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Tests of Time Readings in the Development of Physical Theory

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ISBN-10: 0691090858

ISBN-13: 9780691090856

Edition: 2003

Authors: Lisa M. Dolling, Arthur F. Gianelli, Glenn N. Statile

List price: $78.50
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A collection of essays and articles written by the scientists who were instrumental in five of our most important physical theories: the Heliocentric Theory, the Electromagnetic Field Theory, the Theory of Relativity, Quantum Theory and the Big Bang Theory.
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List price: $78.50
Copyright year: 2003
Publisher: Princeton University Press
Publication date: 2/16/2003
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 760
Size: 6.00" wide x 9.00" long x 1.75" tall
Weight: 2.288
Language: English

Philosophical Introduction: Philosophy of Science and Physical Theory
The Heliocentric Theory
Aristotle: The Physical Foundation for the Geocentric Universe
Aristarchus: An Early Version of Heliocentrism
Claudius Ptolemy: The Case for Geocentrism
Nicholaus Copernicus: First Thoughts on Heliocentrism
Nicholaus Copernicus: The Heliocentric Theory
Tycho Brahe: The Supernova of 1572
Tycho Brahe: Observational Evidence against the Aristotelian Cosmology
Johannes Kepler: The Sun as the Source of Planetary Motions
Galileo Galilei: Telescopic Observations in Support of Copernicus
Johannes Kepler: The Superiority of the Copernican System
Galileo Galilei: The Coherence of the Copernican Theory
Isaac Newton: The Physical Foundations of Heliocentrism
John Herschel: The Discovery of Stellar Parallax
Selected Bibliography
Electromagnetic Field Theory
William Gilbert: The Properties of Magnets
Charles Coulomb: The Law of Electric Force
Hans Christian Oersted: The Effect of a Current of Electricity on a Magnetic Needle
Andre Marie Ampere: A Positivist Approach to Electromagnetism
Isaac Newton: The Particle Theory of Light
Christiaan Huygens: The Wave Theory of Light
Thomas Young: The Vindication of the Wave Theory of Light
Augustin Fresnel and Dominique Arago: The Transverse Nature of Light Waves
Michael Faraday: Electromagnetic Induction
Michael Faraday: The Concept of an Electromagnetic Field
James Clerk Maxwell: The Theory of the Electromagnetic Field
James Clerk Maxwell: The Electromagnetic Theory of Light
James Clerk Maxwell: The Medium for Electromagnetic Action
Heinrich Hertz: The Production of Electromagnetic Waves
Selected Bibliography
The Theory of Relativity
James Clerk Maxwell: The Ether
Albert Michelson: The Ether and Optical Experiments
George F. Fitzgerald: The Contraction Hypothesis
Hendrik A. Lorentz: The Contraction Hypothesis
Henri Poincare: A Prelude to Relativity
Albert Einstein: The Postulates of the Special Theory of Relativity
Herman Minkowski: The Space-Time Continuum
Albert Einstein: The Foundation of the General Theory of Relativity
Albert Einstein: The Ramifications of the Special and General Theories of Relativity
Arthur Eddington: The Bending of Light Rays
Albert Einstein: Ether and Relativity
Albert Einstein: Later Comments on General Relativity
Albert Einstein: E = MC[superscript 2]
Selected Bibliography
Quantum Theory
Historical and Conceptual Development
Max Planck: The Quantum Hypothesis
Albert Einstein: The Photon
Niels Bohr: The Quantum Character of the Atom
Louis de Broglie: The Wave Nature of the Electron
Niels Bohr: Complementarity and the New Quantum Theory
Niels Bohr: The Debate with Einstein
Albert Einstein: Response to Bohr
Werner Heisenberg: A Brief History of Quantum Theory
Werner Heisenberg: The Copenhagen Interpretation
Erwin Schrodinger: The Fundamental Idea of Wave Mechanics
Erwin Schrodinger: Are There Quantum Jumps?
P.A.M. Dirac: The Conceptual Difficulties of Quantum Theory
John A. Wheeler: Observer-Created Reality
The Completeness Debate
Albert Einstein, Boris Podolsky, and Nathan Rosen: The EPR Paradox
Albert Einstein: The Argument for Incompleteness
Niels Bohr: Response to EPR
David Bohm: The Hidden Variables Hypothesis
J. Stewart Bell: Comment on the Hidden Variables Hypothesis
J. Stewart Bell: A conceptual Analysis of the EPR Thought Experiment of David Bohm
Abner Shimony: Philosophical Reflections on the Completeness Debate
Selected Bibliography
Big Bang Cosmological Theory
Henrietta Leavitt: Variables in the Magellanic Clouds
Henrietta Leavitt: The Variability-Luminosity Relationship
Vesto Slipher: The Radial Velocity of the Andromeda Nebula
Vesto Slipher: The Discovery of the Red Shift of Nebulae
Harlow Shapley: The Measurement of Great Distances
Willem de Sitter: Relativity and Cosmology
Edwin Hubble: The Structure of the Universe
Edwin Hubble: The Velocity-Distance Relation
Arthur Eddington: The Expanding Universe
Georges Lemaitre: The Beginning of Big Bang Cosmology
Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson: The Discovery of Background Radiation
R. H. Dicke, P.J.E. Peebles, P. G. Roll, D. T. Wilkinson: An Explanation of the Penzias and Wilson Discovery
Steven Weinberg: The Cosmic Microwave Radiation Background
Alan Guth and Paul Steinhardt: The Inflationary Universe
George Smoot and Keay Davidson: Wrinkles in Time
Stephen Hawking: The Edge of Spacetime
Selected Bibliography
Helge Kragh: Physical Theory: Present and Future
Sources of the Readings
Index of Names
Index of Concepts
Permissions Acknowledgments