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Grammar in Context Book 2

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ISBN-10: 1424079012

ISBN-13: 9781424079018

Edition: 5th 2011

Authors: Sandra N. Elbaum

List price: $60.95
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Heinle's best selling grammar series now has more of what works for students and teachers!Students learn more, remember more, and use language more effectively when they learn grammar in context. Grammar in Context, Fifth Edition presents grammar in interesting, informative readings and then recycles the language and context throughout every activity.
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List price: $60.95
Edition: 5th
Copyright year: 2011
Publisher: Cengage Heinle
Publication date: 1/1/2011
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 496
Size: 8.75" wide x 10.75" long x 0.50" tall
Weight: 2.486
Language: English

Sandra N. Elbaum was an ESL Instructor at Truman College, one of the City Colleges of Chicago, for thirty-six years. She has also taught in elementary and high schools, and in Mexico, Puerto Rico, the former Soviet Union, and Slovakia. Sandy is the author of the popular series Grammar in Context, now in its Fifth Edition. Sandy received her B.A. in Spanish and M.A. in Teaching English as a Second Language from the University of Illinois.

The Simple Present Tense; Frequency Words
Pets and Other Animals
Americans and Their Pets
Be-Forms and Uses
Contractions with Be
Dog Walkers
Questions with Be
Guide Dogs
The Simple Present Tense-Infinitive Statements
Negative Statements with the Simple Present Tense
Search and Rescue Dogs
Questions with the Simple Present Tense
Wh- Questions with a Preposition
Questions About Meaning, Spelling, and Cost
Marianne and Sparky
Simple Present Tense with Frequency Words
Position of Frequency Words and Expressions
Questions with Ever
Questions with How Often and Answers with
Frequency Expressions
Editing Advice
Expansion Activities
The Present Continuous Tense; Action and Nonaction Verbs;
The Future Tense
Getting Older
Retirement Living
Present Continuous Tense
Life After Retirement
Using the Present Continuous for Longer Actions
Questions with the Present Continuous Tense 51
Contrasting the Simple Present and the Present Continuous
Action and Nonaction Verbs
The Graying of America
The Future Tense with Will
The Future Tense with Be Going To
Will vs. Be Going To 72 4.8 Reflexive Pronouns
Future Tense + Time / If Clause
Questions and Answers About an American Wedding
Editing Advice
Test/Review Summary
Expansion Activities
Habitual Past with Used To; The Simple Past Tense
Working Towards a Better Life
READING Equal Rights for All
Habitual Past with Used To George Dawson-Life Is So Good
Past Tense of Be
The Simple Past Tense of Regular Verbs
The Simple Past Tense of Irregular Verbs
Negative Statements 101
Questions with the Simple Past Tense
Editing Advice
Test/Review Summary
Expansion Activities
Possessive Forms; Object Pronouns; Reflexive Pronouns; Questions
A Traditional American Wedding
Possessive Forms of Nouns
Possessive Adjectives
Possessive Pronouns
Questions with Whose
Object Pronouns
New Wedding Trends
Direct and Indirect Objects
Say and Tell
Economizing on a Wedding
Reflexive Pronouns
Questions and Answers About an American Wedding
Questions About the Subject or Complement
Editing Advice
Test/Review Summary
Expansion Activities
Singular and Plural; Count and Noncount Nouns� There + Be; Quantity Words
Thanksgiving, Pilgrims, and American Indians
A Typical Thanksgiving
Noun Plurals
Using the Singular and Plural for Generalizations
Special Cases of Singular and Plural
The Origin of Thanksgiving
Noncount Nouns
Count and Noncount Nouns
Recipe for Turkey Stuffing
Quantities with Count and Noncount Nouns
Taking the Land from the Native Americans
There + a Form of Be
Using There
Code Talkers
Quantity Expressions- An Overview
Some, Any, A, No
A Lot Of, Much, Many
A Lot Of vs. Too Much/Too Many
A Few, Several, A Little
A Few vs. Few; A Little vs. Little
Editing Advice
Test/Review Summary
Expansion Activities
Adjectives; Noun Modifiers; Adverbs; Too / Enough/Very / A Lot Of
Obesity: A National Problem
Noun Modifiers
Obesity: The Solutions
Adverbs of Manner
Adjective vs. Adverb
Too and Enough
Too and Very and A Lot Of
Editing Advice
Expansion Activities
Time Words and Time Clauses; The Past Continuous Tense Summary
Ellis Island
When, Until, While
When and Whenever
Time Words 216
The Past Continuous Tense-An Overview
Albert Einstein-Immigrant from Germany
The Past Continuous Tense-Forms 220
The Past Continuous Tense-Uses 221
Was/Were Going To Gloria Estefan-Cuban Immigrant
Simple Past vs. Past Continuous with When 228
Simple Past vs. Past Continuous
Using the -ing Form After Time Words
Editing Advice
Expansion Activities
Modals; Related Expressions
Renting an Apartment
Modals and Related Expressions-An Overview
An Apartment Lease
Negatives with Modals
Statements and Questions with Modals
Must, Have To, Have Got To
Obligation with Must or Be Supposed To
Can, May, Could, and Alternate Expressions
Tenants' Rights
Should; Had Better
Negatives of Modals
The New Neighbors
Must for Conclusions
Will and May / Might
At a Garage Sale
Using Modals and Questions for Politeness
Editing Advice
Expansion Activities
The Present Perfect; The Present Perfect Continuous
Searching the Web
The Present Perfect Tense-An Overview
The Past Participle
Irregular Past Participle Forms of Verbs
The Present Perfect-Contractions, Negatives
Adding an Adverb
The Present Perfect-Statements and Questions
Continuation from Past to Present
The Simple Present vs. the Present Perfect
The Present Perfect vs. the Simple Past
The Present Perfect Continuous-An Overview
The Present Perfect Continuous-Forms
The Present Perfect Continuous-Statements and Questions
The Present Perfect Continuous-Use
The Present Perfect with Repetition from Past to Present
The Simple Past vs. the Present Perfect with Repetition
The Present Perfect with Indefinite Past Time
Answering a Present Perfect Question
Editing Advice
Expansion Activities
Gerunds; Infinitives
Finding a Job
Gerunds-An Overview
Finding a Job
Gerund as Subject
Gerund After Verb
Gerund After Preposition
Gerund in Adverbial Phrase
Infinitives-An Overview
Tips on Writing a Resume
Infinitive as Subject
Infinitive After Adjective
Infinitive After Verb
Gerund or Infinitive After Verb
Object Before Infinitive 336
Infinitive to Show Purpose
Rita's Story
Used To vs. Be Used To
Editing Advice
Expansion Activities
Adjective Clauses
Making Connections-Old Friends and New
Adjective Clauses-An Overview
Finding Old Friends
Relative Pronoun as Subject
Relative Pronoun as Object
Where and When
Formal vs. Informal
Internet Matchmaking
Whose + Noun
Editing Advice
Expansion Activities
Superlatives; Comparatives
Sports and Athletes
Superlatives and Comparatives-An Overview
Michael Jordan
The Superlative Form 378
Comparative and Superlative Forms of Adjectives and Adverbs
Superlatives and Word Order
Americans' Attitude Toward Soccer
Comparatives and Word Order
An Amazing Athlete
As ... As
As Many/Much ... As
The Same . .. As
Equality with Nouns or Adjectives
Football and Soccer
Similarity with Like and Alike
Be Like
Same or Different
Editing Advice
Expansion Activities
Passive Voice and Active Voice
The Law
The Passive Voice and the Active Voice-An Overview
Jury Duty
The Passive Voice
Passive Voice-Form and Use
Negatives and Questions with Passive Voice
Unusual Lawsuits
Choosing Active Voice or Passive Voice
Editing Advice
Expansion Activities
Articles; Other / Another; Indefinite Pronouns
Articles-An Overview
Kids and Money
The Indefinite Article-Classifying or Identifying the Subject
The Indefinite Article-Introducing a Noun
The Definite Article
Making Generalizations
General or Specific with Quantity Words
Changing the American Dollar
Another and Other
More About Another and Other
The High Cost of a College Education
Definite and Indefinite Pronouns
Editing Advice
Expansion Activities
Spelling and Pronunciation of Verbs
Irregular Noun Plurals
Spelling Rules for Adverbs Ending in -ly
Metric Conversion Chart
The Verb Get
Make and Do
Nouns That Can Be Both Count or Noncount
Verbs and Adjectives Followed by a Preposition
Direct and Indirect Objects
Capitalization Rules
Glossary of Grammatical Terms
Special Uses of Articles
Alphabetical List of Irregular Verb Forms
Maps of the United States of America and North America