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Potty Training for Dummies

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ISBN-10: 0764554174

ISBN-13: 9780764554179

Edition: 2002

Authors: Diane Stafford, Jennifer Shoquist

List price: $14.99
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The authors give practical solutions to a difficult topic. The methods described in the book rely on patience, positive attention and reinforcement, good humour, and with proven tips and tricks.
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Book details

List price: $14.99
Copyright year: 2002
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Incorporated
Publication date: 6/25/2002
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 264
Size: 6.25" wide x 9.25" long x 0.75" tall
Weight: 0.748
Language: English

Diane Stafford has been a health writer for 20 years.Jennifer Shoquist, MD, is a family practice physician. This author team also wrote the popular Potty Training For Dummies.

About This Book
Foolish Assumptions
How to Use This Book
How This Book Is Organized
Icons Used in This Book
Where to Go from Here
Setting Up for Success
Launching the Potty-Training Adventure
Starting Potty-Mambo Dance Class
Promising plenty of help
Providing the right stuff
Keeping an Eye Out for Your Window of Opportunity
Noting her approach to the dance floor
Knowing when the timing's cool
Giving the Potty Mambo a Good Beat
Making Sure Everyone Enjoys the Big Dance
Toting an emergency kit
Warming her up for the big time
Knowing Your Place as Mentor
Biting your tongue
Covering the A B Cs of car trips
Keeping her in step
Benefiting from Others' Cool Moves
Becoming the Grand Poopah of Potty Mambo (Trouble-Buster Supreme)
Watching the Packslider Twist
Wetting in the morning, wetting in the evening, wetting at suppertime
Teaching a balker a brand-new dance
Knowing what to do about soil, soil, toil and trouble
Giving Special Attention to Special Children (with Disabilities)
Polishing off a Super-Slick Potty Babe
Assembling Your Team
Starring Role for Junior
Focusing on your star
Making sure he's ready
Taking on the Coach's Job
Starting for the right reason--he's ready
Motivating your star
Educating yourself
Getting everyone with the program
Making Use of the Supporting Cast
Family members and friends
Outside caregivers
Using the Tools of the Trade and Dressing for Success
Picking a Potty Chair
Choosing the right potty chair
Accessorizing the potty chair
Promoting chair-bonding
Using Other Cool Tools
Kiddie books on potty training
Kiddie videos on potty training
Getting the Goods
Making a list
Shopping together
Being Clothes-Conscious
Dressing your child for success
Sorting out training-pant options
It's All in the Timing
Recognizing Readiness Signs
Doing Covert Operations
Keeping tabs on pee and poo patterns
Zeroing in on facial signs and noises
Watching for Behavioral Changes
Putting things in their proper places
Finding signs of growing independence
Waiting for a cooperative stage
Detecting Physical Clues
Pottying cues
Walking, running, and following instructions
Noting Changes Directly Related to Potty Training
Being annoyed with messy diapers
Taking an interest in his body products
Hearing the magic words: Please change my diaper!
Noting when your child knows the lingo
Choosing the Right Time
Finding the Best Times
Choosing a weekend in spring or summer
Making fall or winter work
Avoiding High-Stress Times
Brainwashing Your Toddler (in a Nice Way)
Keeping Your Special Angel's Quirks in Mind
Surefire Steps for Ditching Diapers
Prepping for the Big Game
Modeling Big-People Behavior
Letting him watch you use the toilet
Explaining the steps
Introducing All the Pieces
Practicing clothed potty-sits
Setting the scene
Using buzzwords
Dropping diaper contents
Dancing the Potty Mambo
Kicking Off Mambo Weekend
Why weekends work best
A little planning goes a long way
Helping a Doll Use the Potty: Step 1
Sitting on the Potty Every Hour: Step 2
Saying the right things the right way
Using her name
Telling you about her needs and her deeds
Getting the mood right
Dealing with the logistics
Giving potty-ops all weekend
Setting up a Success Chart: Step 3
Praising efforts and successes with stars
Working through success-chart backlash
Switching to Training Pants: Step 4
Pulling up pullups
Wearing underwear
Making changes for night and day
Sticking with pants
Minding Your Own Steps
Keeping the kid's needs first
Breezing through accidents
Giving kudos 'til it hurts
Staying away from saying the wrong things
Behaving after the Dance: Post-Weekend Protocols
Keeping a Good Thing Going
Reinforcing Success
Emphasizing his output
Using charts and other enticements
Oops, He Did It Again: Dealing with Accidents
Handling an accident in the moment
Looking for reasons
Modifying Your Own Behavior
Resisting the urge to tidy up
Handling the young and restless
Putting a lid on the sermons
Sideswiping snags
Switching to the Big Toilet
Training Outside the Home
Dealing With Daycare Issues
Getting all caregivers on the same page
Giving all caregivers the page
Savvy Planning for Day Trips and Sleepovers
Cruising through car trips
Sailing through sleepovers
Using Psych-Up Skills
Staying on Message
Keeping the Game Upbeat and Pleasant
Motivating with drama-queen enthusiasm and delight
Putting a lid on comparing
Avoiding the Pitfalls of Straying Off Message
Respecting Your Child's Modesty Quirks
Getting to the Bottom Line
Understanding Your Trainee
Getting Through to Busy Toddlers
Motivating with Pizzazz
Fielding Odd Behaviors
Getting By with a Little Help
Special Potty-Training Issues for Working Parents
Getting Support from Helpful Relatives
Tapping into experience
Getting away
Potty Training with an Ex: Going from Mom's House to Dad's House
Finding Outside Resources
Web sites
Medical professionals
Support groups
Coping with Special Cases
Managing Major-League Backsliding
Expecting Setbacks
Regression due to change
Recognizing your child's unique temperament
Taking physical limitations into account
Getting Back on Track
Practicing to avoid wet pants
Returning to training pants
Staying positive
Being practical
Dealing with Your Toddler's Reactions to Accidents
Giving reassurance
Clearing up any confusion
Dealing with Your Own Reactions
Doctor, Doctor, Give Me the News
Knowing when to seek medical advice
Translating the doctor's tips into action
Dealing with Day-Slippers and Bed-Wetters
Understanding the Difference between Night and Day
Defining the terms
Slipping up in daytime
Handling the Emotional Aspects
Reassuring your trainee
Staying positive yourself
Seeing a Doctor
Seeing the signs
Preparing to go
Expecting tests and treatments
Handling a Hardcore Balker
Scoping Out the Problem
Checking for physical causes
Digging for emotional causes
Trying a Few Options Before Handing Off the Baton
Putting your child in the driver's seat
Distancing yourself from the process
Letting her change her own clothes
Dealing with More Than One Trainee
Responding When She Finally Gets It
Keeping those rewards coming
Saying, "I knew you could do it!"
Keeping Your Relationship Fun and Healthy
Soiling Beyond Toddler Years
Tackling the Issue
Looking at the roots
Checking for constipation
Correcting constipation at home
Seeing a Doctor
Recognizing when to see a doctor
Unloading the poop problem on your doctor
Looking at treatments
Treating Other Physical and Psychological Problems
Speculating about causes
Knowing what you can and can't do
Dealing at Daycare
Preventing Future Bouts
Training Children with Disabilities
Physical Issues
Understanding muscle control issues
Enhancing physical progress
Working with special gear
Emotional Differences
Coaching Techniques
Aiding and abetting her efforts
Handling a lack of interest
The Part of Tens
Ten Answers from the Expert
Marking Territory
Sending Him to School Untrained
Handling a Potty-Mouth
Micro-Managing the Process Comes Naturally for Me
He Wants to Go Back to Diapers
My Son Still Wets the Bed
Is Putting Him in Cool Undies a Good Incentive?
He's Peeing and Pooping During the Night
Refusing to Sit on the Potty Chair
One Twin is Dragging the Other One Down
Ten Ways to Pump Up Potty Prowess
Softening the Setting
Properly Framing the Speed Bumps
Jazzing Up the Challenge
Using Your Insider Knowledge
Taking the High Road
Applying Pottying Skills to Real Life
Putting the Ball in Her Court
Letting Her Know She'll Succeed
Cheering Her Slam Dunks
Crowning Her a Potty Princess
Ten Reasons to Let Your Child Lead
Hearing His Body Talk
Setting the Pace
Finding His Motivation
Trailblazing via Temperament
Learning Pee and Poop Signals
Making It Up as He Goes
Learning How to Self-Propel
Signaling When He Needs Help
Knowing When to Sit a Game Out
Getting to Know Himself
Ten Woulda-Couldas If You Got Do-Overs
Zipping Your Lips
Knowing When Enough is Enough
Curbing Your Tidying Tendencies
Stifling the Urge to Go Back to Diapers
Resisting the Desire to Compare Kids
Stopping the Steady Barrage of Bribes
Zapping the Noise-Maker Potty Chair
Taking a Laid-Back Approach
Laughing More, Frowning Less
Laying Off the Guilt-Tripping
Going with Your Gut