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Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English

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ISBN-10: 0140278079

ISBN-13: 9780140278071

Edition: 100th

Authors: Geza Vermes

List price: $18.95
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Book details

List price: $18.95
Edition: 100th
Publisher: Penguin Group (USA) Incorporated
Publication date: 11/1/1998
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 672
Size: 5.50" wide x 8.25" long x 1.50" tall
Weight: 1.188
Language: English

Geza Vermes was born in Hungary in 1924, and was the first professor of Jewish studies at Oxford. He is the author of The Changing Faces of Jesusand The Authentic Gospel of Jesus.

Preface to the Penguin Classics Edition
A Bird's-eye View of Fifty Years of Dead Sea Scrolls Research
The Present State of Dead Sea Scrolls Studies
Qumran and the New Testament
Qumran's Greatest Novelty
The Community
The Essenes and the Qumran Community
The History of the Community
The Religious Ideas of the Community
List of Abbreviations
Note on This Translation
The Rules
The Community Rule (1QS, 4Q255-64, 4Q280, 286-7, 4Q502, 5Q11,13)
Community Rule manuscripts from Cave 4
4QS[superscript d]=4Q258
4QS[superscript e]=4Q259
Entry into the Covenant (4Q275)
Four Classes of the Community (4Q279)
The Damascus Document (CD, 4Q265-73, 5Q12, 6Q15)
Damascus Document manuscripts from Cave 4
The opening of the Damascus Document according to 4QD (4Q266-8)
Initiation rules (4Q266)
Rules relating to the disqualification of priests (4Q266, 267, 273)
Diagnosis of skin disease (4Q266, 269, 272, 273)
Rules concerning gleanings and agricultural priestly dues (4Q266, 269, 270, 271)
The penal code and the renewal of the covenant ritual (4Q266, 270)
A hybrid Community Rule-Damascus Document text (4Q265)
The Messianic Rule (1QSa=1Q28a)
The War Scroll (1QM, 1Q33, 4Q491-7, 4Q471)
The War Scroll from Cave 4 (4Q491, 493)
The Book of War (4Q285, 11Q14)
The Temple Scroll (11QT=11Q19-21, 4Q365a, 4Q524)
MMT (Some Observances of the Law) (4Q394-9)
The Wicked and the Holy (4Q181)
4Q Halakhah A (4Q251)
4Q Halakhah B (4Q264a)
4Q Tohorot (Purities) A (4Q274)
4Q Tohorot B[superscript a]-B[superscript b] (4Q276-7)
4Q Harvesting (4Q284a)
The Master's Exhortation to the Sons of Dawn (4Q298)
4Q Men Who Err (4Q306)
Register of Rebukes (4Q477)
Remonstrances (before Conversion?) (4Q471[superscript a])
Hymns and Poems
The Thanksgiving Hymns (1QH, 1Q36, 4Q427-32)
Hymnic Fragment (4Q433a)
Apocryphal Psalms (I) (11QPs[superscript a]=11Q5, 4Q88)
Apocryphal Psalms (II) (4Q88)
Apocryphal Psalms (III) (11QapPs[superscript a]=11Q11)
Non-canonical Psalms (4Q380-81)
Lamentations (4Q179, 4Q501)
Songs for the Holocaust of the Sabbath (4Q400-407, 11Q17, Masada 1039-200)
Poetic Fragments on Jerusalem and 'King' Jonathan (4Q448)
Hymn of Glorification A and B (4Q491, fr. 11 - 4Q471b)
Calendars, Liturgies and Prayers
Calendars of Priestly Courses (4Q320-30, 337)
Calendrical Document C (4Q326)
Calendrical Document D (4Q394 1-2)
Calendric Signs (Otot) (4Q319)
'Horoscopes' or Astrological Physiognomies (4Q186, 4Q534, 4Q561)
Phases of the Moon (4Q317)
A Zodiacal Calendar with a Brontologion (4Q318)
Order of Divine Office (4Q334)
The Words of the Heavenly Lights (4Q504-6)
Liturgical Prayer (1Q34 and 34 bis)
Prayers for Festivals (4Q507-9)
Daily Prayers (4Q503)
Prayer or Hymn Celebrating the Morning and the Evening (4Q408)
Blessings (1QSb=1Q28b)
Benedictions (4Q280, 286-90)
4QBerakhot[superscript a]: Blessings (4Q286)
4QBerakhot[superscript b]: Curses of Belial (4Q286-7)
4QBenedictions: Curses of Melkiresha' (4Q280)
Confession Ritual (4Q393)
Purification Ritual A (4Q512)
Purification Ritual B (4Q414)
A Liturgical Work (4Q392-3)
Historical and Apocalyptic Works
Apocalyptic Chronology or Apocryphal Weeks (4Q247)
Historical Text A (4Q248)
Historical Texts C-E (4Q331-3)
Historical Text F (4Q468e)
The Triumph of Righteousness or Mysteries (1Q27, 4Q299-301)
Time of Righteousness (4Q215a)
The Renewed Earth (4Q475)
A Messianic Apocalypse (4Q521)
Wisdom Literature
The Seductress (4Q184)
Exhortation to Seek Wisdom (4Q185)
A Parable of Warning (4Q302)
Sapiential Didactic Work A (4Q412)
A Sapiential Work (i) (4Q413)
A Sapiential Work (ii) (4Q415-18, 423, 1Q26)
A Sapiential Work (iii): Ways of Righteousness (4Q420-21)
A Sapiential Work: Instruction-like Composition (4Q424)
The Two Ways (4Q473)
Bless, My Soul (4Q434-8)
A Leader's Lament (4Q439)
Fight against Evil Spirits (4Q444)
Songs of the Sage (4Q510-11)
Beatitudes (4Q525)
Bible Interpretation
Introductory Note
Aramaic Bible Translations (Targums)
The Targum of Job (11Q10, 4Q157)
The Targum of Leviticus (4Q156)
Greek Bible Translations (4Q119-22, 7Q1-2)
Other Greek Fragments (4Q126-7, 7Q3-19)
The Reworked Pentateuch (4Q158, 364-7)
A Paraphrase of Genesis and Exodus (4Q422)
The Genesis Apocryphon (1QapGen, 1Q20)
Genesis Commentaries (4Q252-4a)
Genesis Commentary C (4Q254)
Genesis Commentary D (4Q254a)
Commentaries on Isaiah (4Q161-5, 3Q4)
Commentaries on Hosea (4Q166-7)
Commentary on Micah (1Q14, 4Q168)
Commentary on Nahum (4Q169)
Commentary on Habakkuk (1QpHab)
Commentary on Zephaniah (1Q15, 4Q170)
Commentary on Malachi (4Q253a)
Commentary on Psalms (1Q16, 4Q171, 4Q173)
Commentary on an Unidentifiable Text (4Q183)
Florilegium or Midrash on the Last Days (4Q174)
Testimonia or Messianic Anthology (4Q175)
Ordinances or Commentaries on Biblical Law (4Q159, 4Q513-14)
The Heavenly Prince Melchizedek (11Q13)
Consolations or Tanhumim (4Q176)
Catenae or Interpretation of Biblical Texts on the Last Days (4Q177, 4Q182)
Bibliocally Based Apocryphal Works
Jubilees (4Q216-28, 1Q17-18, 2Q19-20, 3Q5, 4Q482(?), 11Q12)
The Prayer of Enosh and Enoch (4Q369)
The Book of Enoch (4Q201-2, 204-12)
The Book of Giants (1Q23-4, 2Q26, 4Q203, 530-33, 6Q8)
An Admonition Associated with the Flood (4Q370, 4Q185)
The Ages of the Creation (4Q180)
The Book of Noah (1Q19, 1Q19 bis, 4Q534-6, 6Q8,19)
Words of the Archangel Michael (4Q529, 6Q23)
The Testament of Levi (i) (4Q213-14, 1Q21)
Testaments of the Patriarchs: The Testament of Levi or Testament of Jacob (4Q537 and 540-41)
The Testament of Judah and Joseph (4Q538-9)
The Testament of Naphtali (4Q215)
Narrative and Poetic Composition[superscript a-c] (4Q371-3)
The Testament of Qahat (4Q542)
The Testament of Amram (4Q543-9)
The Words of Moses (1Q22)
Sermon on the Exodus and the Conquest of Canaan (4Q374)
A Moses Apocryphon[superscript a] (4Q375)
A Moses Apocryphon[superscript b] (4Q376, 1Q29)
A Moses Apocryphon[superscript c] (4Q408)
Apocryphal Pentateuch B (4Q377)
A Moses (or David) Apocryphon (4Q373, 2Q22)
Prophecy of Joshua (4Q522, 5Q9)
A Joshua Apocryphon (i) or Psalms of Joshua (4Q378-9)
A Joshua Apocryphon (ii) (Masada 1039-211)
The Samuel Apocryphon (4Q160)
A Paraphrase on Kings (4Q382)
An Elisha Apocryphon (4Q481[superscript a])
A Zedekiah Apocryphon (4Q470)
A Historico-theological Narrative based on Genesis and Exodus (4Q462-4)
Tobit (4Q196-200)
Apocryphon of Jeremiah (4Q383, 385a, 387, 387a, 388a, 389-90)
The New Jerusalem (4Q554-5, 5Q15, 1Q32, 2Q24, 4Q232, 11Q18)
Pseudo-Ezekiel[superscript a-d] (4Q385, 386, 385b, 388, 385c)
The Prayer of Nabonidus (4Q242)
Para-Danielic Writings (4Q243-5)
The Four Kingdoms (4Q552-3)
An Aramaic Apocalypse (4Q246)
Proto-Esther(?) (4Q550)
List of False Prophets (4Q339)
List of Netinim (4Q340)
The Copper Scroll (3Q15)
Cryptic Texts (4Q249, 250, 313)
Two Qumran Ostraca
Scroll Catalogue
Index of Qumran Texts
Major Editions of Qumran Manuscripts
General Bibliography
General Index