and Goblet Cells
Pseudostratified Columnar Ciliated Epithelium: Respiratory Passages (Trachea)
Transitional Epithelium: Bladder (Contracted)
Stratified Squamous Nonkeratinized Epithelium: Esophagus
Stratified Squamous Keratinized Epithelium: Palm of the Hand
Stratified Cuboidal Epithelium: Excretory Duct in Salivary Gland
Glandular Tissue
Unbranched Simple Tubular Exocrine Glands: Intestinal Glands
Simple Branched Tubular Exocrine Glands: Gastric Glands
Coiled Tubular Exocrine Glands: Sweat Glands
Compound Acinar (Exocrine) Gland: Mammary Gland
Compound Tubuloacinar (Exocrine) Gland: Salivary Gland
Compound Tubuloacinar (Exocrine) Gland: Submaxillary Salivary Gland
Endocrine Gland: Pancreatic Islet
Connective Tissue
Loose Connective Tissue
Individual Cells of Connective Tissue
Embryonic Connective Tissue
Loose Connective Tissue
Dense Irregular and Loose Irregular Connective Tissue (Elastin Stain)
Loose Irregular and Dense Irregular Connective Tissue
Dense Irregular Connective Tissue and Adipose Tissue
Dense Regular Connective Tissue: Tendon (Longitudinal Section)
Dense Regular Connective Tissue: Tendon (Longitudinal Section)
Dense Regular Connective Tissue: Tendon (Transverse Section)
Adipose Tissue in the Intestine
Cartilage and Bone
Fetal Hyaline Cartilage
Hyaline Cartilage and Surrounding Structures: Trachea
Cells and Matrix of Mature Hyaline Cartilage
Hyaline Cartilage: Developing Bone
Elastic Cartilage: Epiglottis
Elastic Cartilage: Epiglottis
Fibrous Cartilage: Intervertebral Disk
Endochondral Ossification: Development of a Long Bone (Panoramic View, Longitudinal Section)
Endochondral Ossification: Zone of Ossification
Endochondral Ossification: Zone of Ossification
Endochondral Ossification: Formation of Secondary (Epiphyseal) Centers of Ossification and Epiphyseal Plate in Long Bones (Decalcified Bone, Longitudinal Section)
Bone Formation: Development of Osteons (Haversian Systems) (Decalcified Bone, Transverse Section)
Intramembranous Ossification: Developing Mandible (Decalcified Bone, Transverse Section)
Intramembranous Ossification: Developing Skull Bone
Cancellous Bone with Trabeculae and Marrow Cavities: Sternum (Decalcified Bone, Transverse Section)
Cancellous Bone: Sternum (Decalcified Bone, Transverse Section)
Compact Bone, Dried (Transverse Section)
Compact Bone, Dried (Longitudinal Section)
Compact Bone, Dried: An Osteon (Transverse Section)
Human Blood Smear
Human Blood Smear: Red Blood Cells, Neutrophils, Large Lymphocyte, and Platelets
Erythrocytes and Platelets
Human Blood Smear: Basophil, Neutrophil, Red Blood Cells, and Platelets
Human Blood Smear: Monocyte, Red Blood Cells, and Platelets
Hemopoiesis in Bone Marrow (Decalcified Section)
Bone Marrow Smear: Development of Different Cell Types
Bone Marrow Smear: Selected Precursors of Different Blood Cells
Muscle Tissue
Smooth Muscle Layers of the Small Intestine (Transverse and Longitudinal Sections)
Smooth Muscle: Wall of the Small Intestine (Transverse and Longitudinal Sections)
Skeletal (Striated) Muscles of the Tongue (Longitudinal and Transverse Sections)
Skeletal (Striated) Muscles of the Tongue (Longitudinal Section)
Skeletal Muscle and Motor End Plates
Skeletal Muscle and Muscle Spindle (Transverse Section)
Cardiac Muscle
Cardiac Muscle (Longitudinal Section)
Skeletal Muscle (Longitudinal Section)
Cardiac Muscle (Longitudinal Section)
Nervous Tissue
Central Nervous System (Brain and Spinal Cord)
Spinal Cord: Midthoracic Region (Transverse Section)
Spinal Cord: Anterior Gray Horn, Motor Neurons, and Adjacent Anterior White Matter
Spinal Cord: Midcervical Region (Transverse Section)
Spinal Cord: Anterior Gray Horn, Motor Neurons, and Adjacent Anterior White Matter
Motor Neurons: Anterior Horn of the Spinal Cord
Neurofibrils and Motor Neurons in the Gray Matter of Anterior Horn of the Spinal Cord
Anterior Gray Horn of the Spinal Cord: Multipolar Motor Neurons, Axons, and Neuroglial Cells
Cerebral Cortex: Gray Matter
Layer V of the Cerebral Cortex
Cerebellum (Transverse Section)
Cerebellar Cortex: Molecular Layer, Purkinje Cell Layer, and Granular Cell Layer
Fibrous Astrocytes and Capillary in the Brain
Oligodendrocytes of the Brain
Microglia of the Brain
Peripheral Nervous System
Peripheral Nerves and Blood Vessels (Transverse Section)
Myelinated Nerve Fibers (Longitudinal and Transverse Sections)
Sciatic Nerve (Longitudinal Section)
Sciatic Nerve (Longitudinal Section)
Sciatic Nerve (Transverse Section)
Peripheral Nerve: Neurofibrillar Nodes (of Ranvier) and Axons
Dorsal Root Ganglion, with Dorsal and Ventral Roots, and Spinal Nerve (Longitudinal Section)
Cells and (Pseudo.)unipolar Neurons of a Dorsal Root Ganglion
Multipolar Neurons, Surrounding Cells, and Nerve Fibers of a Sympathetic Ganglion
Dorsal Root Ganglion: Unipolar Neurons and Surrounding Cells
Circulatory System
Blood and Lymphatic Vessels in the Connective Tissue
Muscular Artery and Vein (Transverse Section)
Artery and Vein in Connective Tissue of the Vas Deferens
Wall of an Elastic Artery: Aorta (Transverse Section)
Wall of a Large Vein: Portal Vein (Transverse Section)
Heart: Left Atrium, Atrioventricular Valve, and Left Ventricle (Longitudinal Section)
Heart: Right Ventricle, Pulmonary Trunk, and Pulmonary Valve (Longitudinal Section)
Heart: Contracting Cardiac Muscle Fibers and Impulse-Conducting Purkinje Fibers
Heart Wall: Purkinje Fibers
Lymphoid System
Lymph Node (Panoramic View)
Lymph Node Capsule, Cortex, and Medulla (Sectional View)
Cortex and Medulla of a Lymph Node
Lymph Node: Subcortical Sinus and Lymphatic Nodule
Lymph Node: Subcapsular Sinus, Trabecular Sinus, and Supporting Reticular Fibers
Thymus Gland (Panoramic View)
Thymus Gland (Sectional View)
Cortex and Medulla of a Thymus Gland
Spleen (Panoramic View)
Spleen: Red and White Pulp
Red and White Pulp of the Spleen
Palatine Tonsil
Integumentary System
Thin Skin: Epidermis and Contents of the Dermis
Skin: Scalp
Hairy Thin Skin of the Scalp: Hair Follicles and Surrounding Structures
Hair Follicle with Surrounding Structures
Thick Skin of the Palm, Superficial Cell Layers, and Melanin Pigments
Thick Skin: Epidermis and Superficial Cell Layers
Thick Skin: Epidermis, Dermis, and Hypodermis of the Palm
Sweat Glands
Glomus in the Dermis of Thick Skin
Pacinian Corpuscles in the Dermis of Thick Skin (Transverse and Longitudinal Sections)
Digestive System: Oral Cavity and Salivary Glands
Lip (Longitudinal Section)
Anterior Region of the Tongue: Apex (Longitudinal Section)
Tongue: Circumvallate Papilla (Cross-Section)
Tongue: Filiform and Fungiform Papillae
Tongue: Taste Buds
Posterior Tongue: Behind Circumvallate Papilla and Near the Lingual Tonsil (Longitudinal Section)
Lingual Tonsils (Transverse Section)
Longitudinal Section of a Dried Tooth
Dried Tooth: Dentinoenamel Junction
Dried Tooth: Cementum and Dentin Junction
Developing Tooth (Longitudinal Section)
Developing Tooth: Dentinoenamel Junction in Detail
Salivary Gland: Parotid
Salivary Gland: Submandibular
Salivary Gland: Sublingual
Serous Salivary Gland: Parotid
Mixed Salivary Gland: Sublingual
Digestive System: Esophagus and Stomach
Wall of the Upper Esophagus (Transverse Section)
Upper Esophagus (Transverse Section)
Lower Esophagus (Transverse Section)
Upper Esophagus: Mucosa and Submucosa (Longitudinal Section)
Lower Esophageal Wall (Transverse Section)
Esophageal-Stomach Junction
Esophageal-Stomach Junction
Stomach: Fundus and Body Regions (Transverse Section)
Stomach: Mucosa of the Fundus and Body (Transverse Section)
Stomach: Fundus and Body Regions (Plastic Section)
Stomach: Superficial Region of the Gastric (Fundic) Mucosa
Stomach: Basal Region of the Gastric (Fundic) Mucosa
Stomach: Mucosa of the Pyloric Region
Pyloric-Duodenal Junction
Digestive System: Small and Large Intestines
Small Intestine: Duodenum (Longitudinal Section)
Small Intestine: Duodenum (Transverse Section)
Small Intestine: Jejunum and Ileum (Transverse Section)
Intestinal Glands with Paneth Cells and Enteroendocrine Cells
Small Intestine: Jejunum with Paneth Cells
Small Intestine: Ileum with Lymphatic Nodules (Peyer's Patches) (Transverse Section)
Small Intestine: Villi
Large Intestine: Colon and Mesentery (Panoramic View, Transverse Section)
Large Intestine: Colon Wall (Transverse Section)
Large Intestine: Colon Wall (Transverse Section)
Appendix (Panoramic View, Transverse Section)
Rectum (Panoramic View, Transverse Section)
Anorectal Junction (Longitudinal Section)
Digestive System: Liver, Gallbladder, and Pancreas
Pig's Liver (Panoramic View, Transverse Section)
Primate Liver (Panoramic View, Transverse Section)
Bovine Liver: Liver Lobule (Transverse Section)
Hepatic (Liver) Lobule (Sectional View, Transverse Section)
Bile Canaliculi in a Liver Lobule (Osmic Acid Preparation)
Kupffer Cells in Liver Lobule (India Ink Preparation)
Glycogen Granules in Liver Cells (Hepatocytes)
Reticular Fibers in a Liver Lobule
Wall of the Gallbladder
Pancreas (Sectional View)
Pancreatic Islet
Pancreatic Islet (Special Preparation)
Pancreas: Endocrine (Pancreatic Islet and Exocrine Regions)
Respiratory System
Olfactory Mucosa and Superior Concha (Panoramic View)
Olfactory Mucosa: Detail of a Transitional Area
Olfactory Mucosa in the Nose: Transition Area
Epiglottis (Longitudinal Section)
Larynx (Frontal Section)
Trachea (Panoramic View, Transverse Section)
Tracheal Wall (Sectional View)
Lung (Panoramic View)
Intrapulmonary Bronchus (Transverse Section)
Terminal Bronchiole (Transverse Section)
Respiratory Bronchiole, Alveolar Duct, and Lung Alveoli
Alveolar Walls and Alveolar Cells
Lung: Terminal Bronchiole, Respiratory Bronchiole, and Alveoli
Urinary System
Kidney: Cortex, Medulla, and Pyramid (Panoramic View)
Kidney Cortex and Upper Medulla
Kidney Cortex: Juxtaglomerular Apparatus
Kidney: Renal Corpuscle and Juxtaglomerular Apparatus
Kidney Medulla: Papillary Region (Transverse Section)
Kidney Medulla: Terminal End of the Papilla (Longitudinal Section)
Kidney: Ducts of Medullary Region (Longitudinal Section)
Ureter (Transverse Section)
Section of a Ureter Wall (Transverse Section)
Ureter (Transverse Section)
Urinary Bladder: Wall (Transverse Section)
Urinary Bladder: Mucosa (Transverse Section)
Endocrine System
Hypophysis (Pituitary Gland)
Hypophysis (Panoramic View, Sagittal Section)
Hypophysis: Sections of Pars Distalis, Pars Intermedia, and Pars Nervosa
Hypophysis: Pars Distalis (Sectional View)
Cell Types in the Hypophysis
Hypophysis: Pars Distalis, Pars Intermedia, and Pars Nervosa (Human)
Thyroid Gland, Parathyroid Glands, and Adrenal Gland
Thyroid Gland: Canine (General View)
Thyroid Gland Follicles: Canine (Sectional View)
Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands: Canine (Sectional View)
Thyroid Gland and Parathyroid Gland
Adrenal (Suprarenal) Gland
Adrenal (Suprarenal) Gland: Cortex and Medulla
Male Reproductive System
Testes, Excurrent Ducts, Ductus Epididymis, and Ductus (Vas) Deferens
Testis (Sectional View)
Seminiferous Tubules, Straight Tubules, Rete Testis, and Ductuli Efferentes (Efferent Ductules)
Primate Testis: Spermatogenesis in Seminiferous Tubules (Transverse Section)
Primate Testis: Stages of Spermatogenesis
Testis: Seminiferous Tubules (Transverse Section)
Ductuli Efferentes and Tubules of Ductus Epididymis
Tubules of the Ductus Epididymis (Transverse Section)
Ductus (Vas) Deferens (Transverse Section)
Ampulla of the Ductus (Vas) Deferens (Transverse Section)
Accessory Reproductive Glands: Seminal Vesicles, Prostate Gland, Bulbourethral Glands, and Penis
Prostate Gland and Prostatic Urethra
Prostate Gland: Glandular Acini and Prostatic Concretions
Prostate Gland: Prostatic Glands with Prostatic Concretions
Seminal Vesicle
Bulbourethral Gland
Human Penis (Transverse Section)
Penile Urethra (Transverse Section)
Female Reproductive System
Ovaries, Uterine Tubes, and Uterus
Ovary: Dog (Panoramic View)
Ovary: Ovarian Cortex and Primary and Primordial Follicles
Ovary: Primary Oocyte and Wall of a Mature Follicle
Ovary: Primordial and Primary Follicles
Human Ovary: Corpora Lutea and Atretic Follicles
Corpus Luteum (Panoramic View)
Corpus Luteum: Theca Lutein Cells and Granulosa Lutein Cells
Uterine Tube: Ampulla (Panoramic View, Transverse Section)
Uterine Tube: Mucosal Folds (Early Proliferative Phase)
Uterine Tube: Mucosal Folds (Early Pregnancy)
Uterine Tube: Lining Epithelium
Uterus: Proliferative (Follicular) Phase
Uterus: Secretory (Luteal) Phase
Uterine Wall (Endometrium): Secretory (Luteal) Phase
Uterus: Menstrual Phase
Cervix, Vagina, Placenta, and Mammary Glands
Cervix, Cervical Canal, and Vaginal Fornix (Longitudinal Section)
Vagina (Longitudinal Section)
Glycogen in Human Vaginal Epithelium
Vaginal Smears During Various Reproductive Phases
Vagina: Surface Epithelium
Placenta at 5 Months (Panoramic View)
Chorionic Villi: Placenta During Early Pregnancy
Chorionic Villi: Placenta at Term
Inactive Mammary Gland
Mammary Gland During Proliferation and Early Pregnancy
Mammary Gland During Late Pregnancy
Mammary Gland During Lactation
Mammary Gland During Lactation
Organs of Special Senses
Eyelid (Sagittal Section)
Lacrimal Gland
Cornea (Transverse Section)
Whole Eye (Sagittal Section)
Retina, Choroid, and Sclera (Panoramic View)
Layers of the Choroid and Retina (Detail)
Eye: Layers of Retina and Choroid
Inner Ear: Cochlea (Vertical Section)
Inner Ear: Cochlear Duct (Scala Media)
Inner Ear: Cochlear Duct and the Organ of Corti
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