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West in the World

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ISBN-10: 0073385654

ISBN-13: 9780073385655

Edition: 4th 2011

Authors: Dennis Sherman, Joyce Salisbury

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Book details

List price: $189.00
Edition: 4th
Copyright year: 2011
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies, The
Publication date: 10/18/2010
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 928
Size: 8.25" wide x 10.75" long x 1.25" tall
Weight: 3.982
Language: English

Joyce E. Salisbury is the Frankenthal Professor of History Emerita at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, USA. She has published widely, and is the author of The Blood of Martyrs (2004), and Church Fathers, Independent Virgins (1992), and the editor of Sex in the Middle Ages (1991) and Medieval World of Nature (1993).

The Roots of Western Civilization: The Ancient Middle East to the Sixth Century B.C.E.
Before Western Civilization
Struggling with the Forces of Nature: Mesopotamia, 3000-ca. 1000 B.C.E.
Rule of the God-King: Ancient Egypt, ca. 3100-1000 B.C.E.
Merchants and Monotheists: Peoples of the Mediterranean Coast, ca. 1300-500 B.C.E
Terror and Benevolence: The Growth of Empires, 1200-500 B.C.E.
Looking Ahead to the Ancient World: 700 B.C.E. to 400 C.E.
The Contest for Excellence: Greece, 2000-338 B.C.E.
Timeline: The Big Picture
The Rise and Fall of Ancient Heroes, 000-800 B.C.E.
Emerging from the Dark: Archaic Age, ca. 750-479 B.C.E. 00
Life in the Greek Poleis
Greece Enters Its Classical Age, 479-336 B.C.E.
Destruction, Disillusion, and a Search for Meaning
The Poleis Become Cosmopolitan: The Hellenistic World, 336-150 B.C.E.
The Conquest of the Poleis
The Successor Kingdoms, 323-ca. 100 B.C.E.
East Meets West in the Successor Kingdoms
The Search for Truth: Hellenistic Thought, Religion, and Science
Pride in Family and City: Rome from Its Origins Through the Republic, 753-44 B.C.E.
The Rise of Rome, 753-265 B.C.E.
Family Life and City Life
Expansion and Transformation, 265-133 B.C.E.
The Hellenizing of the Republic
The Twilight of the Republic, 133-44 B.C.E.
Territorial and Christian Empires: The Roman Empire, 31 B.C.E. to 410 C.E.
The Pax Romana-27 B.C.E. to 192 C.E.
Life During the Peace of Rome
Crisis and Transformation, 192-ca. 400 C.E.
The Longing for Religious Fulfillment
From Christian Persecution to the City of God, 64-410 C.E.
The Holy Life
Looking Ahead to the Middle Ages: 400-1400
A World Divided: Western Kingdoms, Byzantium, and the Islamic World, ca. 376-1000
The Making of the Western Kingdoms, ca. 376-750
The Byzantine Empire, ca. 400-1000
Islam, 600-1000
The Struggle to Bring Order: The Early Middle Ages, ca. 750-1000
Bringing Order with Laws and Leadership
Anglo-Saxon England: Forwarding Learning and Law
Charlemagne and the Carolingians: A New European Empire
Order Interrupted: Vikings and Other Invaders
Manors and Feudal Ties: Order Emerging from Chaos
Order Restored: The High Middle Ages, 1000-1300
Those Who Work: Agricultural Labor
Those Outside the Order: Town Life
Those Who Fight: Nobles and Knights
The Rise of Centralized Monarchies
Those Who Pray: Imperial Popes and Expanding Christendom
The West Struggles and Eastern Empires Flourish: The Late Middle Ages, ca. 1300-1500
Economic and Social Misery
Imperial Papacy Besieged
More Destruction: The Hundred Years' War, 1337-1453
Responses to the Disruption of Medieval Order
Empires in the East
A New Spirit in the West: The Renaissance,ca. 1300-1640
A New Spirit Emerges: Individualism, Realism, and Activism
The Politics of Individual Effort
Individualism as Self-Interest: Life During the Renaissance
An Age of Talent and Beauty: Renaissance Culture and Science
Renaissance of the "New Monarchies" of the North: 1453-1640
"Alone Before God": Religious Reform and Warfare 1500-1648
The Clash of Dynasties, 1515-1555
A Tide of Religious Reform
The Catholic Reformation
Europe Erupts Again: A Century of Religious Warfare, 1559-1648
Life After the Reformation
Faith, Fortune, and Fame: European Expansion, 1450-1700
The World Imagined
The World Discovered
Confrontation of Cultures
The World Market and Commercial Revolution
The World Transformed
The Struggle for Survival and Sovereignty: Europe's Social and Political Order, 1600-1715
Stresses in Traditional Society
Royal Absolutism in France
The Struggle for Sovereignty in Eastern Europe
The Triumph of Constitutionalism
A New World of Reason and Reform: The Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment, 1600-1800
Questioning Truth and Authority
Developing a Modern Scientific View
Supporting and Spreading Science
Laying the Foundations for the Enlightenment
The Enlightenment in Full Stride
Competing for Power and Wealth: The Old Regime, 1715-1789
Statebuilding and War
The Twilight of Monarchies? The Question of Enlightened Absolutism
Changes in Country and City Life
The Culture of the Elite: Combining the Old and the New
Culture for the Lower Classes
Foreshadowing Upheaval: The American Revolution
Moving into the Modern World
Overturning the Political and Social Order: The French Revolution and Napoleon, 1789-1815
"A Great Ferment": Trouble Brewing in France
The Constitutional Monarchy: Establishing a New Order
To the Radical Republic and Back
Napoleon Bonaparte
Factories, Cities, and Families in the Industrial Age: The Industrial Revolution, 1780-1850
The Industrial Revolution Begins
New Markets, Machines, and Power
Industrialization Spreads to the Continent
Balancing the Benefits and Burdens of Industrialization
Life in the Growing Cities
Public Health and Medicine in the Industrial Age
Family Ideals and Realities
Coping with Change: Ideology, Politics, and Revolution, 1815-1850
The Congress of Vienna: A Gathering of Victors
Ideologies: How the World Should Be
Restoration and Repression
A Wave of Revolution and Reform
The Dam Bursts: 1848
Nationalism and Statebuilding: Unifying Nations, 1850-1870
Building Unified Nation-States
The Drive for Italian Unification
Germany "By Blood and Iron"
The Fight for National Unity in North America
Divided Authority in the Austrian and Ottoman Empires
Using Nationalism in France and Russia
Mass Politics and Imperial Domination: Democracy and the New Imperialism, 1870-1914
Demands for Democracy
Insiders and Outsiders: Politics of the Extremes
Emigration: Overseas and Across Continents
The New Imperialism: The Race for Africa and Asia
Modern Life and the Culture of Progress: Western Society, 1850-1914
The Second Industrial Revolution
The New Urban Landscape
City People
Sports and Leisure in the Cities
Private Life: Together and Alone at Home
Science in an Age of Optimism
Culture: Accepting the Modern World
From Optimism to Uncertainty
Descending Into the Twentieth Century: World War and Revolution, 1914-1920
On the Path to Total War
The Front Lines
War on the Home Front
To the Bitter End
Assessing the Losses
The Peace Settlement
Revolutions in Russia
Darkening Decades: Recovery, Dictators, and Depression, 1920-1939 00
Trying to Recover from the Great War, 1919-1929
Turning Away From Democracy: Dictatorships and Fascism, 1919-1929
Transforming the Soviet Union: 1920-1939
The Great Depression: 1929-1939
Nazism in Germany
Into the Fire Again: World War II, 1939-1945
The Road to War: 1931-1939
Axis Victories, 1939-1942
Struggle and Horror Behind the Front Lines
Turning the Tide of War, 1942-1945
Peace and the Legacy of War
Forming the Present
Superpower Struggles and Global Transformations: The Cold War,1945-1980s
Origins of the Cold War
East and West: Two Paths to Recovery in Europe
The Twilight of Colonialism
A Sense of Relativity in Thought and Culture
Protests, Problems, and New Politics: The 1960s to the 1980s
Postindustrial Society
Breakthroughs in Science
Into the Twenty-First Century: The Present in Perspective
The Collapse of Communism
Repercussion and Realignments in the West
The World and the West from a Global Perspective