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Your Child's Health The Parents' One-Stop Reference Guide to: Symptoms, Emergencies, Common Illnesses, Behavior Problems, and Healthy Development

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ISBN-10: 0553383698

ISBN-13: 9780553383690

Edition: 3rd 2005 (Revised)

Authors: Barton D. Schmitt

List price: $22.00
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Book details

List price: $22.00
Edition: 3rd
Copyright year: 2005
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Publication date: 11/29/2005
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 720
Size: 6.10" wide x 9.02" long x 1.54" tall
Weight: 1.430
Language: English

Essential Topics for Each Age
The Reader's Responsibility
Emergency Telephone Calls
Emergency Transportation
Life-Threatening 911 Symptoms
Emergency Symptoms
Resuscitation (Mouth-to-Mouth Breathing)
Allergic Reaction, Severe (Anaphylactic Reaction)
Bites: Animal or Human
Bites: Insect, Bee, or Tick
Bites, Marine Animal
Bites, Snake
Bites, Spider or Scorpion
Bleeding, Severe
Bleeding, Minor-See Skin Trauma
Breathing Difficulty, Severe
Burns, Chemical
Burns, Thermal
Convulsions with Fever (Febrile Seizures)
Convulsions Without Fever
Electric Shock or Lightning Injury
Eye, Chemical in
Eye, Foreign Body in
Fracture-See Bone, Joint, and Muscle Trauma
Heat Reactions
Trauma (Injuries)
Bone, Joint, and Muscle Trauma
Ear Trauma
Eye Trauma
Finger and Toe Trauma
Genital Trauma
Head Trauma
Mouth Trauma
Nose Trauma
Skin Trauma
Tailbone Trauma
Teeth Trauma
Tetanus Booster Following Skin Trauma
Sutured Wound Care
Wound Infections
New Baby Care
Normal Newborns
First Days in the Hospital: Getting Acquainted
First Weeks at Home: Getting Help
Normal Newborn's Reflexes and Behavior
Normal Newborn's Appearance
Newborn Rashes and Birthmarks
Newborn Skin Care and Bathing
Circumcision Decision: Pros and Cons
Circumcision Care and Problems
Foreskin Care and Problems
Newborn Equipment and Supplies
Sleep Position for Young Infants: Preventing SIDS
Sibling Rivalry Toward a Newborn
Newborn Problems
Sick Newborn: Subtle Symptoms
Sick Infant: Judging the Severity of Illness
Cradle Cap
Diaper Rash
Jaundice of the Newborn
Spitting Up (Reflux)
Tear Duct, Blocked
Umbilical Cord, Bleeding
Umbilical Cord, Delayed Separation
Umbilical Cord, Oozing
Umbilical Hernia
Health Promotion: Keeping Your Child Healthy
Feeding, Eating, and Growth
Normal Growth
Nighttime Feedings
Spitting Up (Regurgitation)-See Under Newborn Problems
Weaning, Normal
Weaning Problems
Solid (Strained) Foods
Appetite Slump in Toddlers
Picky Eaters
A Healthy Diet
Cholesterol Screening or Testing
Treating High Cholesterol Levels
Sugar and Sweets
Baby Bottle Tooth Decay: Prevention
Tooth Decay Prevention
Food Allergies
Overeating: Prevention of
Overweight: A Weight-Reduction Program
Eating Problems: Other Strategies
Development and Safety
Developmental Stimulation
Injury Prevention
Car Safety Seats
Preventing Infections
The Prevention of Infections
Immunizations for Prevention
Immunization Reactions
Passive (Involuntary) Smoking
Contagious Diseases and Incubation Periods
Frequent Colds and Other Infections
Nonprescription Drug Dosage Tables
Medicines: Overuse
Antibiotics: Preventing Unnecessary Use
Medicines: Safe Use
Medicines: Helping Children Swallow Them
First Aid Kit
Home Medicine Chest (Nonprescription Medicines)
Antibiotics, Failure to Improve on
Behavior: Preventing and Solving Problems
Sleep Problems
Crying Baby (Colic)
Prevention of Sleep Problems: Birth to 6 Months
Prevention of Sleep Problems: 6 Months to 2 Years
Trained Night Feeder (Night Awakenings from Feeding Until Asleep)
Trained Night Crier (Night Awakenings from Holding Until Asleep)
Bedtime Resistance
Sleeping with the Parents (Bed-Sharing)
Night Terrors
Early-Morning Riser
Sleep Problems: Other Strategies
Toilet-Training Problems and Bedwetting
Toilet-Training Your Child: The Basics
Toilet-Training Resistance (Encopresis and Daytime Wetting)
Incentives for Motivating Children
Encopresis from Stool-Holding
Encopresis and Constipation: How to Get Better (Note to the School-Age Child)
Daytime Frequency of Urination
Bedwetting (Enuresis)
Bedwetting Alarms
Discipline Problems
Discipline Basics
Physical Punishment and Spanking
Time-out Technique for Discipline
Time-out: When It Doesn't Seem to Be Working
Spoiled Children, Prevention of
The Terrible Twos and Stubborn Toddlers
Temper Tantrums
Hurting Another Child
Sibling Arguing and Quarreling
Discipline Problems: Other Strategies
Sibling Rivalry-See Under Normal Newborns
Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers
Breath-Holding Spells
Appetite Slump in Toddlers-See Under Feeding, Eating, and Growth
Sex Education for Preschoolers
Masturbation in Preschoolers
Speech Problems: Normal Versus Stuttering
School-Age Children
School Phobia or Avoidance
Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Schoolwork Responsibility: How to Instill It
Homework Problems (School Underachiever)
Television: Reducing the Negative Impact
Video Games
R-Rated Movies: Protecting Your Child
Tics (Twitches)
Nail-Biting Habit
Family Issues
The Working Mother: Juggling Children, Home, and Career
Divorce's Impact on Children
Adolescents: Dealing with Normal Rebellion
Common Symptoms and Illnesses
General Symptoms of Illnesses
Fever: Myths and Facts
Temperature: How to Measure It
Decreased Appetite with Illness
Increased Sleep with Illness
Decreased Activity with Illness
Skin: Widespread Pink or Red Rashes
Rashes, Unknown Cause (Widespread)
Itching, Unknown Cause (Widespread)
Rashes While on Drugs
Amoxicillin Rash
Chicken Pox (Varicella)
Dry Skin
Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis)
Fifth Disease (Erythema Infectiosum)
Heat Rash (Miliaria)
Hives (Urticaria)
Measles (Rubeola)
Measles Vaccine Rash
Purple Spots or Dots
Roseola (Roseola Infantum)
Rubella (German Measles)
Scarlet Fever
Skin: Localized Pink or Red Rashes
Rashes, Unknown Cause (Localized)
Itching, Unknown Cause (Localized)
Athlete's Foot
Boils (Abscesses)
Cradle Cap-See Under Newborn Problems
Diaper Rash-See Under Newborn Problems
Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease
Impetigo (Infected Sores)
Jock Itch
Lice (Pediculosis)
Newborn Rashes and Birthmarks-See Under Normal Newborns
Poison Ivy
Shingles (Zoster)
Tinea Versicolor
Skin: Conditions Without a Rash
Blisters, Foot or Hand
Bluish Lips (Cyanosis)
Burns, Chemical-See Under Emergencies
Burns, Thermal-See Under Emergencies
Calluses, Corns, and Bunions
Cracked Skin
Fingernail Infection (Paronychia)
Slivers or Splinters (Foreign Body in Skin)
Hair Loss
Injury (Bruises, Cuts, Puncture Wounds, and Scrapes)-See Skin Trauma
Lymph Nodes (or Glands), Swollen
Moles (Nevi)
Pale Skin
Sweating, Excessive
Toenail, Ingrown
Altitude Sickness
Breath-Holding Spells-See Under Behavior Problems
Coma-See Under Emergencies
Convulsions-See Under Emergencies
Delirium-See Under Emergencies
Injury, Head-See Head Trauma
Motion Sickness
Soft Spot, Bulging
Soft-Spot Closure
Allergies of the Eyes
Chemical in Eye-See Under Emergencies
Dark Circles Under the Eyes
Foreign Body in Eye-See Under Emergencies
Injury-See Eye Trauma
Itchy Eye
Red or Pinkeye Without Pus
Red or Pinkeye with Pus
Swelling of Eyelid
Tear Duct, Blocked-See Under Newborn Problems
Yellow Discharge-See Red or Pinkeye with Pus
Ear Congestion
Ear Discharge
Earwax, Packed
Foreign Body in Ear
Injury-See Ear Trauma
Itchy Ear
Pierced Ear Infections
Pulling at Ear
Swimmer's Ear (Otitis Externa)
Ventilation Tubes Surgery
Foreign Body in the Nose
Hay Fever (Allergic Rhinitis)
Injury-See Nose Trauma
Runny Nose-See Colds
Sinus Congestion
Mouth and Throat
Bad Breath (Halitosis)
Canker Sores (Mouth Ulcers)
Cold Sores (Fever Blisters)
Geographic Tongue
Injury, Mouth-See Mouth Trauma
Injury, Teeth-See Teeth Trauma
Lip, Swollen
Neck, Swollen-See Lymph Nodes (or Glands), Swollen
Sore Throat (Pharyngitis)
Swallowing Difficulty
Thrush-See Under Newborn Problems
Tonsil and Adenoid Surgery
Tooth Decay Prevention-See Under Feeding, Eating, and Growth
Lungs (Respiratory)
Allergic Reaction, Severe-See Under Emergencies
Breathing Difficulty, Severe-See Under Emergencies
Breathing, Noisy
Chest Pain
Choking-See Under Emergencies
Congestion, Respiratory
Croup (Croupy Cough and Stridor)
Influenza (Flu)
Abdomen (Gastrointestinal)
Abdominal Pain
Amoxicillin Diarrhea
Foreign Body, Swallowed
Gas, Excessive
Spitting Up (Reflux)-See Under Newborn Problems
Stools, Blood in
Anal Fissure
Stools, Unusual Color of
Umbilical Hernia-See Under Newborn Problems
Vomiting of Blood
Bladder (Urinary)
Bedwetting (Enuresis)-See Under Toilet Training Problems and Bedwetting
Toilet Training-See Toilet-Training Your Child: The Basics
Urination, Pain with
Urine, Blood in
Urine, Strong Odor
Circumcision Decision: Pros and Cons-See Under Normal Newborns
Circumcision Care and Problems-See Under Normal Newborns
Foreskin Care and Problems-See Under Normal Newborns
Foreign Body in Vagina
Injury-See Genital Trauma
Menstrual Cramps (Dysmenorrhea)
Swelling, Groin or Scrotum
Vaginal Irritation or Itching
Bones, Joints, and Muscles
Backache, Acute
Injury, Bone, Joint, and Muscle-See Bone, Joint, and Muscle Trauma
Injury, Finger and Toe-See Finger and Toe Trauma
Injury, Tailbone-See Tailbone Trauma
Limb Pain
Neck Pain, Acute
Shoes-See Under Development and Safety
A Glossary of Children's Diseases Requiring Physician Consultation
Chronic Diseases or Conditions
Acute Illnesses Usually Requiring Admission to the Hospital
Acute Illnesses Usually Treatable at Home but Requiring a Physician for Diagnosis