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Organizational Behavior

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ISBN-10: 0256228965

ISBN-13: 9780256228960

Edition: 2000

Authors: Steven Lattimore McShane, Mary Ann Young von Glinow

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Book details

Copyright year: 2000
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education
Binding: Hardcover
Language: English

Prefacep. xx
Introduction to the Field of Organizational Behaviorp. 2
The Field of Organizational Behaviorp. 4
Emerging Trends in Organizational Behaviorp. 7
The Five Anchors of Organizational Behaviorp. 14
Knowledge Managementp. 19
The Journey Beginsp. 24
Chapter Summaryp. 25
Key Termsp. 25
Discussion Questionsp. 26
Case Study: "An Untimely Incident at Ancol Corp."p. 26
BusinessWeek Case Study: "Knowledge Management: Taming the Info Monster"p. 27
Video Case: "Southwest Airlines"p. 28
Team Exercise: "Developing Knowledge from Mistakes"p. 28
Self-Assessment Exercise: "It All Makes Sense?"p. 29
Individual Behavior
Individual Behavior and Learning in Organizationsp. 30
Model of Individual Behavior and Performancep. 32
Types of Work-Related Behaviorp. 35
Learning in Organizationsp. 40
Behavior Modification: Learning through Reinforcementp. 41
Learning through Feedbackp. 47
Social Learning Theory: Learning by Observingp. 51
Learning through Experiencep. 53
Chapter Summaryp. 56
Key Termsp. 56
Discussion Questionsp. 57
Case Study: "Pushing Paper Can Be Fun"p. 57
BusinessWeek Case Study: "How'm I Doing? No, Really!"p. 58
Video Case: "Workplace Perks: More Companies Provide Fitness"p. 59
Team Exercise: "Task Performance Exercise"p. 60
Self-Assessment Exercise: "Assessing Your Self-Efficacy"p. 61
Foundations of Employee Motivationp. 64
Content Theories of Motivationp. 67
Process Theories of Motivationp. 74
Expectancy Theory of Motivationp. 74
Equity Theoryp. 79
Goal Settingp. 82
Comparing Motivation Theoriesp. 87
Are Motivation Theories Culture Bound?p. 87
Chapter Summaryp. 88
Key Termsp. 89
Discussion Questionsp. 89
Case Study: "Steelfab Corp."p. 90
BusinessWeek Case Study: "As Workers Turn into Risk-Takers ... One Plant Really Turns on the Steam"p. 91
Video Case: "Dishonesty in America: Lie, Cheat, and Steal"p. 91
Team Exercise: "Bonus Decision Making Exercise"p. 92
Self-Assessment Exercise: "Measuring Your Growth Need Strength"p. 94
Applied Motivation Practicesp. 96
Reward Systemsp. 97
Job Designp. 107
Job Design and Work Efficiencyp. 109
Job Design and Work Motivationp. 112
Increasing Work Motivation through Job Designp. 114
Job Design Prospects and Problemsp. 118
Motivating Yourself through Self-Leadershipp. 119
Chapter Summaryp. 122
Key Termsp. 123
Discussion Questionsp. 123
Case Study: "Vetements Ltee"p. 124
BusinessWeek Case Study: "Talent Trawl: What's the Best Bait?"p. 125
Video Case: "Increasing Number of Companies are Offering Workers Flextime"p. 125
Team Exercise: "Is Student Work Enriched?"p. 126
Self-Assessment Exercise: "Assessing Your Self-Leadership"p. 128
Stress Managementp. 132
What Is Stress?p. 134
Stressors: The Causes of Stressp. 136
Individual Differences in Stressp. 142
Consequences of Distressp. 144
Managing Work-Related Stressp. 147
Chapter Summaryp. 155
Key Termsp. 155
Discussion Questionsp. 155
Case Study: "Jim Black: Sales Representative"p. 156
BusinessWeek Case Study: "Work and Family"p. 157
Video Case: "Take This Job...How Stress Can Be Fought on the Job"p. 157
Team Exercise: "Stressed Out or 'No Problem'?"p. 159
Self-Assessment Exercise: "Behavior Activity Profile: The Type A Scale"p. 160
Individual and Interpersonal Behavior
Perception and Personality in Organizationsp. 164
The Perceptual Processp. 166
Social Identity Theoryp. 169
Stereotyping in Organizational Settingsp. 172
Attribution Theoryp. 174
Self-Fulfilling Prophecyp. 176
Other Perceptual Errorsp. 178
Improving Perceptionsp. 181
Personality in Organizationsp. 186
Chapter Summaryp. 192
Key Termsp. 193
Discussion Questionsp. 193
Case Study: "Nupath Foods Inc."p. 194
BusinessWeek Case Study: "How Al Dunlap Self-Destructed"p. 195
Video Case: "Black, White, and Angry: Racial Diversity in the Workplace"p. 195
Team Exercise: "Perceptions in a Diverse Workforce: The Royal Bank of Canada Vignettes"p. 196
Self-Assessment Exercise: "Personality Assessment: Jung's Psychological Types"p. 197
Workplace Emotions, Values, and Ethicsp. 198
Emotions in the Workplacep. 200
Job Satisfactionp. 204
Organizational Commitmentp. 208
Managing Emotionsp. 210
Values at Workp. 215
Ethical Values and Behaviorp. 217
Chapter Summaryp. 223
Key Termsp. 223
Discussion Questionsp. 224
Case Study: "Rough Seas on the LINK650"p. 224
BusinessWeek Case Study: "The Return of Corporate Loyalty"p. 226
Video Case: "In Depth: Buy American: Merger Between Chrysler and Mercedes Benz"p. 226
Team Exercise: "Ethical Dilemmas in Employment"p. 227
Self-Assessment Exercise: "Individualism-Collectivism Scale"p. 228
Communicating in Organizational Settingsp. 230
A Model of Communicationp. 233
Communication Barriers (Noise)p. 234
Communication Channelsp. 237
Choosing the Best Communication Channelsp. 242
Communicating in Organizational Hierarchiesp. 243
Communicating through the Grapevinep. 247
Cross-Cultural and Gender Communicationp. 250
Improving Interpersonal Communicationp. 253
Persuasive Communication: From Understanding to Acceptancep. 255
Chapter Summaryp. 257
Key Termsp. 258
Discussion Questionsp. 258
Case Study: "Sea Pines"p. 259
BusinessWeek Case Study: "The New Workplace"p. 260
Video Case: "Virtual Companies and the Internet Voicemail: Wildfire"p. 261
Team Exercise: "Cross-Cultural Communication: A Not-so-Trivial Trivia Game"p. 262
Self-Assessment Exercise: "Active Listening Skills Inventory"p. 262
Team Process
Team Dynamicsp. 266
Types of Teams and Other Groups in Organizationsp. 268
A Model of Team Effectivenessp. 273
Organizational and Team Environmentp. 274
Team Design Featuresp. 275
Team Developmentp. 278
Team Normsp. 280
Team Rolesp. 283
Team Cohesivenessp. 284
The Trouble with Teamsp. 288
Team Buildingp. 289
Chapter Summaryp. 293
Key Termsp. 294
Discussion Questionsp. 295
Case Study: "Treetop Forest Products Inc."p. 295
BusinessWeek Case Study: "Schwab Makes Investing a Team Sport"p. 297
Video Case: "Management Training Outdoors"p. 297
"Team-Trust Exercise"p. 298
"Wrapping Presents: A Team Exercise"p. 299
Self-Assessment Exercise: "Team Roles Preference Scale"p. 300
Employee Involvement and Quality Managementp. 302
Employee Involvementp. 304
Self-Directed Work Teams (SDWTs)p. 308
Potential Benefits of Employee Involvementp. 311
Overcoming Challenges to Employee Involvementp. 314
Quality Managementp. 318
Quality Management Principlesp. 320
Quality Management Toolsp. 324
Limitations of Quality Managementp. 326
Chapter Summaryp. 327
Key Termsp. 327
Discussion Questionsp. 328
Case Study: "Employee Involvement Cases"p. 328
BusinessWeek Case Study: "Better Your Business: Benchmark Itp. 330
Video Case: "Focus: The Power Within"p. 330
Team Exercise: "Winter Survival Exercise"p. 331
Decision Making in Organizationsp. 334
A General Model of Decision Makingp. 336
Identifying Problems and Opportunitiesp. 337
Evaluating and Choosing Solutionsp. 340
Evaluating Decision Outcomesp. 343
Problems in Team Decision Makingp. 346
Creativity in Decision Makingp. 349
Team Structures for Creativity and Decision Makingp. 354
Chapter Summaryp. 359
Key Termsp. 360
Discussion Questionsp. 360
Case Study: "Eastern Province Light and Power"p. 361
BusinessWeek Case Study: "Flight Simulators for Management"p. 363
Video Case: "Second City/Heavenly Ski Resort"p. 363
"Hopping Orange Exercise"p. 365
"Creativity Brainbusters Exercise"p. 365
Self-Assessment Exercise: "Decision-Making Style Inventory"p. 366
Organizational Power and Politicsp. 368
The Meaning of Powerp. 370
Sources of Power in Organizationsp. 371
Contingencies of Powerp. 378
Consequences of Powerp. 380
Organization Politicsp. 382
Types of Political Activityp. 384
Conditions for Organizational Politicsp. 389
Controlling Political Behaviorp. 391
Chapter Summaryp. 392
Key Termsp. 393
Discussion Questionsp. 393
Case Study: "Foreign Exchange Confrontation"p. 394
BusinessWeek Case Study: "Saying Adios to the Office"p. 395
Video Case: "Employers Growing Control Over Employee Off-the-Job Activities"p. 395
Team Exercise: "General Software Products: An In-Basket Exercise"p. 396
Self-Assessment: "Perceptions of Politics Scale (POPS)"p. 397
Organizational Conflict and Negotiationp. 400
What Is Conflict?p. 402
Consequences of Organizational Conflictp. 403
Sources of Conflict in Organizationsp. 404
Interpersonal Conflict Management Stylesp. 409
Structural Approaches to Conflict Managementp. 412
Resolving Conflict through Negotiationp. 416
Third-Party Conflict Resolutionp. 422
Chapter Summaryp. 424
Key Termsp. 425
Discussion Questionsp. 425
Case Study: "Maelstrom Communications"p. 426
BusinessWeek Case Study: "Lost in Space at Boeing"p. 427
Video Case: "Saturn"p. 427
Team Exercise: "Ugli Orange Role Play"p. 429
Self-Assessment Exercise: "Conflict Management Style Orientation Scale"p. 429
Organizational Leadershipp. 432
Perspectives of Leadershipp. 434
Competency (Trait) Perspective of Leadershipp. 435
Behavioral Perspective of Leadershipp. 439
Contingency Perspective of Leadershipp. 442
Transformational Perspective of Leadershipp. 450
Romance Perspective of Leadershipp. 454
Gender Issues in Leadershipp. 455
Chapter Summaryp. 458
Key Termsp. 459
Discussion Questionsp. 459
Case Study: "Leadership in Whose Eyes?"p. 460
BusinessWeek Case Study: "How Jack Welch Runs GE"p. 460
Video Case: "IBM"p. 461
Team Exercise: "Leadership Diagnostic Analysis"p. 462
Self-Assessment Exercise: "Leadership Dimensions Instrument"p. 463
Organizational Processes
Organizational Change and Developmentp. 466
External Forces for Changep. 468
Lewin's Force Field Analysis Modelp. 471
Unfreezing, Changing, and Refreezingp. 473
Strategic Visions, Change Agents, and Diffusing Changep. 480
Organization Developmentp. 482
Emerging Trends in Organization Developmentp. 485
Effectiveness of Organization Developmentp. 488
Chapter Summaryp. 490
Key Termsp. 490
Discussion Questionsp. 491
Case Study: "TransAct Insurance Corporation"p. 491
BusinessWeek Case Study: "The Taming of France Telecom"p. 493
Video Case: "Harley-Davidson"p. 493
Team Exercise: "Applying Lewin's Force Field Analysis"p. 494
Organizational Culturep. 496
Elements of Organizational Culturep. 498
Deciphering Organizational Culture through Artifactsp. 500
Organizational Culture and Performancep. 505
Merging Organizational Culturesp. 508
Changing and Strengthening Organizational Culturep. 511
Chapter Summaryp. 515
Key Termsp. 516
Discussion Questionsp. 516
Case Study: "Hillton's Transformation"p. 516
BusinessWeek Case Study: "MetLife's Cultural Transformation"p. 518
Video Case: "Dog Days: Companies Encouraging Employes to Take Pets to Work"p. 518
Team Exercise: "Assessing Organizational Culture: A Metaphor Exercise"p. 519
Self-Assessment Exercise: "Corporate Culture Preference Scale"p. 521
Employment Relationship and Career Dynamicsp. 524
The Psychological Contractp. 526
Organizational Socializationp. 531
Stages of Socializationp. 533
Managing the Socialization Processp. 537
Organizational Careersp. 539
Contingent Workforcep. 546
Chapter Summaryp. 551
Key Termsp. 551
Discussion Questionsp. 552
Case Study: "Quantor Corp.'s Contingent Workforce"p. 552
BusinessWeek Case Study: "The Corporate Samurai Are Getting Less Loyal"p. 554
Video Case: "The Changing Workplace: Freelance Copywriter Lorraine Duffy Merkl"p. 554
"Organizational Socialization Diagnostic Exercise"p. 555
"Truth in Advertising"p. 556
Self-Assessment Exercise: "Matching Holland's Career Types"p. 556
Organizational Structure and Designp. 558
Division of Labor and Coordinationp. 560
Elements of Organizational Structurep. 563
Traditional Forms of Departmentalizationp. 570
Emerging Forms of Departmentalizationp. 577
Contingencies of Organizational Designp. 583
Organizational Design and Organizational Behaviorp. 586
Chapter Summaryp. 586
Key Termsp. 587
Discussion Questionsp. 587
Case Study: "The Rise and Fall of PMC AG"p. 588
BusinessWeek Case Study: "Procter and Gamble's Hottest New Product: PandG"p. 589
Video Case: "Big Apple Bagel/St. Louis Bread Co."p. 590
Team Exercise: "Organizational Structure and Design: The Club Ed Exercise"p. 592
Self-Assessment Exercise: "Identifying Your Preferred Organizational Structure"p. 593
Additional Casesp. 595
"Arctic Mining Consultants"p. 595
"A Window on Life"p. 597
"Montville Hospital Dietary Department"p. 598
"Perfect Pizzeria"p. 602
"Theory Building and the Scientific Method"p. 604
"Vroom-Jugo Decision Tree"p. 611
Glossaryp. 613
Notesp. 621
Company Indexp. 683
Name Indexp. 686
Subject Indexp. 696
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