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Complete How to Figure It Using Math in Everyday Life

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ISBN-10: 0393319245

ISBN-13: 9780393319248

Edition: 1999

Authors: Darrell Huff, Carolyn R. Kinsey

List price: $26.95
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Life presents us with numerous calculations we need to make but may not know how. In simple language, Darrell Huff explains easy techniques for all kinds of sums from personal finance to DIY.
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List price: $26.95
Copyright year: 1999
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company, Incorporated
Publication date: 8/17/1999
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 488
Size: 6.00" wide x 9.00" long x 0.75" tall
Weight: 1.342
Language: English

Just a word
Lifetime Money Strategy
What's Future Money Worth Now?
Whither the Dollar?
Quick Look at Monthly Money
How a Retirement Plan Grows
Figuring Inflation into Retirement
How Much Life Insurance?
Forecasting Your Income
Are You Throwing Away a House?
Living on a Savings Account
Appraise a Bank Bargain
Strategy for Checking
Factoring Inflation into Income
How Much Can You Take Out?
Casing Inflation
That Old Bugaboo, Average Rate of Increase
The Mortgage that Pays YOU
Lazy Person's Withdrawal Chart
Money Now or Money Later?
Prepay That Mortgage?
Some Personal Things
Figuring Your Life Expectancy
Decisions: His Way or Hers?
Does College Pay?
Getting Pregnant
Does a Second Job Pay?
Junior Doses
Chart Your Biorhythms?
Interest and Saving
Yield and the Rule of 72
Fooling Around with Old 72
What's That Rate of Return?
The Day You Save
Figuring Simple Interest
Figuring Compound Interest
Interest Compounded Continuously
Effective Rate of Interest
Beware the Iron Law
How Much Goes for Interest?
When Interest Rates Change
The Interesting e
Comparing Retirement Plans
Interest by Calculator
How Regular Savings Grow
Saving: How Much per Month?
Figuring a Set-Aside
How Much Interest Are You Getting?
Finding Earned-Growth Rate
Tailoring an Investment
Local Taxes and Investing
Keogh? Ira?
Compounding Your Money
Retirement Fund Accumulation
What Does an Annuity Cost?
How Much Annuity Can You Buy?
What's an Annuity Worth?
Decoding the Phony "Average Return"
How Does Dollar Averaging Work?
Super Dollar-Cost Averaging
Value-Averaging Your Investment
What's a Tax-Exempt Bond Worth?
Income from Capital
How'd That Investment Do?
The Moving Average
How Much Does a Treasury Bill Yield?
Is Tax-Free for You?
What Percent Does a Stock Yield?
Figuring Percentage Gain
Total Return and the Deceptive Average
Understanding Bond Language
Other People's Money
The Everlasting Payoff
Credit: How Much Is Too Much?
How's Your Credit Rating?
Real Cost of a Discounted Loan
Calculating the Cost of Credit
Figuring an Early Payoff
Payoff Rule of 78s
When You Make Partial Payment
How Big Is That Carrying Charge?
What, Borrow on My Life Insurance?
Getting a Home Loan
Hiring the Money
How Much Can You Get?
That Important Percent
Variable or Fixed?
Those Tricky Points
Penalties, Options, Balloons
Closing Costs
Assume or Buy Subject To?
How About a Second?
The Land Contract
Trying a Mortgage for Size
How Much per Year?
Figuring a FLIP
Cost of a Mortgage Bargain
Hidden Side of a Home Loan
How Much Will Your Payments Be?
Setting Up a Payment Schedule
The (Relatively) Painless Budget
Buy Now? Buy Later?
How Much Inflation?
Puzzle of the Price Markup
What's That Price Increase?
A Look Today at Tomorrow's Costs
Realism at the Supermarket
Buy Meat Wholesale?
High Cost of Living Like a Dog
How Much Rebate?
Inflation and the Metric Trick
Measuring Things
Human Yardstick
How's the Wind Up There?
Power of a Wave
Weighing with Coins
Comparing TV Picture Sizes
Measuring the Unmeasurable
How Tall Is It?
Height by Trig
How Big Is a Tree?
Speed of Sound in Water
How Much Does It Slope?
Light Through a Prism
Estimating Water Flow
How Far Away Is It?
How Fast the Fall?
How Deep the Well?
The Metric Nickel
How High Is Up?
Measuring Height by Angle
How Big a Pinhole?
How Fast Will It Cool?
How Cold Will It Get?
Recipes for Odd Numbers
House Planning
Where To Live
How Big a House?
How Much Wind Can This Building Take?
Figuring Window Location
Costly Window Placement
How Much Glass?
How Much Solar Overhang?
Choosing a Solar Angle
Fighting Noise Pollution
Figuring Plumbing Plans
Building Things
Aggregate for Concrete
Figuring Ready-Mix
When You Mix Concrete
Framing: 16- or 24-Inch?
Expansion of Acrylic Sheets
Figuring Kitchen Cabinets
How Stout Is Rough Lumber?
How Big a Beam from a Log?
To Build a Winding Stairway
How to Figure Steps
Measuring at Home
How Big Is a Room?
Three-Four-Five Is Not the Only Square
When an Area Is Irregular
How Many Floor Tiles?
How Many Squares to a Roof?
Wallpaper: How Many Rolls?
Measuring for Paneling
How Much Paint?
To Draw a Contour Map
How Much Water Are You Using?
How Hard Is Your Water?
To Measure a Chair
Rafters and Beams
To Cut a Rafter
The Tangent and the Rafter
Beams: How Strong, How Stiff?
Strength of a Beam
When Beams Get B-I-G
Case of the Unequally Loaded Beam
Figuring Deflection
Anyone for Cantilevers?
Horizontal Shear
Around the House
How Many Degree Days?
Sizing a Wood Stove
Cord of Wood, Ton of Coal
Wood or Coal?
Comparing Furnace Efficiencies
What Does Heat Cost?
How Much Heat Loss?
Costing a Heat Pump
Heat Storage, Heat Loss
Trying a Cooler for Size
Meeting Insulation Requirements
Figuring Areas for Insulation
How Much Insulation?
Shading a House
To Ventilate a House
What's a Square Foot of Ventilation?
How Much Can the Sun Save You?
Capacity of a Solar Water Heater
What Will a Circuit Take?
What's a Switch Worth?
Working Out an Island Sink
Loading a Waterbed
Aiming a Satellite Dish
Operating Your Shelter
To Build a House
Managing a Mortgage
Shrink a Mortgage?
Your Depreciating House
How to Sell a House
Property-Tax Strategy
How Much Home Insurance?
Cost-Effective Energy Saver?
Fueling the Water Heater
How Much Heat in Firewood?
What Does Fuel Cost?
Mobile Home--Does It Figure?
Free Color TV?
Cork in the Eye
Workshop Numbers
How Big a Box?
How Wide Is This Board?
To Divide a Board
How Big the Bolt or Screw?
Confounded Compound Cuts
How Big a Pipe Wrench?
From RPM to SFM in One Jump
Shelf Math
Figuring Torque
What Size Wrench?
How Fat a Wire?
Radius of an Arc
How Tall Is My Grandfather?
Your Car
What Does a Car Cost?
How Long to Charge a Battery
What Do Skid Marks Tell?
Going Sixty
Analyzing Gas-Station Lines
Engine Displacement
Jet Lag
Tactics for Travel Funds
What Does Devaluation Cost?
Global Distances
The Tricky Average Speed
Your Clothing Size
More Dangerous Way To Go?
How Warm Is a Sleeping Bag?
Liters, Kilometers, Gallons
What's That in Real Money?
Finding a Mach Number
Thinking About Time Travel
Einstein: Mass at Speed
Weigh a Mountain, Measure a Pond
Water Over the Dam
Water Power Calculated Quickly
Horsepower in a Stream
Water and Kilowatts
How Far Can You See at Sea?
The Accurate Cricket
Camera's Hyperfocal Distance
Need a Ped Xing?
Acceleration from Gravity
How To Bank a Road
Underpass for a Bicycle
When the Tide?
How High the Tide?
Ship's Propulsion Power
How Far the Projectile?
Quick Height Measurement
How High the Shot?
How Long to Fall?
Where on Earth Is It?
Speed and Power
Figuring Air Pressure
Siting a Windmill
How Much Wind Is Enough?
That Wind-Chill Factor
How Many Stars?
To Rate a Quake
Figuring Binoculars
Fun and Games
How Far Can a Gamble Miss?
Will You Win a Trifecta?
Balancing a Tournament
The Cool, Calculating Tennist
Basic Blackjack
Doing Better at 21
Actually Winning at Blackjack
Horseshoe Math
Business Decisions
Real-Estate Cash Flow
How Cash Flow Works
What's the Profit Rate?
Buying Earned-Growth Rate
Figuring Fiscal Ratios
How Durable the Building?
Counting Absenteeism
Minutes and Seconds to Decimals
Heat by the Watt
Strength of Steel
Quick Metric: Temperature
Quick Metric: Length
Quick Metric: Weight and Volume
Measuring Angles
Those Metric Prefixes
Jumping from Log to Log
Do As the Romans Did
Decimal to Fraction and Back
Going in Circles
Parlez-Vous Hexadecimal?
Math in a Hurry
Breaking Down Numbers
Great Chief Sohcahtoa
The Squaring Trick
Halving a Mixed Fraction
Pint's a Pound
Illusion of the Shifting Base
The Catch-22 Deduction
Totaling Fibonaccis
Multiply Like a Peasant?
Easy Iteration
Smidgens to Oodles
What, Me Solve Quadratics?
Add-On Taxes and Take-Off Discounts
Depreciation by Sum of Years' Digits
Addition Helper
Add Without Carrying
Subtract Without Subtracting
Mix It the Midpoint Way
Better Way to Mix It?
Triangle a Problem
How Big Is a Triangle?
Approximate a Time Payment
What Percent of...?
Percents, Decimals, Fractions
Quick Fractions
That Tricky Percentage Increase
Chance and Statistics
Heads or Tails?
The Triangle of Chance
Probability by Subtraction
Flip a Coin
Zips and Plates
Learning from a Sample
The Rabbit-Sandwich Average
Standard Deviation Two Ways
How to Get Facts from Figures
Looking a Correlation in the Eye
Reality And Illusion
How to Draw a Fact
Hornswoggled by a Bar Chart?
The Illusory Line Graph
Figures Don't Lie?
How to Find a Prominent Number
The Prisoner's Dilemma
Conquering a Map Chart
Taking a Problem Apart
How Lethal Is My Warhead?
Those Awful Work Problems
Stretching A Calculator
Calculator Counting
Dividing into a Number
Percentages by Calculator
Square Roots and Diagonals
Cube Root and Beyond
Divide by Multiplying
Finding the Remarkable e
The Hyperbolic Rope
Squares and More
Calculating Reciprocals
Two Reciprocal Tricks
Finding Sums of Products
Coping with Big, Bad Numbers
Bigger, Badder Numbers
Memory at the Market
To Make a Payment Book
Easy Calculator Subtraction
Testing a Scientific Calculator
Calculator Superstretcher
Computer Does Numbers
Your 50-Pound Pocket Calculator?
BASIC Tips for Math-by-Computer
Table of Powers
Watch Your Money Grow
Anatomy of a Program
From Interest to Yield
How Big a Beam?
Rent or Buy?
Loan Payments Figured Fast
Print a Payment Table
The Mortgage-Payoff Miracle