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Don Quixote

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ISBN-10: 0393315096

ISBN-13: 9780393315097

Edition: N/A

Authors: Miguel de Cervantes, Burton Raffel, Diana De Armas Wilson

List price: $38.95
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One of the world's great novels, Don Quijote chronicles the adventures of that bumbling, infinitely compassionate knight and his shrewdly simple squire, Sancho Panza, in all their splendid humor.
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List price: $38.95
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company, Incorporated
Publication date: 9/17/1996
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 752
Size: 0.56" wide x 0.92" long x 0.13" tall
Weight: 2.288
Language: English

Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra was born in Alcala de Henares, Spain, in 1547. In 1585, a few months after his marriage to Catalina de Salazar, he published his first major work as an author, the pastoral novel La Galatea which was poorly received. Cervantes became a tax collector in Granada in 1594, but was imprisoned in 1597 due to money problems with the government. Folklore maintains that while in prison, he wrote his most famous novel, Don Quixote, which was an immediate success upon publication in 1605. After several years of writing short novels and plays, Cervantes was spurred to write the sequel to Don Quixote in 1615 when an unauthorized sequel appeared to great acclaim. Though…    

Translator's Note
Which Deals with the Status and Way of Life of the Famous Knight, Don Quijote de la Mancha
Which Deals with Don Quijote's First Expedition Away from His Home
In Which We Learn How Cleverly Don Quijote Decided to Have Himself Dubbed a Knight
What Happened to Our Knight When He Left the Inn
Which Continues the Tale of Our Knight's Misfortune
The Entertaining and Thorough Inquisition into the Library of Our Ingenious Gentleman Made by the Priest and the Barber
The Second Expedition of Our Good Knight, Don Quijote de la Mancha
The Great Success Won by Our Brave Don Quijote in His Dreadful, Unimaginable Encounter with Two Windmills, Plus Other Honorable Events Well Worth Remembering
In Which is Narrated the End of the Stupendous Battle between the Gallant Basque and the Brave Knight of la Mancha
A Lively Discussion between Don Quijote and Sancho Panza, His Squire
What Happened between Don Quijote and the Goatherds
What a Goatherd Came and Told Them
in Which We Reach the End of Marcela the Shepherdess' Tale, Plus Other Matters
in Which is Set out the Despairing Shepherd's Poem, along with Other Unexpected Events
Wherein is Narrated the Unfortunate Adventure Don Quijote Ran into When He Fell in with Some Heartless Yang�eses
What Happened to Our Ingenious Gentleman in the Inn Which He Imagined Was a Castle
In Which We Continue Telling the Endless Troubles Experienced by Our Brave Don Quijote and His Squire Sancho Panza, in the Inn Which, Unluckily for Him, Our Knight Thought Was a Castle
Which Tells of Sancho Panza's Conversation with His Master, Don Quijote, and Other Matters Worth Recounting
of Sancho's Wise Remarks to His Master, and the Adventure with a Dead Body, along with Other Remarkable Events
of the Never-Before Seen, Absolutely Unheard-Of Adventure Accom� Plished by the Brave Don Quijote de la Mancha, with Less Danger Than Ever Experienced by Any Famous Knight in the Entire World
Dealing with the Exalted Adventure and Golden Reward of Mambrino's Helmet, Together with Other Things Which Happened to Our Invincible Knight
How Don Quijote Freed Many Miserable Wretches Who, Most Unwilling, Were Being Taken Where They Did Not Want to Go
What Happened to Our Famous Don Quijote in the Sierra Morena Mountains One of the Strangest Adventures Narrated in This Entire Veracious History
Continuation of the Adventure in the Sierra Morena Mountains
Dealing with the Strange Things That Happened to the Brave Knight of la Mancha in the Sierra Morena Mountains, Including His Imitation of Beltenebros [amadis of Gaul]'s Penitence
in Which We See Still More of Don Quijote's Splendid Testimonials to Love, as Performed by Him in the Sierra Morena Mountains
How the Priest and the Barber's Plan Worked Out, with Other Matters Worthy of Being Included in This Magnificent Tale
Which Deals with an Unusual but Charming Adventure Experienced by the Priest and the Barber in Those Same Mountains
Dealing with the Clever Trick Used to Rescue Our Love-Stricken Knight from the Harsh Penitence He'd Undertaken
Which Deals with the Beautiful Dorotea's Wisdom, along with Other Joyous and Entertaining Matters
the Delightful Conversation between Don Quijote and Sancho Panza, His Squire, Together with Other Events
Which Deals with What Happened to Don Quijote and His Company in the Inn
Which Narrates the Story of the Man Who Couldn't Keep from Prying
Which Continues the Story of the Man Who Couldn't Keep from Prying
the End of the Story of the Man Who Couldn't Keep from Prying
Which Discusses Don Quijote's Noble but Unusual Battle against Several Wineskins Filled with Red Wine, along with Other Strange Things That Took Place at the Inn
Which Continues the Tale of the Famous Princess Micomicona, along with Other Pleasant Adventures
Dealing with Don Quijote's Unusual Speech about Arms versus Learning
in Which the Captive Tells the Story of His Life
Which Continues the Captive's Tale
the Captive's Tale Continues
What Happened Next, along with a Good Many Other Things Well Worth Knowing
Which Narrates the Pleasant Tale of the Young Muledriver, along with the Other Things That Took Place in the Inn
in Which These Extraordinary Events Are Continued
in Which the Investigation into the Helmet and the Saddlebag is Concluded, along with Other Events of an Equally Veracious Nature
More about Our Worthy Knight Don Quijote's Remarkable Encounter with the Policemen, and His Incredible Ferocity
All about Don Quijote de la Mancha's Strange Enchantment, along with Other Celebrated Events
in Which the Cathedral Priest Continues to Discuss the Subject Matter of Books of Chivalry, along with Other Matters Worthy of His Intelligence
Dealing with Sancho Pancho's Perceptive Conversation with His Master, Don Quijote
of the Learned Discussion between Don Quijote and the Cathedral Priest, as Well as Other Events
What the Goatherd Told All Those Who Were Bringing Don Quijote Home
Don Quijote's Fight with the Goatherd, as Well as His Strange Adventure with the Flagellants, Which with Great Effort He Brought to a Happy Ending
Dedication: to the Count of Lemos
Prologue: To the Reader
Conversations about Our Knight's Illness, between and among the Priest, the Barber, and Don Quijote Himself
Which Deals with Sancho Panza's Remarkable Quarrel with Don Quijote's Niece and Housekeeper, Together with Other Delightful Matters
All about the Absurd Conversation among Don Quijote, Sancho Panza, and Samson Carrasco, the College Graduate
in Which Sancho Panza Satisfies Samson Carrasco's Doubts and Answers His Questions, Together with Other Matters Well Worth Noting and Recounting
the Wise and Witty Conversation between Sancho Panza and His Wife, Teresa Panza, along with Other Matters Worth Felicitous Commemoration
What Took Place between Don Quijote and His Niece and His Housekeeper: One of the Most Important Chapters in This Entire History
Don Quijote's Conversation with His Squire, along with Other Notable Occurrences
Which Tells What Happened to Don Quijote, as He Was Going to Visit His Lady, Dulcinea del Toboso
Which Tells What It Tells
in Which We Are Told How Skilfully Sancho Enchanted the Lady Dulcinea, along with Other Events Quite as Ridiculous as Truthful
Don Quijote's Strange Adventure with a Cart, or Wagon, Belonging to Death's Followers
the Strange Adventure Experienced by Our Valiant Den Quijote with the Brave Looking Glass Knight
Continuation of the Adventure of the Knight of the Wood, along with the Wise, Novel, and Mellow Conversation between the Two Squires
Continuing the Adventure of the Knight of the Wood
Which Records and Explains the True Identities of the Knight of the Mirrors and His Squire
What Happened When Don Quijote Met a Sensible Gentleman from la Mancha
Which Exhibits for Us the Absolute Height and Furthest Extreme to Which Don Quijote's Unheard of Courage Soared or Ever Could Soar, along with the Happily Concluded Adventure of the Lions
What Happened to Don Quijote in the Castle (or House) of the Knight of the Green Overcoat, along with Other Odd and Unusual Things
Which Tells the Adventure of the Lovesick Shepherd, along with Other Truly Charming Matters
the Story of Camacho the Rich's Wedding, and What Happened to Poor Basilio
Which Tells More of Camacho's Wedding, along with Other Pleasant Events
Which Tells of the Great Adventure of Montesinos' Cave, Right in the Heart of la Mancha, Which Adventure the Brave Don Quijote de la Mancha Brought to a Happy Conclusion
the Remarkable Things the Incomparable Don Quijote Said He Had Seen in the Depths of Montesinos' Cave, the Sheer Implausibility and Magnificence of Which Make This Adventure Seem Distinctly Apocryphal
Which Narrates a Thousand Trifles, Each and All of Them as Irrelevant as They Are Also Necessary to Any Proper Understanding of This Great History
Which Sets out the Donkey-Braying Adventure and the Puppeteer's Charming Tale, along with the Remarkable Prophecies of the Prophetic Monkey
Continuation of the Puppeteer's Charming Tale, along with Other Truly First-Rate Things
in Which It is Explained Who Maestro Pedro and His Monkey Were, Together with the Unfortunate Outcome of the Braying-Adventure, Which Did Not End as Don Quijote Had Expected or Wanted It to
What Sidi Hamid Benegeli Says His Readers Can Learn, If They Read Carefully
the Famous Adventure of the Enchanted Boat
Don Quijote Meets a Lovely Huntress
Dealing with Many Important Matters
Don Quijote's Reply to the Priest Who Had Scolded Him, along with Other Matters Both Serious and Amusing
the Delightful Conversation the Duchess and Her Ladies Had with Sancho Panza, Well Worth Both Reading and Noting
Which Tells How They Planned to Disenchant Our Matchless Dulcinea del Toboso, an Adventure Which Ranks among the Most Renowned to Be Found in This Book
More about What Don Quijote Was Told, by Way of Disenchanting Dulcinea, Together with Other Remarkable Events
Which Narrates the Extraordinary, Unimaginable Adventure of Lady Dolorida, Otherwise Known as the Countess Trifaldi, as Well as Sancho Panza's Letter to His Wife
Which Continues the Celebrated Tale of Lady Dolorida
the Lady Dolorida's Misfortunes, as Narrated by the Lady Dolorida
in Which the Countess Trifaldi Continues Her Stupendous, Infinitely Memorable Tale
Certain Matters Relevant to This Adventure and to This Remarkable History
the Arrival of the Magic Horse, and the End of This Long, Drawn-Out Adventure
Don Quijote's Advice to Sancho Panza, before His Squire Assumed the Governorship of His Island, along with a Number of Other Carefully Considered Matters
Don Quijote's Second Set of Counsels and Injunctions for Sancho Panza
How Sancho Panza Was Taken to His Governorship, and the Strange Adventure Experienced by Don Quijote in the Duke and Duchess' Castle
How the Great Sancho Panza Took Possession of His Island, and the Way He Began to Govern It
Don Quijote's Fearful Shock, in the Course of the Lovestruck Altisidora's Hang-The-Bell-On-The-Cat Wooing
Continuing the Narrative of Sancho Panza's Behavior as a Governor
- What Happened between Don Quijote and Do�a Rodr�guez, the Duchess' Lady in Waiting, along with Other Matters Worthy of Being Recorded and Forever Remembered
What Happened to Sancho Panza, as He Patrolled His Island
Wherein It is Explained Just Who the Enchanters and Scourges Who Spanked the Due�a and Pinched Don Quijote Were, Plus What Happened to the Page, When He Brought Sancho Panza's Letter to Sancho's Wife, Teresa Panza
How Sancho Panza's Governorship Progressed, along with Other Matters Just as Interesting
in Which is Narrated the Adventure of the Second Doleful or Anguished Due�a, Otherwise Known as Do�a Rodr�guez
the Weary Finale of Sancho Panza's Governorship
Dealing with Matters Relevant to This History and to No Other
What Happened to Sancho along the Way, Together with Other Unsurpassable Matters
the Colossal, Absolutely Unique Battle between Don Quijote de la Mancha and the Footman, Tosilos, in Defense of the Due�a Do�a Rodr�guez's Daughter
Which Deals with Don Quijote's Farewell to the Duke and What Happened with the Wise but Bold Altisidora, the Duchess' Maid
Which Tells How So Many Adventures Came Piling Up on Don Quijote, and So Fast, That None of Them Could Catch Their Breath
Which Narrates an Extraordinary Thing That Happened to Don Quijote, Quite Possibly to Be Considered an Adventure
What Happened to Don Quijote, on the Way to Barcelona
What Happened to Don Quijote, When He Went to Barcelona, along with Other Matters Truer Than They Are Clever
the Adventure of the Enchanted Head, along with Other Foolishness That Simply Cannot Be Omitted
Sancho Panza's Misfortune, on His Visit to the Galleys, and the Novel Adventure of the Beautiful Moorish Girl
the Gloomiest of All the Gloomy Adventures Ever Experienced by Don Quijote
Which Explains Who the Knight of the White Moon Was, and Recounts Don Gregorio's Liberation, as Well as Other Matters
Which Deals with What Any Reader of These Pages Will See for Himself, and Anyone Who Has This Read to Him Will Hear
Don Quijote's Decision to Become a Shepherd and Live in the Fields While He Waited for His Promised Year to Pass, along with Other Events Both Pleasant and Cheering
Don Quijote's Bristly Adventure
the Strangest and Most Unusual Thing That Happens to Don Quijote in the Whole of This Great History
Which Follows Chapter Sixty-Nine, and Deals with Matters That, for the Understanding of This Whole History, Must Be Clearly Understood
What Happened to Don Quijote and Sancho, His Squire, as They Were Travelling Back Home
How Don Quijote and Sancho Came Home
the Omens Don Quijote Encountered, as He Came Home to His Own Village, along with Other Events That Adorn and Validate This Great History
How Don Quijote Fell Sick, and the Will He Made, and His Death