Contemporary College Physics

ISBN-10: 0072399112

ISBN-13: 9780072399110

Edition: 3rd 2001

Authors: Edwin R. Jones, Richard L. Childers

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New edition of a non-calculus general physics text that introduces students to the beauty and usefulness of physics while teaching problem-solving skills applicable to other studies and careers. This update highlights biomedical applications of physics and adds coverage of some recent technologies. The 32 chapters emphasize basic principles and unity of physics. The included CD-ROM contains core simulations of examples and illustrations from the textbook, a library with about 70 browser-based physics animations and simulations, practice problems, important terms, a reference shelf, and a brief overview of useful concepts. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR
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Book details

List price: $147.07
Edition: 3rd
Copyright year: 2001
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies, The
Binding: Paperback
Weight: 5.016
Language: English

Measurement, Models, and Analysisp. 1
Measurements and Modelsp. 2
Back to the Future: Echoes of the Big Bangp. 6
Units and Standards of Measurementp. 7
Unit Conversionsp. 11
Measurements, Calculations, and Uncertaintiesp. 12
Estimates and Order-of-Magnitude Calculationsp. 15
How to Study Physicsp. 18
Problem Solvingp. 19
Motion in One Dimensionp. 25
Reference Frames, Coordinate Systems, and Displacementp. 26
Average Speed and Average Velocityp. 29
Graphical Interpretation of Velocityp. 33
Instantaneous Velocityp. 36
Accelerationp. 40
Motion with Constant Accelerationp. 44
Galileo and Free Fallp. 48
Back to the Future: Galileo and Experimental Sciencep. 53
Solving Quadratic Equationsp. 62
Motion in Two Dimensionsp. 63
Vectorsp. 64
Addition of Vectorsp. 65
Resolution of Vectorsp. 68
Relative Velocity in One Dimensionp. 72
Relative Velocity in Two Dimensionsp. 73
Kinematics in Two Dimensionsp. 78
Projectile Motionp. 81
Review of Trigonometryp. 94
Force and Motionp. 96
Events Leading to Newton's Principiap. 97
What Is a Force?p. 98
Back to the Future: The Writing of the Principiap. 99
Newton's First Law--Inertiap. 103
Newton's Second Lawp. 105
Weightp. 109
Newton's Third Lawp. 112
Some Applications of Newton's Lawsp. 116
Frictionp. 123
Physics in Practice: The Friction of Automobile Tiresp. 127
Static Equilibriump. 128
The Laws of Motion as a Wholep. 132
Solving Simultaneous Equationsp. 143
Uniform Circular Motion and Gravitationp. 145
Uniform Circular Motionp. 146
Force Needed for Circular Motionp. 152
Kepler's Laws of Planetary Motionp. 157
The Law of Universal Gravitationp. 160
Back to the Future: Johannes Keplerp. 161
The Universal Gravitational Constant Gp. 164
Gravitational Field Strengthp. 166
Back to the Future: Henry Cavendish and the Density of the Earthp. 167
Work and Energyp. 176
Workp. 177
Work Done by a Varying Forcep. 179
Energyp. 181
Kinetic Energyp. 182
Potential Energyp. 185
Conservation of Mechanical Energyp. 189
Energy Conservation with Nonconservative Forcesp. 197
Powerp. 199
Physics in Practice: Human Energyp. 202
Linear Momentump. 210
Linear Momentump. 211
Impulsep. 211
Newton's Laws and the Conservation of Momentump. 214
Conservation of Momentum in One-Dimensional Collisionsp. 216
Conservation of Momentum in Two- and Three-Dimensional Collisionsp. 221
Changing Massp. 225
Applying the Conservation Lawsp. 234
Definition of Elastic Collisionsp. 235
Elastic Collisions in One Dimensionp. 236
Elastic Collisions in Two Dimensionsp. 242
General Form of Gravitational Potential Energyp. 245
Physics in Practice: Symmetry and Conservation Lawsp. 246
Motion in a Gravitational Potentialp. 250
Escape Speedp. 252
Rigid Bodies and Rotational Motionp. 263
Angular Velocity and Angular Accelerationp. 264
Rotational Kinematicsp. 267
Torquep. 269
Static Equilibriump. 272
Elasticity: Stress and Strainp. 278
Physics in Practice: Bridgesp. 280
Torque and Moment of Inertiap. 282
Angular Momentump. 286
Conservation of Angular Momentump. 287
Rotational Kinetic Energyp. 291
Conservation of Energy: Translations and Rotationsp. 293
Physics in Practice: The Earth, the Moon, and the Tidesp. 296
Fluidsp. 307
Hydrostatic Pressurep. 308
Pascal's Principlep. 312
Archimedes' Principlep. 315
Physics in Practice: Measuring Blood Pressurep. 316
Surface Tensionp. 320
Fluid Flow: Streamlines and the Equation of Continuityp. 322
Physics in Practice: Surface Tension and the Lungsp. 323
Bernoulli's Equationp. 324
Viscosity and Poiseuille's Lawp. 327
Stokes's Law and Terminal Speedp. 329
Physics in Practice: How Airplanes Flyp. 330
Turbulent Flowp. 333
Thermal Physicsp. 344
Temperature and States of Matterp. 345
Thermometryp. 346
Back to the Future: Fahrenheit's Thermometerp. 349
Thermal Expansionp. 350
The Mechanical Equivalent of Heatp. 354
Calorimetryp. 356
Change of Phasep. 360
Heat Transferp. 363
Gas Laws and Kinetic Theoryp. 373
The Pressure of Airp. 374
Boyle's Lawp. 376
Back to the Future: Gas Laws and Balloonsp. 378
The Law of Charles and Gay-Lussacp. 379
The Ideal Gas Lawp. 381
The Kinetic Theory of Gasesp. 384
The Kinetic-Theory Definition of Temperaturep. 388
Internal Energy of an Ideal Gasp. 389
The Barometric Formula and the Distribution of Molecular Speedsp. 390
The Exponential Functionp. 400
Thermodynamicsp. 403
Thermal Equilibriump. 404
The First Law of Thermodynamicsp. 405
The Carnot Cycle and the Efficiency of Enginesp. 410
Physics in Practice: Gasoline Enginesp. 416
Refrigerators and Heat Pumpsp. 417
The Second Law of Thermodynamicsp. 421
Entropy and the Second Lawp. 422
Energy and Thermal Pollutionp. 426
Periodic Motionp. 434
Hooke's Lawp. 435
The Simple Harmonic Oscillatorp. 438
Energy of a Harmonic Oscillatorp. 442
Period of a Harmonic Oscillatorp. 444
The Simple Pendulump. 447
Damped Harmonic Motionp. 449
Physics in Practice: Walking and Runningp. 450
Forced Harmonic Motion and Resonancep. 453
Waves and Soundp. 463
Pulses on a Ropep. 464
Harmonic Wavesp. 465
Energy and Information Transfer by Wavesp. 467
Sound Wavesp. 468
Measuring Sound Levelsp. 472
The Doppler Effectp. 474
Physics in Practice: Room Acousticsp. 475
Formation of a Shock Wavep. 478
Reflection of a Wave Pulsep. 479
Standing Waves on a Stringp. 480
Waves in a Vibrating Column of Airp. 486
Beatsp. 487
Physics in Practice: Hearing and the Earp. 488
Electric Charge and Electric Fieldp. 495
Electric Chargep. 496
Coulomb's Lawp. 499
Superposition of Electric Forcesp. 503
The Electric Fieldp. 505
Superposition of Electric Fieldsp. 508
Electric Flux and Gauss's Lawp. 510
A Quantitative Approach to Gauss's Lawp. 513
The Electric Dipolep. 516
Physics in Practice: Dipoles and Microwave Ovensp. 519
Electric Potential and Capacitancep. 526
Electric Potentialp. 527
The Van de Graaff Electrostatic Generatorp. 533
The Electron Voltp. 535
Equipotential Surfacesp. 536
Back to the Future: The Leyden Jar and Franklin's Kitep. 538
Capacitorsp. 539
The Parallel-Plate Capacitorp. 540
Electric Field of a Parallel-Plate Capacitorp. 542
Dielectricsp. 545
Energy Storage in a Capacitorp. 548
Electric Current and Resistancep. 557
Electric Current and Electromotive Forcep. 558
Electric Resistance and Ohm's Lawp. 561
Resistivityp. 563
Power and Energy in Electric Circuitsp. 565
Physics in Practice: Superconductivityp. 566
Short Circuits and Open Circuitsp. 571
Kirchhoff's Rules and Simple Resistive Circuitsp. 572
Applications of Kirchhoff's Rulesp. 576
Capacitors in Combinationp. 578
Internal Resistance of a Batteryp. 581
Home Power Distributionp. 583
Physics in Practice: Electric Shockp. 586
Magnetismp. 594
Magnets and Magnetic Fieldsp. 595
Oersted's Discovery: Electric Current Produces Magnetismp. 597
Physics in Practice: Magnetic Resonance Imagingp. 601
Magnetic Forces on Electric Currentsp. 602
Magnetic Forces on Moving Charged Particlesp. 603
The Cyclotronp. 607
Magnetic Field Due to a Current-Carrying Wirep. 609
Torque on a Current Loopp. 612
Galvanometers, Ammeters, and Voltmetersp. 614
Ampere's Lawp. 616
Magnetic Materialsp. 618
Electromagnetic Inductionp. 628
Faraday's Lawp. 629
Motional Emfp. 633
Generators and Motorsp. 635
The Transformerp. 640
Inductancep. 642
Energy Storage in a Magnetic Fieldp. 644
The Experimental Laws of Electromagnetismp. 645
Maxwell's Equationsp. 647
Physics in Practice: Linear Accelerators for Radiation Therapyp. 649
Electromagnetic Wavesp. 650
Alternating-Current Circuitsp. 661
The RL Circuitp. 662
The RC Circuitp. 664
Effective Values of Alternating Currentp. 667
Physics in Practice: Electrocardiographyp. 669
Reactancep. 670
The RLC Series Circuitp. 673
Resonant Circuitsp. 676
Geometrical Opticsp. 683
Models of Light: Rays and Wavesp. 684
Reflection and Refractionp. 685
Back to the Future: The Speed of Lightp. 686
Total Internal Reflectionp. 691
Fiber Opticsp. 693
Thin Lensesp. 694
Locating Images by Ray Tracingp. 696
The Thin-Lens Equationp. 701
Spherical Mirrorsp. 707
Lens Aberrationsp. 711
Optical Instrumentsp. 721
The Eyep. 722
The Magnifying Glassp. 725
Cameras and Projectorsp. 728
Compound Microscopesp. 732
Telescopesp. 734
Other Lensesp. 736
Back to the Future: Development of the Telescopep. 737
Wave Opticsp. 745
Huygens' Principlep. 746
Reflection and Refraction of Light Wavesp. 747
Interference of Lightp. 749
Interference of Thin Filmsp. 755
Diffraction by a Single Slitp. 759
Multiple-Slit Diffraction and Gratingsp. 762
Resolution and the Rayleigh Criterionp. 764
Dispersionp. 768
Spectroscopes and Spectrap. 770
Polarizationp. 772
Scatteringp. 775
Relativityp. 784
Principle of Relativityp. 785
Einstein's Postulates of Special Relativityp. 786
Velocity Additionp. 787
Back to the Future: Albert Einsteinp. 788
Simultaneityp. 791
Time Dilationp. 794
Length Contractionp. 797
Physics in Practice: The Twin Paradoxp. 798
Mass and Energyp. 799
Physics in Practice: The Appearance of Moving Objectsp. 800
Relativistic Momentump. 802
Relativisitic Kinetic Energyp. 805
The Relativistic Doppler Effectp. 807
The Principle of Equivalencep. 809
General Relativityp. 813
The Discovery of Atomic Structurep. 822
Evidence of Atoms from Solids and Gasesp. 823
Electrolysis and the Quantization of Chargep. 826
Avogadro's Number and the Periodic Tablep. 827
The Size of Atomsp. 830
Crystals and X-Ray Diffractionp. 832
Discovery of the Electronp. 835
Back to the Future: Seeing Atomsp. 839
Radioactivityp. 840
Radioactive Decayp. 841
Discovery of the Atomic Nucleusp. 844
Origins of the Quantum Theoryp. 852
Spectroscopyp. 853
Balmer's Seriesp. 855
Back to the Future: Fraunhofer and the Solar Spectrump. 856
Blackbody Radiationp. 858
The Photoelectric Effectp. 861
Physics in Practice: Photons and Visionp. 866
Bohr's Theory of the Hydrogen Atomp. 867
Successes of the Bohr Theoryp. 870
Moseley and the Periodic Tablep. 872
Quantum Mechanicsp. 879
Classical and Quantum Mechanicsp. 880
The Compton Effectp. 882
De Broglie Wavesp. 885
Back to the Future: Electron Microscopesp. 888
Schrodinger's Equationp. 889
The Uncertainty Principlep. 890
Interpretation of the Wave Functionp. 893
The Particle in a Boxp. 896
Tunneling or Barrier Penetrationp. 897
Wave Theory of the Hydrogen Atomp. 898
The Zeeman Effect and Space Quantizationp. 901
The Pauli Exclusion Principlep. 904
Understanding the Periodic Tablep. 905
The Nucleusp. 912
Radioactivityp. 913
Chadwick's Discovery of the Neutronp. 913
Composition and Size of the Nucleusp. 916
Nuclear Forces and Binding Energyp. 918
Conservation Rules: Radioactive and Nuclear Stabilityp. 921
Natural Radioactive Decay Seriesp. 924
Models for Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Decayp. 924
Detectors of Radiationp. 928
Radiation Measurement and Biological Effectsp. 931
Induced Transmutation and Reactionsp. 935
Nuclear Fissionp. 938
Back to the Future: Lisa Meitner and Nuclear Fissionp. 942
Nuclear Fusionp. 943
Lasers, Holography, and Colorp. 949
Stimulated Emission of Lightp. 950
Lasersp. 951
The Helium-Neon Laserp. 953
Properties of Laser Lightp. 955
Holographyp. 957
Light and Colorp. 962
Physics in Practice: White-Light Hologramsp. 963
Color by Addition and Subtractionp. 965
Condensed Matterp. 973
Types of Condensed Matterp. 974
The Free-Electron Model of Metalsp. 977
Physics in Practice: Liquid Crystal Displaysp. 978
Electrical Conductivity and Ohm's Lawp. 981
Band Theory of Solidsp. 984
Pure Semiconductorsp. 987
The Hall Effectp. 988
Impure Semiconductorsp. 990
The pnJunctionp. 991
Rectifier Circuitsp. 993
Solar Cells and Light-Emitting Diodesp. 996
Elementary Particle Physicsp. 1003
Particles and Antiparticlesp. 1004
Pions and the Strong Nuclear Forcep. 1006
Back to the Future: Cosmic Raysp. 1007
More and More Particlesp. 1009
Accelerators and Detectorsp. 1011
Classification of Elementary Particlesp. 1013
The Quark Model of Matterp. 1015
Unified Theoriesp. 1018
Cosmologyp. 1019
Formulas from Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometryp. 1
The International System of Unitsp. 4
Alphabetical List of Elementsp. 5
Answers to Odd-Numbered Problemsp. 6
Photo Creditsp. 1
Indexp. 1
Table of Contents provided by Syndetics. All Rights Reserved.
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