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Phonology of Icelandic and Faroese

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ISBN-10: 0199229317

ISBN-13: 9780199229314

Edition: 2011

Authors: Kristjan Arnason

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Book details

List price: $165.00
Copyright year: 2011
Publisher: Oxford University Press, Incorporated
Publication date: 9/15/2011
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 384
Size: 6.14" wide x 9.21" long x 1.19" tall
Weight: 1.540
Language: English

The historical and theoretical setting
The Two Languages and their Historical Relation
The genetic relation: 'Proto-West Nordic'
West Nordic obstruents
West Nordic sonorants
West Nordic vowels
Diphthongs and semivowels
Prosodic structure
The Historical Development
Quantity and prosodic structure
Overlong (superheavy) syllables and their development
The components of the quantity shift
Quality changes in the Icelandic vowel system
Faroese vowel developments
The short diphthongs
The West Nordic consonant shift
New postvocalic stops
The skerping and hiatus
Systemic arrangements and types of syllables
Theoretical Preliminaries to the Synchronic Analysis
Phonological levels of representation
Alphabets for phonological representation
Segments and distinctions
Phonological primes
Analysing diphthongization
The representation of time and precedence
Saturation and fission in West Nordic diphthongs
The modern diphthongal systems
The modern sound systems
The Icelandic Vowel Colours and Diphthongs
The Icelandic vowel system
The monophthongal units
The phonetic description of the vowel sounds
Analysing the monophthongal colours
The diphthongs as branching phonemic units
Diphthongs and hiatus
The vowels of non-initial syllables
Faroese Vowels and Diphthongs
An overview
The inventory of vowels
The 'long' and 'short' systems
The phonetic and phonological analysis of the Faroese monophthongs and diphthongs
The vowel qualities
Analysing the Faroese diphthongs
More on dialect variation and vowel systems
Hiatus phenomena in Faroese
Intervocalic glides
Raising in hiatus
One or two syllables
The unstressed vowels of Faroese
The vowel qualities
The syllable types
Dialects and morphology in unstressed vowel merger
The postlexical reduction and syncope
Coping with the variation: a folk-linguistic anecdote from T�rshavn
Icelandic Consonants
An overview
The stops
Places of articulation
On palatals and velars
The fortis-lenis opposition
The fricatives
The sonorants
Summary: the classes of consonants and their element analysis
Faroese Consonant Segments
An overview
The fortis and lenis plosives
The phonological correlation
'Hard' and 'soft' dialects in Faroese
The fricatives
Initial fricatives
Word-internal fricatives and glides
The element analysis of the Faroese system
Systemic relations and syllabic structure
Systemic Relations in Vowels
Trends towards a diasystem in Icelandic
The 'new' diphthongs
A context-free merger in the 'long' system
The interplay of merger and diphthongization
The 'long/open' and 'short/closed' correspondence
The Faroese vowel systems
The polysystemic structure
On prominence
The element analysis of reduction: limits on information in restricted environments
Conclusion: systemic relations in vowel systems
Syllable Structure and Phonotactics
Syllable structure in Icelandic
Motivating the syllable
The subsyllabic constituents
The Icelandic length rule
Half length and overlength
Emphatic stress on non-initial syllables
Faroese syllables
The length rule in Faroese
The template for full syllables in Faroese
Half length and overlength in Faroese
Full syllables and restricted syllables in the phonological hierarchy
The consonantal phonotactics of Icelandic
Initial onsets in Icelandic
Consonants in the Icelandic coda
Internal onsets in Icelandic
More complicated interludes in Icelandic
The consonantal phonotactics of Faroese
Monosegmental onsets
Initial clusters in Faroese
Faroese coda consonants
Internal onsets in Faroese
Gemination of glides and consonants
Conclusion: remarks on systemic structure and prominence
Length and Quantity in Accentuation and Phonotactics
Length and quantity in Icelandic
Some distinctions
Segmental length and syllabic structure
Length in postlexical accentuation
Representing length and quantity
Excursus: A brief comparison with Finland Swedish
The length rule on lexical and phonological levels in Icelandic
Length and syllabification
Two versions of the rule
The prosodic character of Faroese vowels
Vowel shortness and the scale of prominence
Segments and syllables on phonological levels
Aspiration in Syllabic and Segmental Structure
Aspiration and the character of the fortis-lenis opposition
Representing the opposition
Phonotactic or phonetic neutralization of the fortis-lenis opposition?
Preaspiration in Icelandic
The phonetic character
The distribution of preaspiration in Icelandic
Phonological analysis
Related phenomena
Preaspiration in Faroese
Representing the difference
Preaspiration in morphophonemics
Allomorphy, Morphophonemics, and Phonological Levels
Lexical and postlexical relations in paradigms
Vocalic patterns in Icelandic
The ablaut series
U-umlaut and breaking
Morphology and phonotactics in vocalic alternation
Faroese vowel morphophonemics
Consonantal patterns in Icelandic morphophonemics
Consonantal patterns in Faroese
Vowel deletion in paradigms
Intersyllabic glides and fricatives in allomorphy
Morphosyntax and phonology
Lexical and postlexical principles
Fossilized and non-fossilized patterns in Faroese
Rhythmic structure
Word Stress Patterns in Icelandic and Faroese
Icelandic word stress patterns
Native patterns
Foreign patterns in recent loans
Word stress patterns in Faroese
Native words
Loanwords in Faroese
The accommodation of foreign stress patterns
Right-strong forms in Icelandic
The Faroese patterns
Morphological considerations: Faroese pseudo-morphology?
Phrasing and Postlexical Phonology
Phonological phrasing
Systematic exceptions
Deaccenting of weak morphosyntactic categories
Deaccenting in Icelandic definite noun phrases
Pragmatically motivated exceptions
Emphatic rephrasing
Contrast, focus, and given information
The phonological consequences of phrasing
Cohesive laws or sandhi-rules in Icelandic
Sandhi in Faroese
Rhythmic rearrangement
Demarcative signals
Stress and glottal onset
Right hand signals in Icelandic
Demarcative signals in Faroese
Constituency and prominence
Boundaries or dependencies?
Domains, directionality, and prominence
Rhythm and Intonation
Rhythm and constituency
Icelandic intonation
The tonal inventory
Downstep and upstep
Functional considerations
Faroese intonation
The absence of word tones
A note on phonetic data