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Microsoft Office XP

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ISBN-10: 0763814709

ISBN-13: 9780763814700

Edition: 1st 2002

Authors: Nita H. Rutkosky, Denise Seguin

List price: $44.00
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In approved courseware for the Microsoft Office user specialist program, Rutkosky (Pierce College at Puyallup, WA) and Seguin (Fanshawe College, London, Ontario) plunge right into the components of the latest Windows version sans an introduction: Windows 2000, Internet Explorer 5.5, Word 2002, Excel 2002, Access 2002, Powerpoint 2002, and Outlook 2002. Includes features summaries, skills reviews, and color graphics. The included CD-ROM supplies files for projects, e.g., saving a calendar as a Web page. Ancillary resources are available. The book is spiral-bound. c. Book News Inc.
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Book details

List price: $44.00
Edition: 1st
Copyright year: 2002
Publisher: EMC/Paradigm Publishing
Binding: CD-ROM 
Language: English

Microsoft Word 2002 Core MOUS Skillsp. vi
Microsoft Excel 2002 Core MOUS Skillsp. vi
Microsoft Access 2002 Core MOUS Skillsp. vii
Microsoft PowerPoint 2002 Comprehensive MOUS Skillsp. vii
Welcomep. viii
Windows 2000
Exploring Windows 2000p. 3
Exploring the Windows 2000 Desktopp. 4
Opening and Manipulating Windowsp. 8
Exploring the Taskbarp. 10
Maintaining Files and Customizing Windowsp. 17
Getting Help in Windows 2000p. 18
Creating a Folderp. 22
Selecting and Copying Filesp. 24
Moving Filesp. 26
Deleting Files/Folders to the Recycle Binp. 28
Restoring Files/Folders and Emptying Files from the Recycle Binp. 30
Creating and Deleting a Shortcutp. 32
Exploring the Control Panelp. 34
Searching for a File or Folderp. 36
Using WordPad and Paintp. 38
Customizing the Desktopp. 40
Indexp. 16
Internet Explorer 5.5
Browsing the Internet Using Internet Explorer 5.5p. 3
Browsing the Internet Using Internet Explorerp. 4
Navigating Using Hyperlinksp. 6
Searching for Specific Sitesp. 8
Completing Advanced Searches for Specific Sitesp. 10
Downloading Images, Text, and Web Pages from the Internetp. 12
Indexp. 16
Introducing Microsoft Office XPp. 1
Touring Office XPp. 2
Preparing Documents Using Word 2002p. 4
Preparing Workbooks and Analyzing Data Using Excel 2002p. 6
Managing Data Using Access 2002p. 8
Preparing Presentations Using PowerPoint 2002p. 10
Managing E-Mail, Contacts, and Schedules Using Outlook 2002p. 12
Integrating Data in Office XPp. 14
Indexp. 16
Word 2002
Creating and Editing a Documentp. 3
Completing the Word Processing Cyclep. 4
Moving the Insertion Point; Inserting, Replacing, and Deleting Textp. 6
Scrolling and Navigating in a Documentp. 8
Selecting and Deleting Text; Using Undo and Redop. 10
Checking the Spelling and Grammar in a Documentp. 12
Using AutoCorrect and the Thesaurusp. 16
Using the Help Feature; Highlighting Textp. 18
Previewing and Printing a Documentp. 20
Inserting the Date and Time; Closing a Documentp. 22
Creating a Document Using a Templatep. 24
Managing Documentsp. 26
Formatting Characters and Paragraphsp. 33
Applying Fonts and Font Effects Using the Formatting Toolbarp. 34
Changing the Font at the Font Dialog Box; Using the Format Painterp. 36
Applying Effects Using the Font Dialog Box; Repeating a Commandp. 38
Aligning Text in Paragraphsp. 40
Indenting Textp. 42
Changing Line and Paragraph Spacingp. 44
Inserting Bullets and Numberingp. 46
Inserting Symbolsp. 48
Setting Tabsp. 50
Setting Tabs with Leadersp. 52
Adding Borders and Shadingp. 54
Applying Styles and Creating an Outline-Style Numbered Listp. 56
Formatting and Enhancing a Documentp. 65
Finding and Replacing Textp. 66
Cutting, Copying, and Pasting Text; Using Paste Specialp. 68
Using the Clipboard Task Panep. 70
Inserting a Page Break; Inserting and Modifying Page Numbersp. 72
Changing Margins and Page Orientationp. 74
Changing Views; Using Click and Type; Vertically Aligning Textp. 76
Inserting, Sizing, and Moving Images in a Documentp. 78
Inserting, Sizing, and Moving WordArt in a Documentp. 82
Using the Drawing Toolbarp. 84
Preparing an Envelopep. 86
Preparing Labelsp. 88
Formatting with Special Featuresp. 97
Creating a Tablep. 98
Modifying a Tablep. 100
Changing Column Widths and Row Heights; Moving a Tablep. 102
Formatting a Tablep. 104
Applying Borders and Shading to a Table; Applying AutoFormatsp. 106
Inserting a Section Break; Creating Newspaper Columnsp. 108
Revising Column Structurep. 110
Inserting a Header or Footerp. 112
Modifying a Header or Footerp. 114
Saving a Document as a Web Page; Creating a Hyperlink; Using Web Page Previewp. 116
Comparing and Merging Documentsp. 118
Creating Diagrams and Organizational Chartsp. 120
Indexp. 128
Excel 2002
Analyzing Data Using Excelp. 3
Completing the Excel Worksheet Cyclep. 4
Entering Labels and Values; Using the Fill Handlep. 8
Performing Calculations Using Formulasp. 12
Using AutoSump. 14
Copying Relative Formulasp. 16
Testing the Worksheet; Improving the Appearance of Cellsp. 18
Using Helpp. 22
Previewing, Printing, and Closing a Workbookp. 24
Navigating a Worksheetp. 26
Editing and Formatting Worksheetsp. 33
Editing and Clearing Cells; Performing a Spell Checkp. 34
Inserting and Deleting Cells; Using Undo and Redop. 36
Inserting, Deleting, Hiding, and Unhiding Columns and Rowsp. 38
Moving and Copying Cellsp. 40
Adjusting Column Width and Row Heightp. 42
Freezing and Unfreezing Panes; Changing the Zoomp. 44
Changing the Font, Size, Style, and Color of Cellsp. 46
Formatting Numeric Cells; Adjusting Decimal Placesp. 48
Changing the Alignment and Indentation of Cellsp. 50
Adding Borders and Shading; Autoformattingp. 52
Using Find and Replacep. 56
Using Functions, Setting Print Options, and Adding Visual Elementsp. 65
Using Statistical Functions AVERAGE, MAX, and MINp. 66
Using Date Functions NOW and DATEp. 68
Using Financial Function PMTp. 70
Using Logical Function IFp. 72
Changing Margins; Centering a Worksheet on the Pagep. 74
Inserting Headers and Footersp. 76
Printing Headings and Gridlines; Scaling a Worksheetp. 78
Creating a Chartp. 80
Modifying a Chartp. 84
Inserting Picturesp. 86
Drawing Arrows and Text Boxesp. 88
Working with Multiple Worksheets and Managing Filesp. 97
Inserting, Deleting, and Renaming a Worksheetp. 98
Moving and Copying a Worksheetp. 100
Linking Worksheets; Using 3-D References; Formatting Sheet Tabsp. 103
Printing Multiple Worksheets; Setting the Print Areap. 106
Creating a Workbook from a Templatep. 108
Using Stylesp. 110
Creating a Web Page from a Worksheet; Inserting and Editing Hyperlinksp. 112
Filtering Lists Using AutoFilterp. 114
Locating a Workbook; Creating a New Folderp. 116
Inserting and Editing Commentsp. 118
Creating and Responding to Discussion Commentsp. 120
Integrating Word and Excelp. 129
Copying and Pasting Word Data into an Excel Worksheetp. 130
Linking an Excel Worksheet with a Word Documentp. 132
Updating Linked Data; Viewing a Linkp. 134
Linking an Excel Chart with a Word Documentp. 136
Embedding an Excel Worksheet into a Word Documentp. 138
Editing an Embedded Worksheetp. 140
Indexp. 144
Access 2002
Maintaining Data in Access Tablesp. 3
Exploring Database Objectsp. 4
Adjusting Column Width; Navigating in Datasheet Viewp. 8
Finding and Editing Recordsp. 10
Adding Records in Datasheet Viewp. 12
Adding Records in Form Viewp. 14
Deleting Records in Datasheet Viewp. 16
Sorting Recordsp. 18
Previewing and Printingp. 20
Formatting the Datasheetp. 22
Using Helpp. 24
Compacting and Repairing a Databasep. 26
Creating Tables and Relationshipsp. 33
Creating a Table in Design Viewp. 34
Using the Lookup Wizardp. 38
Using the Input Mask Wizardp. 40
Validating Field Entriesp. 44
Modifying Field Size and Default Valuep. 46
Creating a Table Using the Table Wizardp. 48
Creating Relationshipsp. 50
Creating a Form Using AutoFormp. 52
Creating a New Database Using a Wizardp. 54
Creating Queries, Forms, and Reportsp. 65
Creating a Query in Design Viewp. 66
Using the Simple Query Wizardp. 68
Extracting Records Using Criteria Statementsp. 70
Performing Calculations in a Queryp. 72
Creating a Parameter Queryp. 74
Creating a Form Using the Form Wizardp. 76
Modifying Controls in a Formp. 80
Adding Controls to a Formp. 82
Creating, Previewing, and Printing a Reportp. 84
Resizing Controls in a Reportp. 88
Modifying Tables and Reports, Performing Calculations, and Viewing Datap. 97
Moving Fieldsp. 98
Inserting and Deleting Fieldsp. 100
Modifying Field Propertiesp. 102
Adding a Calculated Control to a Formp. 104
Modifying a Report; Creating a Calculated Controlp. 106
Using the Label Wizardp. 110
Displaying Records in a Subdatasheetp. 112
Applying and Removing Filtersp. 114
Creating Data Access Pagesp. 116
Inserting Hyperlinksp. 120
Integrating Word, Excel, and Accessp. 129
Exporting Access Data to Excelp. 130
Exporting Access Data to Wordp. 132
Exporting an Access Report to Wordp. 134
Importing Data to a New Tablep. 136
Linking Data to a New Table and Editing Linked Datap. 138
Indexp. 144
Powerpoint 2002
Preparing a Presentationp. 3
Completing the Presentation Cyclep. 4
Choosing a Design Template, Creating Slides, and Closing a Presentationp. 8
Opening, Navigating, and Inserting Slides in a Presentationp. 12
Changing Views; Choosing a Slide Layoutp. 14
Changing the Slide Layout; Selecting and Moving a Placeholderp. 16
Using Help; Checking Spellingp. 18
Running a Presentationp. 20
Using the Pen When Running a Presentationp. 22
Adding Transition and Soundp. 24
Printing and Previewing a Presentationp. 26
Editing Slides and Slide Elementsp. 33
Rearranging and Deleting Slidesp. 34
Increasing and Decreasing Indentsp. 36
Selecting, Cutting, Copying, and Pasting Textp. 38
Applying Font Effects Using the Formatting Toolbarp. 40
Changing the Font Using Buttons on the Formatting Toolbarp. 42
Changing the Font at the Font Dialog Box; Replacing Fontsp. 44
Formatting with Format Painterp. 46
Changing Alignment and Line and Character Spacingp. 48
Changing the Slide Design and Color Schemep. 50
Inserting, Sizing, and Moving an Imagep. 52
Inserting and Recoloring Clip Art Imagesp. 54
Applying an Animation Schemep. 56
Formatting and Enhancing a Presentationp. 65
Using the Clipboard Task Panep. 66
Finding and Replacing Textp. 68
Formatting with a Slide Masterp. 70
Formatting with a Title Master Slidep. 72
Inserting and Formatting WordArtp. 74
Drawing and Customizing an Autoshape and a Text Boxp. 76
Copying and Rotating Shapesp. 78
Creating a Table in a Slidep. 80
Adding Action Buttonsp. 82
Creating an Organizational Chartp. 84
Inserting Headers and Footersp. 86
Creating a Hyperlink; Publishing a Presentation to the Webp. 88
Customizing and Managing a Presentation
Applying More than One Design Template; Managing Multiple Slide Masters; Inserting a Bitmap Imagep. 98
Customizing and Formatting a Tablep. 102
Adding Sound and Videop. 104
Sending a Presentation for Review; Editing a Presentation Sent for Reviewp. 106
Accepting/Rejecting Changes from Reviewersp. 110
Setting and Rehearsing Timings for a Presentationp. 112
Inserting and Printing Commentsp. 114
Creating a Folder; Saving a Presentation in Outline/RTF Formatp. 116
Embedding Fonts; Using the Pack and Go Wizardp. 118
Publishing a Presentation to the Web; Broadcasting a Presentation Onlinep. 120
Integrating Word, Excel, and PowerPointp. 129
Exporting a PowerPoint Presentation to Wordp. 130
Exporting a Word Outline to a PowerPoint Presentationp. 132
Linking an Excel Chart with a Word Document and a PowerPoint Presentationp. 134
Editing a Linked Objectp. 136
Embedding a Word Table in a PowerPoint Presentationp. 138
Embedding and Editing a Word Table in a PowerPoint Slidep. 140
Indexp. 144
Outlook 2002
Using Outlook 2002p. 3
Creating and Sending an E-Mail Messagep. 4
Replying to, Printing, and Deleting Messagesp. 6
Scheduling Appointments and Eventsp. 8
Scheduling Recurring Appointments; Changing the Viewp. 10
Editing and Moving Appointmentsp. 12
Creating a Contacts Listp. 14
Editing, Deleting, and Printing Contactsp. 16
Creating and Printing a Tasks Listp. 18
Adding a Recurring Task; Updating Tasksp. 20
Using and Customizing Outlook Todayp. 22
Saving a Calendar as a Web Pagep. 24
Integrating Contacts with the Calendarp. 26
Indexp. 32
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