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Secrets of Power Persuasion Everything You'll Ever Need to Get Anything You'll Ever Want

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ISBN-10: 0735202869

ISBN-13: 9780735202863

Edition: 2nd 1992

Authors: Roger Dawson

List price: $17.00
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The power of persuasion can be yours! Now one of the nation's leading experts on persuasion shares with you his proven success secrets that get other people to see things you way; without threats, without bribes, and without manipulation.
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List price: $17.00
Edition: 2nd
Copyright year: 1992
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date: 12/1/2001
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 320
Size: 5.50" wide x 8.00" long x 0.75" tall
Weight: 0.836
Language: English

Bestselling author RON FRY has edited or written more than 30 books. He is an acknowledged authority, frequent speaker, and seminar leader on a variety of job search topics at schools and associations nationwide.Mike Summey has taught the Summey Method to thousands of people across North America.Roger Dawson is a leading negotiation expert whose bestselling cassette program, "Secrets of Power Negotiating," has exceeded $28 million in sales.

Introduction: What This Book Can Do for You
How to Play the Persuasion Game
Eight Magic Keys that Control People
People can be persuaded if they think you can reward them
People can be persuaded if they think you can punish them
How to apply the dual pressures of reward and punishment
People can be persuaded if you have bonded with them
People can be persuaded if the situation limits their options
People can be persuaded if they think you have more expertise than they do
People can be persuaded, if you act consistently
Fifteen Magic Keys that Make People Believe You
Never assume they believe you
Tell them only as much as they'll believe
Tell the truth, even if it hurts
Point out the disadvantages
Use precise numbers
Let them know if you're not on commission
Downplay any benefits to you
Dress the part of a successful person
If you do have something to gain, let them know
Confront problems head on
Use the power of the printed word
Let them know who else says so
Build and use a portfolio of testimonials
Get endorsements from people they'd know
Use "If they can do it, I can do it."
How to Make Them Want to Die for You
Ask for more than you expect to get
How asking for more, gets Tom his raise
How children nail you to the wall--and make you love it!
How this technique brought Saddam Hussein to his knees
How unions and management get each other's goat
Sometimes they give you what you want anyway
Unethical ways to use this concept
The Oliver Twist syndrome
Volunteer concessions but only those who won't hurt you
Give a small gift
Use the magic in a gift of flowers
Give the gift of thoughtfulness
Make it win-win
How Scarcity Drives People Wild
Even smart people can fall for the scarcity yo-yo
Scarcity drives value and prices sky high
My aunt had one of those but she threw it away!
Using scarcity to get real estate bargains
Bringing Them to Their Knees with Time Pressure
The faster you can persuade the other person to decide, the more likely you are to get what you want
The longer you give them to think about it, the less chance you have of getting what you want
How children use time pressure like a pro
Moving people with the power of time pressure
Secrets from inside a time share closing room
The Zen-Like Art of Sharing Secrets
The magical three-step formula for getting cooperation from the other person
Why forbidding aggravates family problems
Why censored information seems more valuable
The Power of Association: Tying Your Persuasion to Something Good
It's hard for our mind to break association
Utilizing the value of celebrity spokespeople
How to get people to react more favorably to a proposal
Pacing the mention of your product or service to the high points of a business lunch
Painting pictures that tie your product to pleasurable experiences
The Power of Consistency: It's More Important to Do it Often Than to Do it Right
Using the power of consistency
Why it's better to be a tyrant than a wimp
Why we're suspicious of inconsistent behavior
Using consistency to move the merchandise
Why Carter's downfall was Reagan's windfall
Why Consistent Behavior Kicks Your Performance Into High Gear
The personal value blueprint
Life is sweeter with a value blueprint
Trying to live with the golden rule
Straight up. It's a way to climb a mountain, a way to pour a drink, and a really fine way to live a life
Bonding--the Magic Key to Persuasion
How to sell up a storm using the principle of bonding
How people bond to their mental investments
Experimenting with bonding in your personal life
How interrogators use the power of commitment
The essay contest phenomenon
Making commitments to yourself
Persuasive Speeches
Knowing what caused your audience to be there
Knowing whether to put your strongest argument at the beginning or at the end
If several speakers will present, knowing whether to go first or last
How to pose the question when asking the audience to vote
A simple and effective way to get the audience on your side
Knowing whether to use emotion or logic to persuade
Improving your ability to persuade an audience
Using constructive distractions to improve your ability to persuade
Using of humor as a persuader
When to present both sides of the argument, or only one
Avoiding the overstatement trap
The art of getting the most effective introduction
The number one thing you can do to persuade from the platform
Eight Verbal Persuasion Ploys to Control the Other Person
Yes, I take it personally
Being Nixonesque
"I'm not offended."
"Easy to deny."
"I'm not suggesting."
Give the other person options
"Why would you want to do that?"
Exposing and Destroying their Negative Emotions
Suspicion--they don't appear to trust you
Anger--they're upset with something that happened
Greed--you appear vulnerable, and they want to take advantage of it
Hurt--they're upset and want revenge
The Sweet Language of Persuasion
Defective syllogisms
Circular logic
Ipse dixits
Ad populems
Short-circuiting logic
Logic, not words, should persuade
Never Accept an Invitation to Attack
Determining your objective
Gathering information
Assessing your power by calculating each person's alternatives
Looking for concessions to make, that don't detract from your position
Analyzing the Persuadee
Knowing How People will React to what You Tell Them
How to distinguish matchers from mismatchers
Matchers look for similarities
Mismatchers look for differences
Matchers like their world to stay the same
Mismatchers are always discontent
How to persuade the matcher
How to persuade the mismatcher
What Motivates the Other Person
Possibility versus necessity
Self-centered versus externally centered
Moving toward pleasure, or away from pain
Field dependent or field independent
How the Other Person Decides
Assertive versus unassertive
Emotional versus unemotional
Open or close minded
Conscious or unconscious thought processors
Visuals, auditories, and kinestetics
How to Become a Power Persuader
Developing Charisma: How to Make Them Love You!
A very special quality
Charisma--the nonverbal persuasion power
Auras in darkest Africa
To understand charisma, imagine the opposite
Twelve Ways to Project an Awesome Charisma
Treating everyone you meet as if they're the most important person you'll meet that day
Developing a sensational handshake
Noticing the color of their eyes as you shake hands
As you shake hands, push out a positive thought
Giving sincere compliments
Catching people doing something right
Looks do matter!
Smile for the magic 2 seconds longer than they do
Take a check up from the neck down
Pushing out empathy
Responding to people's emotions, not to what they say
Maintaining a childlike fascination for the world in which you live
How You Can Develop a Dynamite Sense of Humor
Humor may be the only thing that will stop you from going crazy
How to develop a sense of humor
The five things that make people laugh. Learning what makes it funny
A practice session on identifying the style of humor
Witticisms: The persuaders best type of humor
A thirty-day program to improve your sense of humor
You Need Never Forget Another Name
The magic secret to remembering names
A visit to the control center of the mind
How the mind processes information
Selective memoryhow it works
The trigger that makes you remember
Developing your personal trigger
How to transpose from short-term to long term memory
Six steps to burning the name into your memory
Don't try to outdo the experts
Giving yourself an ace advantage
The key to remembering faces
An exercise in memory discipline
How important is it to remember names?
Learning Persuasion Techniques
A Magic Persuasion Technique
Using the other person's name at the beginning or the end of a sentence
Making your request
Tilt your head and smile as you say it
Why the magic formula works
How to use the formula
The Four Stages of Persuasion
Establishing objectives
The unhappy employee
The problem teenager
The alcoholic husband
Finding out what they want
Identifing the pressure points
Looking for compromise
Eight Ways to Persuade the Angry Person
Are you the target?
A magic expression
Restating the objection
That hasn't been my experience
Handling the showman
Don't exacerbate the situation
First find out what they want
Charm them to death
Eight Reasons Why People Won't Open Up
Figure out why won't they talk
Time pressure
Leadership and the Power Persuader
The leader's doctrine
How to develop the mission
The four key elements of the mission
The importance of informing the troops
Using persuasion skills to sell the mission
Building leadership credibility
Building credibility when you're new on the job
Leadership and the art of consistency
Caring more about the success of your people
The mission is the most important thing
Painting the picture of the mission
The essence of persuasive leadership
Epilogue: The Secret of Power Persuasion