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Intervention and Reflection Basic Issues in Medical Ethics

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ISBN-10: 0534565077

ISBN-13: 9780534565077

Edition: 7th 2004 (Revised)

Authors: Ronald Munson

List price: $201.95
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The most widely used medical ethics textbook today, Munson?s INTERVENTION AND REFLECTION is the standard for this course. A collection of the most up to date and influential positions within the most pressing contemporary debates in medical ethics, this book provides students with the most comprehensive and authoritative introduction to the subject as well as a wide variety of cases to study. The combination of Munson?s astute editing (which gives priority to non-technical readings), a wide variety of cases provided alongside the social contexts in which they arise, and insightful commentaries makes this book accessible and provocative to students with no formal philosophical training as…    
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List price: $201.95
Edition: 7th
Copyright year: 2004
Publisher: Wadsworth
Publication date: 7/15/2003
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 720
Size: 8.00" wide x 10.50" long x 1.25" tall
Weight: 3.256

Research Ethics and Informed Consent
Classic Case Presentation: Jesse Gelsinger: The First Gene-Therapy Death
Briefing Session
Drug Testing
The "Informed" Part of Informed Consent
The "Consent" Part of Informed Consent
Medical Research and Medical Therapy
Financial Conflict of Interest
Placebos and Research
Therapeutic and Nontherapeutic Research
Research Involving Children
Research Involving Prisoners
Research Involving the Poor
Research Involving the Terminally Ill
Research Involving Fetuses
Research Involving Animals
Women and Medical Research
Ethical Theories: Medical Research and Informed Consent
Natural Law
Case Presentation: Baby Fae
Social Context: Clinical Trials, HIV, and Pregnancy: A Third-World Tuskegee? Social Context: The Cold-War Radiation Experiments
Case Presentation: The Willowbrook Hepatitis Experiments
Case Presentation: Echoes of Willowbrook or Tuskegee? Experimenting with Children
Case Presentation: The Use of Morally Tainted Sources: The Pernkopf Anatomy
Consent and Experimentation
Phase I Cancer Trials: A Collusion of Misunderstanding
Philosophical Reflections on Experimenting with Human Subjects
The Willowbrook Letters: Criticism and Defense
Judgment on Willowbrook
Physicians, Patients, and Others: Autonomy, Truth Telling, and Confidentiality
Classic Case Presentation: Donald (Dax) Cowart Rejects Treatment - and Is Ignored
Briefing Session
State Paternalism in Medical and Health Care
Personal Paternalism in Medical and Health Care
Informed Consent and Medical Treatment
Free and Informed Consent
Parents and Children
Pregnancy and Autonomy
Truth Telling in Medicine
Dignity and Consent
Confidentiality (Privacy)
Breaching Confidentiality
Duty to Warn? Managed Care
Federal Privacy Regulations
Ethical Theories: Autonomy, Truth Telling, Confidentality
Case Presentation: Medical ID Cards and Privacy
Social Context: Autonomy and Pregnancy
Case Presentation: The Death of Robyn Twitchell and Christian Science
Consent to Medical Treatment
Gerald Dworkin: Paternalism
Confronting Death: Who Chooses, Who Controls? A Dialogue
Transparency: Informed Consent in Primary Care
Autonomy and Pregnancy
Punishing Mothers
Pregnancy and Prenatal Harm to Offspring
Truth Telling
On Telling Patients the Truth
Respect for Patients, Physicians, and the Truth
Confidentiality in Medicine--A Decrepit Concept
Supreme Court of California: Decision in the Tarasoff Case
Decision Scenarios
Classic Case Presentation: The Way It Was: Tod Thompson, Dallas, 1993-1994
Briefing Session
Combination Therapy: AIDS on the Run
Decline in Death Rate
Infection Rates
Protease Inhibitors and Combination Drug Therapy
Limits of the Therapy
Best with New Infections
Drug Resistance
Virus Remains
Side Effects
Difficult Regimen
False Security
Origin of the Aids Virus
Spread of the Disease
The Future
Case Presentation: Will Teresa Blair Take Her Medicine? Social Context: What About A Vaccine? Social Context: AIDS in Africa: What Should Be Done? Readings
Responsibility and Confidentiality
The Irresponsibility that Spreads AIDS
The Great Hijack
Controlling AIDS/HIV Forever: Guidelines for Using Protease Inhibitors
HIV Testing
Bob Hunter and Jay Angoff: Insurers Are Right on AIDS Testing
An Insidious Test for AIDS
AIDS Trials in Africa
Human Rights and Maternal-Fetal HIV Transmission
Prevention Trials in Africa
We're Trying to Help Our Sickest People, Not Exploit Them
Decision Scenarios
Race, Gender, and Medicine
Classic Case Presentation: Bad Blood, Bad Faith: The Tuskegee Syphilis Study
Briefing Session
African Americans and Health Care
Programs Haven't Eliminated the Difference
Why the Gap? The Tuskegee Effect
Clinical Trials
Children's Health
Organ Transplants
Closing the Gap
American Indians and Alaska Natives and Health Care
Indian Health Service
Causes of Death
Asian and Pacific Islanders and Health Care
Health Profile
Hispanic Americans/Latinos and Health Care
Health Profile
Recent Changes
Women and Health Care
Include Women, Study Women
Additional Support
Positive Changes
Backlash or Balance? Conclusion
Case Presentation: Lee Lor: Caught in a Culture Conflict
Social Context: The Mammography Debate
Social Context: The Prostate Cancer Epidemic
Perspectives on Gender and Race
Gender, Race, and Class in the Delivery of Health Care
Bioethics: The Need for a Dialogue with African Americans
Conducting Research
Women and Underserved Populations: Access to Clinical Trials
The Dangers of Difference: The Legacy of the Tuskegee Syphilis Study
Setting Public Policy
The Demise of Affirmative Action and the Future of Health Care
Kenneth De Ville: Parties to the Social Contract? Justice and Health Care for Undocumented
Decision Scenarios
Genetic Control
Classic Case Presentation: The Stem-Cell Debate
Briefing Session
Genetic Intervention: Screening, Counseling, and Diagnosis
Genetic Screening
Genetic Counseling
Prenatal Genetic Diagnosis
Ethical Difficulties with Genetic Intervention
Negative and Positive Eugenics
Use of Desirable Germ Cells
Ethical Difficulties with Eugenics
Genetic Research, Therapy, and Technology
Recombinant DNA
Gene Therapy
Biohazards.Ethical Difficulties with Genetic Research, Therapy, and Technology
Social Context: The Holy Grail of Biology: The Human Genome Project
Case Presentation: Huntington's Disease: Genetic Testing and Ethical Dilemmas
Social Context: Genetic Testing and Screening
Case Presentation: Gene Therapy
Stem Cells
President's Council on Bioethics: Cloning and Stem Cells
Pontifical Academy for Life: Declaration on the Production and the Scientific and Therapeutic Use of Human Embryonic Stem Cells
Regulated Cloning for Biomedical Research
Genetic Testing
Pitfalls of Genetic Testing
Disowning Knowledge: Issues in Genetic Testing
Genetic Counseling
Genetic Dilemmas and the Child's Right to an Open Future
Genetic Testing and Reproductive Decisions
Genetics and Reproductive Risk: Can Having Children be Immoral?
Implications of Prenatal Diagnosis for the Human Right to Life
Gene Therapy
Germ-Line Therapy and the Medical Imperative
Decision Scenarios
Reproductive Control
Classic Case Presentation: Hello, Dolly: The Advent of Reproductive Cloning
Briefing Session
IVF, GIFT, ZIFT, and Other Techniques IVF. GIFT, ZIFT, IVC, ULER, PZD, ICSI, DNA Transfer, and CD
Need, Success Rates, and Costs of Assisted Reproduction
Multiple Births
Freezing Embryos
Gestational Surrogates and Donor Ova
Criticisms of Assisted Reproduction Practices
Benefits of IVF and Other Forms of Assisted Reproduction
Ethical and Social Difficulties
Cloning and Twinning
Artificial Insemination
The Procedure
Reasons for Seeking Artificial Insemination
Types of Artificial Insemination
Sperm Donors
Issues in Artificial Insemination
Ova Donors
Surrogate Pregnancy
Ethical Theories and Reproductive Control
Case Presentation: Louise Brown: The First "Test-Tube" Baby
Case Presentation: Septuplets: The Perils of Multiple Pregnancies
Social Context: Post-Menopausal Motherhood
Social Context: Father Shopping: Sperm by Mail
Case Presentation: Baby M and Mary Beth Whitehead: Surrogate Pregnancy in Court
Case Presentation: The Calvert Case: A Gestational Surrogate Changes Her Mind
Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith: Instruction on Respect for Human Life in Its Origin and on the Dignity of Procreation: Replies to Certain Questions of the Day
Gillian Hanscombe: The Right to Lesbian Parenthood
"Give Me Children or I Shall Die!" New Reproductive Technologies and Harm to Children
Medical Miracle or Medical Mischief? The Saga of the McCaughey Septuplets
Surrogate Pregnancy
Surrogate Motherhood as Prenatal Adoption
Is Women's Labor a Commodity?
Human Cloning
The Wisdom of Repugnance
National Bioethics Advisory Commission: Cloning Human Beings: Ethical Considerations
Decision Scenarios
Scarce Medical Resources
Classic Case Presentation: Selection Committee for Dialysis
Briefing Session
Transplants, Kidneys, and Machines
Controlling Rejection
Allocation and Scarcity
Seattle and Kidney Machines
Dialysis Costs and Decisions
Microallocation versus Macroallocation
Ethical Theories and the Allocation of Medical Resources
Social Context: Acquiring and Allocating Transplant Organs
Case Presentation: Sandra Jensen Gets an Implant
Social Context: Fetal-Cell Implants
Case Presentation: The Ayalas' Solution: Having a Child to Save a Life
Case Presentation: Drug Lottery: The Betaseron Shortage
Allocation Principles
The Allocation of Exotic Medical Lifesaving Therapy
Acquiring Transplant Organs
The Donor's Right to Take a Risk
Conscription of Cadaveric Organs for Transplantation: Let's At Least Talk About It
Michael Kinsley: Take My Kidney, Please
Ethics of Paid Organ Donation
Allocating Transplant Organs
The Prostitute, the Playboy, and the Poet: Rationing Schemes for Organ Transplantation
Carl Cohen, Martin Benjamin, and the Ethics and Social Impact Committee of the Transplant and Health Policy Center, Ann Arbor, Michigan: Alcoholics and Liver Tranplantation
Decision Scenarios