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Drop shipping

What is drop shipping?

Drop Shipping is defined as an individual or organization acting as an intermediary or distributor of TextbookRush products with the intent to redistribute those products to other individuals or organizations via TextbookRush’s distribution facilities. This is typically accomplished by the drop shipper ordering items from TextbookRush and sending them to customers of other websites or retail store locations.

Example of an activity that would qualify as drop shipping:

Tom lists books for sale he does not have in his possession. Later, Tom gets an order for his item from Mary. Tom then orders the item from TextbookRush and has it shipped to Mary.

Why doesn’t TextbookRush allow drop shipping?

Drop shipping typically leads to a myriad of customer service issues for both the Drop Shipper and for TextbookRush. Drop shipments also have a significantly higher percentage of fraud than normal transactions.

What are the consequences of drop shipping?

In the event that a TextbookRush customer is found to be Drop Shipping TextbookRush products to customers of other websites or retail outlets, the customer will be prohibited from returning the items to TextbookRush and may face account termination.

TextbookRush also reports the drop shipper’s information to other book websites, which usually terminate the drop shipper’s account as well.

If you’re a business, consider using our CDF program.

Thank you for your interest in TextbookRush’s Consumer Direct Fulfillment (CDF) Program. The TextbookRush CDF Program is designed to supplement the fulfillment needs of existing mid to large sized businesses with established retail websites. It is not designed for individuals with no online presence, relatively new and emerging websites, or businesses whose primary web presence is a store or shop on a marketplace venue such as Amazon or eBay. Our CDF Program is not designed to be the sole source of books for a business.

In order to establish a CDF account with TextbookRush, business must meet all minimum requirements including, but not limited to:

  • Must have an existing retail website with an established record of traffic and sales
  • Ability to do HTTP POSTs of XML files
  • Receive XML files back (the acknowledgment)
  • Provide an established record of site traffic no smaller than 200,000 unique visitors per month and 2,000,000 unique visitors annually
  • Provide an established record of no less than 5000 orders per month and 60,000 orders annually
  • Agree to the TextbookRush CDF Terms and Conditions

Due to the complexity of the process and considerable resources involved for setup, applicants must meet all criteria in order to be considered. If you meet or exceed these requirements, please send your documentation for review. Please contact us if you have any questions.