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Fundamentals of Optical Waveguides

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ISBN-10: 0125250967

ISBN-13: 9780125250962

Edition: 2nd 2006 (Revised)

Authors: Katsunari Okamoto

List price: $138.00
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Recent topics on planar lightwave circuit (PLC) are desribed in this book. It includes operational principles of arrayed- waveguide grating multiplexers (AWGs) and their applications as well as designing and simulating optical devices.
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List price: $138.00
Edition: 2nd
Copyright year: 2006
Publisher: Elsevier Science & Technology
Publication date: 1/25/2006
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 584
Size: 5.98" wide x 9.02" long x 0.48" tall
Weight: 2.288
Language: English

Katsunari Okamoto was the recipient of the IEEE/LEOS Distinguished Lecturer Award in July 1977. Born in Hiroshima, Japan, on October 19, 1949, he received the B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in electronics engineering from Tokyo University, Tokyo, Japan, in 1972, 1974, and 1977, respectively.He joined Ibaraki Electrical Communication Laboratory, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, Ibaraki, Japan, in 1977, and was engaged in the research on transmission characteristics of multimode, dispersion-flattened single-mode, single-polarization (PANDA) fibers, and fiber-optic components. As for the dispersion-flattened fibers (DSF), he first proposed the idea and confirmed experimentally.From…    

Preface to the First edition
Preface to the Second edition
Wave Theory of Optical Waveguides
Waveguide Structure
Formation of Guided Modes
Maxwell's Equations
Propagating Power
Planar Optical Waveguides
Slab Waveguides
Derivation of Basic Equations
Dispersion Equations for TE and TM Modes
Computation of Propagation Constant
Electric Field Distribution
Dispersion Equation for TM Mode
Rectangular Waveguides
Basic Equations
Dispersion Equations for E[superscript x subscript pq] and E[superscript y subscript pq] Modes
Kumar's Method
Effective Index Method
Radiation Field from Waveguide
Fresnel and Fraunhofer Regions
Radiation Pattern of Gaussian Beam
Multimode Interference (MMI) Device
Optical Fibers
Basic Equations
Wave Theory of Step-index Fibers
TE Modes
TM Modes
Hybrid Modes
Optical Power Carried by Each Mode
TE Modes
TM Modes
Hybrid Modes
Linearly Polarized (LP) Modes
Unified Dispersion Equation for LP Modes
Dispersion Characteristics of LP Modes
Propagating Power of LP Modes
Fundamental HE[subscript 11] Mode
Dispersion Characteristics of Step-index Fibers
Signal Distortion Caused by Group Velocity Dispersion
Mechanisms Causing Dispersion
Derivation of Delay-time Formula
Chromatic Dispersion
Zero-dispersion Wavelength
Wave Theory of Graded-index Fibers
Basic Equations and Mode Concepts in Graded-index Fibers
Analysis of Graded-index Fibers by the WKB Method
Dispersion Characteristics of Graded-index Fibers
Relation Between Dispersion and Transmission Capacity
Multimode Fiber
Single-mode Fiber
Birefringent Optical Fibers
Two Orthogonally-polarized Modes in Nominally Single-mode Fibers
Derivation of Basic Equations
Elliptical-core Fibers
Modal Birefringence
Polarization Mode Dispersion
Dispersion Control in Single-Mode Optical Fibers
Dispersion Compensating Fibers
Dispersion-shifted Fibers
Dispersion Flattened Fibers
Broadly Dispersion Compensating Fibers
Photonic Crystal Fibers
Coupled Mode Theory
Derivation of Coupled Mode Equations Based on Perturbation Theory
Codirectional Couplers
Contradirectional Coupling in Corrugated Waveguides
Transmission and Reflection Characteristics in Uniform Gratings
Phase-shift Grating
Derivation of Coupling Coefficients
Coupling Coefficients for Slab Waveguides
Coupling Coefficients for Rectangular Waveguides
Derivation of Coupling Coefficients Based on Mode Interference
Coupling Coefficients for Optical Fibers
Coupling Coefficients for Corrugated Waveguides
Optical Waveguide Devices using Directional Couplers
Mach-Zehnder Interferometers
Ring Resonators
Bistable Devices
Fiber Bragg Gratings
Nonlinear Optical Effects in Optical Fibers
Figure of Merit for Nonlinear Effects
Optical Kerr Effect
Self-phase Modulation
Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation
Optical Solitons
Fundamental and Higher-Order Solitons
Fiber Loss Compensation by Optical Amplification
Modulational Instability
Dark Solitons
Optical Pulse Compression
Light Scattering in Isotropic Media
Vibration of One-Dimensional Lattice
Selection Rules for Light Scattering by Phonons
Stimulated Raman Scattering
Stimulated Brillouin Scattering
Second-Harmonic Generation
Erbium-doped Fiber Amplifier
Four-wave Mixing in Optical Fiber
Finite Element Method
Finite Element Method Analysis of Slab Waveguides
Variational Formulation
Discretization of the Functional
Dispersion Equation Based on the Stationary Condition
Dispersion Characteristics of Graded-index Slab Waveguides
Finite Element Method Analysis of Optical Fibers
Variational Formulation
Discretization of the Functional
Dispersion Equation Based on the Stationary Condition
Single-mode Conditions of Graded-index Fibers
Variational Expression for the Delay Time
Finite Element Method Analysis of Rectangular Waveguides
Vector and Scalar Analyses
Variational Formulation and Discretization into Finite Number of Elements
Dispersion Equation Based on the Stationary Condition
Stress Analysis of Optical Waveguides
Energy Principle
Plane Strain and Plane Stress
Basic Equations for Displacement, Strain and Stress
Formulation of the Total Potential Energy
Solution of the Problem by the Stationary Condition
Combination of Finite-Element Waveguide and Stress Analysis
Semi-Vector FEM Analysis of High-Index Contrast Waveguides
E-field Formulation
H-field Formulation
Steady State Mode Analysis
Beam Propagation Method
Basic Equations for Beam Propagation Method Based on the FFT
Wave Propagation in Optical Waveguides
Pulse Propagation in Optical Fibers
FFTBPM Analysis of Optical Wave Propagation
Formal Solution Using Operators
Concrete Numerical Procedures Using Split-step Fourier Algorithm
FFTBPM Analysis of Optical Pulse Propagation
Discrete Fourier Transform
Fast Fourier Transform
Formulation of Numerical Procedures Using Discrete Fourier Transform
Applications of FFTBPM
Finite Difference Method Analysis of Planar Optical Waveguides
Derivation of Basic Equations
Transparent Boundary Conditions
Solution of Tri-diagonal Equations
FDMBPM Analysis of Rectangular Waveguides
FDMBPM Analysis of Optical Pulse Propagation
Semi-Vector FDMBPM Analysis of High-Index Contrast Waveguides
Quasi-TE Modes
Quasi-TM Modes
Polarization Splitter Using Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) Waveguide
Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) Method
Staircase Concatenation Method
Staircase Approximation of Waveguide Boundary
Amplitudes and Phases Between the Connecting Interfaces
Wavelength Division Multiplexing Couplers
Wavelength-flattened Couplers
Planar Lightwave Circuits
Waveguide Fabrication
N x N Star Coupler
Arrayed-waveguide Grating
Principle of Operation and Fundamental Characteristics
Analytical Treatment of AWG Demultiplexing Properties
Waveguide Layout of AWG
Gaussian Spectral Response AWG
Polarization Dependence of Pass Wavelength
Vernier Technique for the Center Wavelength Adjustment
Crosstalk and Dispersion Characteristics of AWGs
Crosstalk of AWGs
Dispersion Characteristics of AWGs
Functional AWGs
Flat Spectral Response AWG
Loss Reduction in AWG
Unequal Channel Spacing AWG
Variable Bandwidth AWG
Uniform-loss and Cyclic-frequency (ULCF) AWG
Athermal (Temperature Insensitive) AWG
Multiwavelength Simultaneous Monitoring Device Using AWG
Phase Error Compensation of AWG
Tandem AWG Configuration
Reconfigurable Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer (ROADM)
N x N Matrix Switches
Lattice-form Programmable Dispersion Equalizers
Temporal Pulse Waveform Shapers
Coherent Optical Transversal Filters
Optical Label Recognition Circuit for Photonic Label Switch Router
Polarization Mode Dispersion Compensator
Hybrid Integration Technology Using PLC Platforms
Several Important Theorems and Formulas
Gauss's Theorem
Green's Theorem
Stokes' Theorem
Integral Theorem of Helmholtz and Kirchhoff
Fresnel-Kirchhoff Diffraction Formula
Formulas for Vector Analysis
Formulas in Cylindrical and Spherical Coordinates
Cylindrical Coordinates
Spherical Coordinates