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Molecular Genetics of Bacteria

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ISBN-10: 1555813992

ISBN-13: 9781555813994

Edition: 3rd 2007 (Revised)

Authors: Larry Snyder, Wendy Champness

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This landmark volume provides the single most comprehensive and authoritative textbook on bacterial molecular genetics. Perfect for advanced undergraduate and graduate-level courses, the text presents the latest research on the subject in a clearly written and well-illustrated style. It provides descriptive background information, detailed experimental methods, examples of genetic analyses, and advanced material relevant to current applications of molecular genetics. While providing a deep understanding of bacterial molecular genetics, the material is integrated with biochemical, genomic, and structural information to broaden understanding. The approach centers on the most-studied bacteria,…    
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Book details

Edition: 3rd
Copyright year: 2007
Publisher: ASM Press
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 640
Size: 8.50" wide x 11.25" long x 1.50" tall
Weight: 5.192
Language: English

The Biological Universe
What Is Genetics?
Bacterial Genetics
Phage Genetics
A Brief History of Bacterial Molecular Genetics
What's Ahead
The Bacterial Chromosome: DNA Structure, Replication, and Segregation
DNA Structure
The Mechanism of DNA Replication
Replication Errors
Replication of the Bacterial Chromosome and Cell Division
The Bacterial Nucleoid
The Bacterial Genome
Antibiotics That Affect Replication and DNA Structure
Molecular Biology Manipulations with DNA
Linear Chromosomes in Bacteria
Restarting Replication Forks
The Bacterial Cytoskeleton and Bacterial Cell Biology
Features of Bacterial Genomes
Bacterial Genome Sequencing
Bacterial Gene Expression: Transcription, Translation, and Protein Folding
The Structure and Function of RNA
Protein Folding
Membrane Proteins and Protein Export
Introns and Inteins
Useful Concepts
Antibiotics That Block Transcription and Translation
Molecular Phylogeny
Mimicry in Translation
Exceptions to the Code
Traffic Jams on mRNA: Removing Stalled Ribosomes with tmRNA
Stability and Degradation of mRNA
Selfish DNAs: RNA Introns and Protein Inteins
Annotation and Comparative Genomics
Bacterial Genetic Analysis: Forward and Reverse
Useful Phenotypes in Bacterial Genetics
Inheritance in Bacteria
Mutation Rates
Types of Mutations
Reversion versus Suppression
Genetic Analysis in Bacteria
Gene Replacements and Reverse Genetics
Isolation of Tandem Duplications of the his Operon in Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhimurium
Statistical Analysis of the Number of Mutants per Culture
Inversions and the Genetic Map
What Is a Plasmid?
Properties of Plasmids
Constructing a Plasmid Cloning Vector
Plasmids and Bacterial Pathogenesis
Linear Plasmids
An Incompatibility Group of One's Own
Plasmid Addiction
Mechanism of DNA Transfer during Conjugation in Gram-Negative Bacteria
Chromosome Transfer by Plasmids
Transfer Systems of Gram-Positive Bacteria
Other Types of Transmissible Elements
Gene Exchange between Kingdoms
Conjugation and Type IV Protein Secretion Systems
Conjugation in Streptomycetes
Conjugative Transposons (Integrating Conjugative Elements)
Natural Transformation
Importance of Natural Transformation for Forward and Reverse Genetics
Artificially Induced Competence
Antigenic Variation in Neisseria gonorrhoeae
Lytic Bacteriophages: Development, Genetics, and Generalized Transduction
The Bacteriophage Lytic Development Cycle
Phage DNA Replication
Phage Lysis
Genetic Analysis of Phages
Generalized Transduction
RNA Phages
Phage Display
Protein Priming
Lysogeny: the ? Paradigm and the Role of Lysogenic Conversion in Bacterial Pathogenesis
Phage ?
Replication of ? DNA
Specialized Transduction
Other Lysogen-Forming Phages
Lysogenic Conversion and Bacterial Pathogenesis
Genetic Experiments with Phage ?
Effects of Prophage Integration on the Host
How a Pathogenicity Island Gets Around
Transposition, Site-Specific Recombination, and Families of Recombinases
Mechanisms of Transposition
Details of Transposition by the DDE Transposons
Rolling-Circle Transposons
Y and S Transposons
General Properties of Transposons
Transposon Mutagenesis
Site-Specific Recombination
Y and S Recombinases
Importance of Transposition and Site-Specific Recombination in Bacterial Adaptation
Phage Mu: a Transposon Masquerading as a Phage
Transposon Mutagenesis In Vitro
Molecular Mechanisms of Homologous Recombination
Overview of Recombination
Molecular Models of Recombination
The Molecular Basis for Recombination in E. coli
Phage Recombination Pathways
Genetic Analysis of Recombination in Bacteria
Breaking and Entering: Introns and Inteins Move by Double-Strand Break Repair or Retrohoming
The Three R's: Recombination, Replication, and Repair
Recombineering: Gene Replacements in E. coli with Phage ? Recombination Functions
DNA Repair and Mutagenesis
Evidence for DNA Repair
Specific Repair Pathways
General Repair Mechanisms
DNA Damage Tolerance Mechanisms
Summary of Repair Pathways in E. coli
Bacteriophage Repair Pathways
Oxygen: the Enemy Within
Cancer and Mismatch Repair
Transcription-Repair Coupling
Translesion Synthesis and Cancer
The Ames Test
Regulation of Gene Expression: Operons
Transcriptional Regulation in Bacteria
Negative Transcriptional Regulation
Positive Regulation
Regulation by Attenuation of Transcription
Posttranslational Regulation: Feedback Inhibition
Operon Analysis for Sequenced Genomes
The Helix-Turn-Helix Motif of DNA-Binding Proteins
Families of Regulators
Global Regulation: Regulons and Stimulons
Catabolite-Sensitive Operons
Regulation of Nitrogen Assimilation
Stress Responses in Bacteria
Extracytoplasmic (Envelope) Stress Responses
Iron Regulation in E. coli
Regulation of Virulence Genes in Pathogenic Bacteria
Regulation of Ribosome and tRNA Synthesis
Microarray and Proteomic Analysis of Regulatory Networks
cAMP-Independent Catabolite Repression
Nitrogen Fixation
Sigma Factors
Signal Transduction Systems in Bacteria
Regulatory RNAs
Bacterial Cell Compartmentalization and Sporulation
Analysis of Protein Transport in Escherichia coli
Genetic Analysis of Transmembrane Domains of Inner Membrane Proteins in Gram-Negative Bacteria
Protein Secretion
Genetic Analysis of Sporulation in Bacillus subtilis
Secretion Systems and Motility
Phosphorelay Activation of the Transcription Factor Spo0A
Answers to Questions for Thought and Problems
Figure and Table Credits