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Basic Weight Training for Men and Women

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ISBN-10: 0073376582

ISBN-13: 9780073376585

Edition: 7th 2010

Authors: Thomas D. Fahey, Thomas Fahey

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List price: $60.00
Edition: 7th
Copyright year: 2010
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies, The
Publication date: 6/22/2009
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 288
Size: 7.50" wide x 9.25" long x 0.75" tall
Weight: 0.902

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Basic Weight Training
Brief History of Weight Training
Weight Training and Your Total Physical Fitness Program
Benefits of Weight Training
Improved Sports Performance
Emotional and Social Benefits
Competitive Outlet
Exercise and Disability
Weight Training for Children
Let's Get Started!
Web Sites Dealing with Weight Training and Fitness
Weight Training and Your Body
Your Body's Responses to Weight Training
How Strong Can You Get?
Muscles and the Skeleton
Skeleton-Muscle Structure
The Motor Unit
Weight Training and Your Health
Weight Training and the Strength of Ligaments, Tendons, Bones, and Joint Surfaces
Weight Training, Weight Control, and Coronary Artery Disease
Are Body-Building and Strength-Building Programs the Same?
Weight Training and Aging
Kneecap Pain
Muscle Soreness
Weight Training Guidelines
Weight Training as Part of the Total Fitness Program
Determining Your Goals
Developing an Attractive, Healthy-Looking Body
Improving Strength for Other Activities
Developing Strength and Power for Sports
Weight Training as Part of a General Conditioning and Wellness Program
Choosing Activities for a Balanced Physical Fitness Program
How Weight Training Improves Your Body
Stress Adaptation
Specificity of Training
Individual Differences and Genetics
Types of Weight-Training Exercises
Isometric Exercise
Dynamic Exercise
Getting Started: The Basics
Medical Checkup
What to Wear
Weight-Lifting Belt
Lifting Shirts and Suits
Breast Support for Women
Weights and Other Resistive Exercise Equipment
Free Weights
Weight Machines
Other Forms of Resistive Exercise
Gravity (Body Weight)
Exercise Balls
Rubber (Surgical) Tubing and Bands
Medicine Balls and Lifting Stones
Other Devices
Resistive Exercise without Weights
Structure of the Weight-Training Program
Number of Training Sessions per Week
Choosing the Correct Weight
Order of Exercises and Development of Antagonistic Muscle Groups
Sets and Repetitions
Basic Cycling Techniques
Making Progress
Training for Body Building, Strength, and Power
Combining Weight Training with Other Sports and Exercises
Preventing Accidents
Preventing Accidents on Weight Machines
Behavior in the Weight Room
Medical Concerns
Proper Mechanics of Exercise
Lifting Techniques
Exercise Movements and Lifting Speed
Choosing a Health Club or Weight-Training Class
Exercising at Home
Developing the Lower Body
Functional Leg Strength
Functional Leg Strength Test
Compound Lower-Body Exercises
Kettlebell Swings
Power-Rack Squats
Squats, Smith Machine
Front Squats
Wall Squats (Phantom Chair)
Auxiliary Exercises for the Lower Body
Knee Extensions (Leg Extensions)
Knee Flexions (Leg Curls)
Heel Raises
Heel Raises, Leg-Press Machines
Advanced Lifts
The Clean
The High Pull
The Snatch
The Dead Lift
Functional Training Machines and Equipment
Developing the Back and Neck
The Back Muscles
Exercises for the Lats (Middle Back)
Pull-Downs on the Lat Machine (Lat Pulls)
Dumbbell Pullovers
Barbell Pullovers
Exercises for the Rhomboids and Teres Major (Middle Back)
One-Arm Dumbbell Rows
Incline Reverse Dumbbell Laterals and Incline Reverse Dumbbell Rows
Machine Reverse Flys
Machine Rows
Seated Cable Rows
Low-Back Pain
Preventing Low-Back Pain
Managing Acute Back Pain
Managing Chronic Back Pain
Exercises for the Lower-Back Muscles
Isometric Spine Extension (Bird-Dog Exercise)
Back Extensions
Superman on the Exercise Ball
Dead Lifts
Kettlebell Swings
Building the Trapezius
Exercises for the Trapezius (Upper Back)
Barbell Shrugs
Other Exercises That Build the Traps
Exercises for the Neck
Manual-Resistance Exercises
Isometric Neck Exercises
Neck-Harness Exercises
Neck-Machine Exercises
Four-Way Neck Machines
Developing the Abdominal Muscles
Abdominal Fat: The Bad and the Ugly
The Abdominal Muscles
The Rectus Abdominis
The Internal and External Obliques
The Transversus Abdominis
Sit-Ups for Shapely Abs?
The Core and the Kinetic Chain
Safe, Effective Exercises for the Abdominal Muscles
Isometric Abdominal Exercise (Abdominal Brace)
Isometric Abdominal Stabilizers
Crunches on the Exercise Ball
Front Bridges
Reverse Crunches on a Bench
Bicycle Exercise
Abdominal Machines
Hanging Knee Raises (Captain's Chair Exercise)
Harness Your Metabolism and Fight Abdominal Fat
Weight Training
Interval Training
You Can Improve the Appearance of Your Abdomen
Developing the Chest and Shoulders
The Chest Muscles and How to Train Them
Exercises for the Chest Muscles
Bench Press
Incline Press
Push-Ups and Modified Push-Ups
Dumbbell Flys
Machine Flys
Cable Crossovers
Pullover Machines
Decline-Bench Press
Other Exercises for the Chest
Tips on Building the Chest Muscles
Exercises to Develop the Shoulders
The Deltoid and Rotator-Cuff Muscles
Overhead Press
Overhead-Press Machines
Shoulder Raises
Lateral-Raise Machines
Incline Reverse Dumbbell Laterals
Incline Reverse Dumbbell Rows
Upright Rowing
Rotator-Cuff Exercises
Preventing Rotator-Cuff Injuries
Developing the Arms
Exercises for the Front of the Arm
Standing Barbell Curls
Dumbbell Curls
Preacher Curls
Reverse Curls
Pole Curls with a Partner (Poleates)
Curls, Exercise Machines
Double-Arm Curls, Low Pulley
Other Exercises for the Front of the Arm
Exercises for the Back of the Arm
Triceps Extensions on the Lat Machine
Bench Triceps Extensions
Parallel-Bar Dips
Triceps Extensions, Exercise Machines
Exercises for the Forearm
Pole Twists (Poleates)
Wrist Curls
Wrist Rollers
Other Exercises for the Forearm and Grip
Exercises to Develop Speed and Power
Plyometric and Speed Exercises
Injury Risk of Power Exercises
Basic Speed and Power Exercises: Lower Body
Calf Jumps
Rope Skipping
Squat Jumps
Mule-Kick Squat Jumps
Double-Leg Tuck Jumps
360-Degree Squat Jumps
One-Leg Squat Jumps
Ice-Skater Exercise
Lunge Jumps
Horizontal Jumps and Hops
Standing Long Jump
Multiple Standing Long Jump
Standing Triple Jump
Four Squares (Dot Drills)
Cone Hops
Hurdle Hops
Bounce Push-Ups
Wall Bounce Push-Ups
Floor Bounce Push-Ups
Box Jumping
Standing Long Jumps from a Box
Ski Box Jumps
Single-Leg Jump-Ups
Medicine-Ball Exercises
Catch with Yourself
Medicine-Ball or Shot-Put Throws
Chest Passes with a Partner
Overhead Passes with a Partner
Medicine-Ball Sit-Ups
Other Exercises to Develop Speed and Power
Sprint Starts, Running
Harness Sprinting
Stadium Stairs
High Knees, Fast Arms
Bounding Strides
Additional Lower-Body Speed-Power Exercises
Integrating Power Training into Workouts
Peak-Power Weight Training
Combining Weight-Training and Power Exercises
Speed-Power Training Program
You Can Develop More Speed and Power!
Nutrition for Weight Training
Planning a Healthy Diet
USDA and DHHS Dietary Guidelines for Americans
Energy Requirements of Active People
Developing an Attractive Body: The Role of Exercise and Nutrition
Weight Training, Energy Balance, and Body Composition
Losing Weight
Gaining Weight
Eating Disorders
Anorexia Nervosa and Anorexia Athletica
Treating Eating Disorders
Diet and Performance
The High-Carbohydrate Diet
Carbohydrate Drinks During Exercise
Avoidance of High-Fat Diets
Protein Requirements for Weight Trainers
Proteins as an Energy Source
Amino Acid and Polypeptide Supplements
Ergogenic Aids: Drugs and Supplements
Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids
How Steroids Work in the Body
Health Risks of Anabolic Steroids
Growth Hormone
Insulin-Like Growth Factor (IGF-1)
Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) and Androstenedione (Andro)
Myostatin Blockers
Other Substances Taken to Enhance Performance
Supplements Taken to Speed Recovery
Creatine Monohydrate
Hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate (HMB)
Supplements Taken to Increase Aggressiveness and Training Intensity
Other Agents
Supplements Taken to Aid Weight Control
Supplements and Your Exercise Program
Muscular System
Skeletal System
Machine and Free-Weight Exercises for Sports and Activities
Weight Training for Sports and Activities
Weight-Training Exercises for Selected Machines and Free Weights
Norms and Test Procedures for Measuring Strength
Norms for Body Composition, Percent Fat
Norms for 1-Minute Sit-Ups
Norms for 1 Repetition Maximum Bench Press
Norms for 1 Repetition Maximum Leg Press
Norms for Push-Ups, Men
Norms for Modified Push-Ups, Women
Norms for Combined Right- and Left-Hand Grip Strength