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Nutrition, Exercise, and Behavior An Integrated Approach to Weight Management

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ISBN-10: 0534541534

ISBN-13: 9780534541538

Edition: 2001

Authors: Liane M. Summerfield

List price: $257.95
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This text presents the basic principles of weight management and examines the role that nutrition and physical fitness play in weight control. The text includes detailed coverage of assessment techniques, behavioral and non-behavioral treatment approaches, and prevention strategies.
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List price: $257.95
Copyright year: 2001
Publisher: Brooks/Cole
Publication date: 10/9/2000
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 544
Size: 7.50" wide x 9.25" long x 1.00" tall
Weight: 1.782
Language: English

Liane M. Summerfield is a professor of health and nutrition and Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs at Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia. She received her PhD in health education from the University of Maryland in College Park, Maryland. She continues to teach whenever possible and oversees the University's undergraduate research center, freshman seminar program, and faculty development center.

An Introduction to Weight Management
Overweight, Underweight, and Obesity
Overweight in America
What do the terms overweight, underweight, and obese mean?
How many people are obese or overweight?
Why is weight gain on the rise?
Overweight in America: Summary
The Impact of Weight on Health
What are morbidity and mortality?
What is the best weight for lowest risk of disease?
Are there harmful health effects from being underweight?
What is the best weight for long life?
Is excess weight harmful?
Is there an optimal weight to enhance quality of life?
Impact of weight on health: Summary
Who Needs Weight-Management Information?
Is there a best weight?
Case Study
Answers to Personal Self-Studies
Highlight: Fat Acceptance Movement Steps Up
Eating Disorders
Eating Disorders: Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, and Binge-Eating Disorder
What is "normal" eating?
What is anorexia nervosa?
What is bulimia nervosa?
What is binge-eating disorder?
Eating disorders: Summary
Predisposing Factors for Eating Disorders
Do people with eating disorders have a common psychological profile?
Is there an "eating disorder" personality?
Is there a biological cause of eating disorders?
What family issues are risk factors?
Do cultural factors increase risk?
Are athletes more susceptible to eating disorders?
Can dieting cause eating disorders?
What is the connection between diabetes and eating disorders?
Predisposing factors for eating disorders: Summary
Physiological Effects of Eating Disorders
What are the effects on the cardiovascular system?
What are the effects on the digestive tract?
What are the effects on the endocrine system?
What are the effects on the skeletal system?
Physiological effects of eating disorders: Summary
Treatment of Eating Disorders
When is hospitalization required?
What does nutritional treatment include?
Which psychotherapeutic approaches are effective?
What other treatments are used?
What is the prognosis for recovery?
Treatment of eating disorders: Summary
Case Study
Answers to Personal Self-Studies
Highlight: Other Types of Disordered Eating
Assessment Approaches in Weight Management
Anthropometric Assessment: Body Size, Shape, and Composition
What are we made of?
What are common measures of body size?
How should BMI be used in assessment?
How are skinfold measures used in assessment?
What is bioelectrical impedance analysis?
What do circumference measures tell us about body composition?
How is body fat distribution determined?
Anthropometric assessment: Summary
Clinical Assessment
What does a physical examination include?
What information is needed to construct a health history?
Clinical assessment: Summary
Biochemical Assessment
What are biochemical tests of general nutritional status?
Which blood glucose tests are useful?
Which laboratory tests comprise the lipid profile?
Biochemical assessment: Summary
Dietary and Physical Activity Assessment
What is a 3-day diet record?
How is physical activity assessed?
Diet and physical activity assessment: Summary
Putting Assessment Components Together
What is health risk factor analysis?
Putting assessment components together: Summary
Case Study
Answers to Personal Self-Studies
Highlight: What's Wrong with Height-Weight Tables?
Nutrition for Health, Physical Activity, and Weight Management
The Energy Nutrients
Components of a Healthy Diet
Where are the problems in the American diet?
Components of a healthy diet: Summary
Carbohydrates Primary Constituents of the Diet
Why do we need dietary carbohydrates?
Do sugars harm health and cause obesity?
How does carbohydrate modification promote health and weight management?
Carbohydrates: Summary
Lipids: Key Players in Health and Weight Management
What are fatty acids?
Do we need cholesterol?
How do trans fatty acids affect health?
Does dietary fat make people obese?
Lipids: Summary
Protein: Builder of Body Tissues
What do proteins do?
How does protein modification promote health and weight management?
Protein: Summary
Energy Nutrients and Physical Activity
What carbohydrate modifications support exercise?
What lipid and protein modifications support exercise?
What about calories?
Case Study
Answers to Personal Self-Studies
Highlight: The Impact of Low-Fat Foods and Fat Substitutes on Eating Behaviors
Vitamins, Minerals, and Water
Determining Optimal Micronutrient Intake
What are DRIs?
How should the DRIs be used?
Summary: Determining optimal micronutrient intake
Fat-Soluble Vitamins
Vitamin A and carotenoids
Vitamin E
Vitamins D and K
Summary: Fat-soluble vitamins
Water-Soluble Vitamins
Thiamin, riboflavin, and niacin
Vitamin B[subscript 6], pantothenic acid, and biotin
Folate and vitamin B[subscript 12]
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)
Are there any other vitamins?
Summary: Water-soluble vitamins
Body Water and Minerals
Why do we need water?
Calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium
Other major minerals
Iron and zinc
Selenium and other trace minerals
Summary: Body water and minerals
Micronutrients and Physical Activity
Can athletic performance be enhanced by micronutrient supplements?
Which active people might benefit from higher doses of micronutrients?
Summary: Micronutrients and physical activity
Case Study
Answers to Personal Self-Studies
Highlight: Promoting Hydration for Physical Activity
Energy Metabolism
Energy In: The Metabolic Rate of Ingested Food
How is food energy transformed in the body?
What is the role of carbohydrates in energy metabolism?
What is the role of lipids in energy metabolism?
What is the role of protein in energy metabolism?
How do we know which nutrient is being used for fuel?
The metabolic fate of ingested food: Summary
Energy Expenditure: Metabolic Rate
How is metabolic rate determined?
What factors affect RMR?
Does exercise elevate RMR?
What is the relationship between RMR and obesity?
Metabolic rate: Summary
Energy Expenditure: Diet-Induced Thermogenesis
What is the mechanism for DIT?
Is thermogenesis defective in obesity?
DIT: Summary
Nonresting Energy Expenditure: Fidgeting, Exercise, and Other Physical Activities
How is activity energy expenditure measured?
What is the relationship between nonresting energy expenditure and weight?
Nonresting energy expenditure: Summary
Conclusions about Energy Metabolism
Case Study
Answers to Personal Self-Studies
Highlight: Dietary Fats as Key Regulators of Energy Balance
Regulation of Eating Behavior and Body Weight
Homeostasis and Regulation of Weight
The Brain: Central Regulator of Weight
What is the role of the brain in regulating weight?
How are neurochemicals involved in regulating weight?
The brain: Summary
The Digestive System: Receptor and Effector in Regulation of Weight
How do the taste and the smell of food contribute to weight regulation?
How is the digestive system involved in regulating intake?
What is the function of insulin in hunger and satiety?
The digestive system: Summary
Storage Fat: An Active Participant in Weight Regulation
How do the body fat stores develop?
What determines fat cell number?
What regulates the size of fat cells?
What determines where body fat is deposited?
Could leptin be the source of our "set point?"
Storage fat: Summary
BAT: Effector of Energy Expenditure
How does thermogenesis occur?
Is BAT defective in obesity?
BAT: Summary
Genetic Factors and Body Composition
How are traits inherited?
Could obesity be inherited?
What other genetic factors might promote weight gain?
Genetic factors and body composition: Summary
Environmental Influences on Body Weight
What dietary factors are fat promoting?
What is the relationship between activity and weight?
How do cultural and family factors influence weight?
Environmental influences on body weight: Summary
Case Study
Answers to Personal Self-Studies
Highlight: Environmental and Genetic Susceptibility Collide: Obesity Among American Indians and Pacific Islanders
Physical Activity for Health and Weight Management
Physical Activity and Exercise: The Basics
Body Systems Involved in Physical Activity
What are the components of the cardiorespiratory system?
What are the key components of the musculoskeletal system?
Body systems involved in physical activity: Summary
Benefits of an Active Lifestyle
What cardiorespiratory improvements result from activity?
What musculoskeletal improvements result from activity?
How does physical activity affect body fatness?
What are some other health benefits of physical activity?
Benefits of an active lifestyle: Summary
Physical Fitness Assessment
Why assess physical fitness?
How is cardiorespiratory fitness assessed?
How is body composition assessed?
How is muscular fitness assessed?
How is flexibility assessed?
Physical fitness assessment: Summary
Case Study
Answers to Personal Self-Studies
Highlight: The Value of Physical Activity Throughout the Lifespan
Physical Activity, Health, and Weight Management
Role of Physical Activity in Weight Management
What are the fat-burning effects of low- to moderate-intensity activity?
What are the fat-burning effects of high-intensity activity?
What are the advantages of preserving lean body mass?
What are the effects of activity on appetite?
Does exercise prevent weight regain?
Role of physical activity in weight management: Summary
Developing Activity Programs That Work
Which types of activity are most effective?
How is the appropriate intensity of exercise determined?
How much exercise is enough?
What about physical activity for the severely obese?
How can physical activity be incorporated into daily life?
Developing activity programs that work: Summary
Motivating People to Adopt an Active Lifestyle
Who is--and isn't--active?
How do we motivate people to initiate physical activity?
How do we motivate people to adhere to physical activity?
Motivating people to adopt an active lifestyle: Summary
Importance of Activity in Health and Weight Management
Case Study
Answers to Personal Self-Studies
Highlight: Keeping Physical Activity Safe
Approaches to Weight Management
Behavioral Approaches to Weight Management
How People Change
Stages of change theory
How people change: Summary
Behavioral Strategies for People Thinking About Change
What characterizes the precontemplation stage?
How does the health belief model explain early stages of change?
What are some strategies for precontemplators?
Behavioral strategies for people thinking about change: Summary
Behavioral strategies for People Ready to Act
What characterizes the contemplation and preparation stages?
How does the theory of reasoned action help explain readiness for change?
What are some strategies for people to act?
Behavioral strategies for people ready to act: Summary
Behavioral Strategies for People Taking Action
What characterizes the action stage?
How does social-cognitive theory explain behavior change?
What are some strategies for action?
Behavioral strategies for people taking action: Summary
Behavioral Strategies for Maintenance and Termination
What characterizes the maintenance and termination stages?
What are some strategies for maintenance?
Behavioral strategies for maintenance and termination: Summary
Skill Building for Modifying Diet and Activity
What physical activity skills are needed?
What dietary skills are needed?
What are some strategies for modifying dietary fat intake?
What are some strategies for controlling calories?
How are food guides used for diet planning?
Skill building for modifying diet and activity: Summary
Culture and Behavior Change
What is culture?
How does culture influence weight management?
How can behaviorally based interventions become culturally relevant?
Culture and behavior change: Summary
Expected Outcomes From a Behavioral Approach to Weight Management
Case Study
Answers to Personal Self-Studies
Highlight: Secrets of Success of People Who Keep Off Lost Weight
Nonbehavioral Approaches to Weight Management
Weight-Loss Drugs
What characterizes a good weight-loss drug?
What drugs reduce energy intake?
Can drugs reduce fat absorption?
Are new drugs on the horizon?
How effective is drug therapy?
What happened with fen-phen?
Weight-loss drugs: Summary
Dietary Supplements
How are dietary supplements regulated?
Which supplements claim to promote weight loss?
How can fraudulent products and practices be avoided?
Dietary supplements: Summary
Low-Calorie Diets
What are the physiological effects of extreme caloric reduction?
What are very-low-calorie diets?
Do any low-calorie diets work?
How can consumers protect themselves from fraudulent low-calorie diet programs?
Low-calorie diets: Summary
Weight-Loss Surgery
Who should (and should not) have bariatric surgery?
What are the most common bariatric procedures?
How effective is surgery for obesity?
Weight-loss surgery: Summary
Case Study
Answers to Personal Self-Studies
Highlight: Localized Fat Reduction
Prevention Concepts
How does the public health model of prevention apply to obesity and eating disorders?
What factors are predictive of--and protective against--eating disorders?
What factors are predictive of--and protective against--obesity?
Prevention concepts: Summary
Primary Prevention of Obesity and Eating Disorders: Childhood Physical Activity and Nutrition Education Programs
What types of physical activity programs may prevent obesity?
How can sports programs help prevent eating disorders?
What types of nutrition education programs may prevent obesity and eating disorders?
Primary prevention of obesity and eating disorders: Summary
Secondary Prevention: Treating Obesity and Eating Disorders in Young People
How can I help someone with an eating disorder?
Which overweight children need intervention?
What types of programs are effective for overweight children?
What activity guidelines should be used with overweight children?
Secondary prevention: Summary
Tertiary Prevention: Reducing the Risk of Chronic Disease
What is the relationship among obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease?
Can type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease be prevented?
Tertiary prevention: Summary
Case Study
Answers to Personal Self-Studies
Highlight: Do Obesity Prevention Interventions Work?
Body Composition Assessment Tools
Metropolitan desirable weights for men and women, 1959
Metropolitan height and weight tables for men and women, 1983
Determination of frame size from elbow breadth
Dietary guidelines for Americans healthy weight ranges, 1995
Prediction equations from skinfold measures
Prediction equations from bioelectrical impedance analysis
Prediction equations from circumference measures
BMI-for-age charts, ages 2-19 years: Boys
BMI-for-age charts, ages 2-20 years: Girls
Nutrition and Physical Activity Assessment Tools
Food record form
Physical activity record form
MET values of common activities
U.S. Exchange System
Exchange groups and lists
Diet patterns for different energy intakes
U.S. exchange system: Starch list
U.S. exchange system: Fruit list
U.S. exchange system: Milk list
U.S. exchange system: Other carbohydrates list
U.S. exchange system: Vegetable list
U.S. exchange system: Meat and meat substitute list
U.S. exchange system: Fat list
U.S. exchange system: Free foods list
U.S. exchange system: Combination foods list