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World Politics Trend and Transformation

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ISBN-10: 0495187062

ISBN-13: 9780495187066

Edition: 11th 2007

Authors: Charles W. Kegley, Eugene R. Wittkopf

List price: $220.95
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WORLD POLITICS: TREND AND TRANSFORMATION is the best selling text in International Relations, because of its trusted balance in coverage and approach, unmatched by any other text for the course. By analyzing both historical and contemporary trends and developments, utilizing theoretical concepts, and weaving in the interactions of global actors, WORLD POLITICS: TREND AND TRANSFORMATION resists the temptation to overly simplify world politics, presenting the material in a thought-provoking yet accessible manner while preparing students to assess the possibilities for the global future and its potential impact on their lives. The major theories scholars use to explain the dynamics underlying…    
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List price: $220.95
Edition: 11th
Copyright year: 2007
Publisher: Wadsworth
Publication date: 3/8/2006
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 688
Size: 8.00" wide x 9.75" long x 1.00" tall
Weight: 2.640
Language: English

Controversy Boxes and Maps
About the Author
Trend and Transformation in World Politics
Exploring Twenty-First-Century World Politics
The Investigative Challenge
How Perceptions Influence Images of Reality
The Nature and Sources of Images
How Images Affect Visions of World Political Realities
Breaking the Global Puzzle into Parts: Interpreting at Different Levels of Analysis
The Book's Approach: Actors, Issues, and Their Interactions
Facing the Future: Some Key Questions to Consider
Key Terms
Suggested Reading
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InfoTrac College Edition
Theories of World Politics
Understanding World Politics
The Elusive Quest for Theory
The Evolution of Theoretical Inquiry
The Liberal Worldview
The Liberal Reform Program
The Realist Worldview
Realism in the Nuclear Age
The Limitations of Realism
The Neorealist or "Structural" Extension of Realism
The Neoclassical Extension of Realism
Transnational Interdependence as a Neoliberal Counter Worldview to Realism
International Regimes
Alternative Theories
Theorizing about Theory: The Constructivist Conception
International Theory and the Future
Key Terms
Suggested Reading
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InfoTrac College Edition
The Globe's Actors and Their Relations
Foreign Policy Decision Making
The Emergence of the Modern State System
The Global and Domestic Determinants of States' Foreign Policy Behavior
Military Capabilities
Economic Conditions
Type of Government
The Unitary Actor and Rational Decision Making
States as Unitary Actors?
Policy Making as Rational Choice
Impediments to Rational Choice
The Bureaucratic Politics of Foreign Policy Decision Making
Bureaucratic Efficiency and Rationality
The Limits of Bureaucratic Organization
Attributes and Consequences of Bureaucratic Behavior
The Role of Leaders in Foreign Policy Decision Making
Leaders as Makers and Movers of World History
Factors Affecting the Capacity to Lead
Refinements to the History-Making Individuals Model
Constraints on Foreign Policy Making: Problems and Prospects
Key Terms
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InfoTrac College Edition
Great-Power Rivalries and Relations
The Quest for Great-Power Hegemony
The First World War
The Causes of World War I
The Consequences of World War I
The Second World War
The Causes of World War II
The Consequences of World War II
The Cold War
The Causes and Evolutionary Course of the Cold War
The Consequences of the Cold War
The Future of Great-Power Politics: A Cold Peace?
America's Unipolar Moment in History
From Unipolarity to Multipolarity?
Responding to Multipolarity's Challenge
Key Terms
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InfoTrac College Edition
The Global South in a World of Powers
The Colonial Origins of the Global South's Plight
The First Wave of European Imperialism
The Second Wave of European Imperialism
Colonialism, Self-Determination, and Decolonization in the Twentieth Century
North and South Today: Worlds Apart
Theoretical Explanations of Underdevelopment
Classical Economic Development Theory
Two Structural Theories: Dependency Theory and World Systems
Closing the Gap? The Global South's Prospects
The Global South's Foreign Policy Response to a World Ruled by the Great Powers
In Search of Power
Trade, Aid, Investment, Debt Relief-or Nothing?
The Future Role of the Global South
Key Terms
Suggested Reading
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InfoTrac College Edition
Nonstate Actors in a System of States
Nonstate Actors, Intergovernmental Organizations (IGOs), and Nongovernmental Organizations (NGOs): An Introduction
Global Intergovernmental Organizations (IGOs)
The United Nations
The Organization of the United Nations: System and Structure
Other Prominent Global IGOs: The World Trade Organization, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund
The European Union as a Model Regional IGO
Other Regional IGOs
Nongovernmental Organizations (NGOs)
Nonstate Nations: The Indigenous Ethnic Groups of the Fourth World
Religious Movements
Multinational Corporations and Transnational Banks
Are NGOs Capable of Transforming World Politics?
Nonstate Actors: Saviors or Stranglers of the State?
Key Terms
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InfoTrac College Edition
Humanitarian Challenges and the Protection of Human Rights
Putting People into the Picture
How Does Humanity Fare? Assessing the Human Condition
Measuring Human Development and Human Security
Political and Economic Preconditions for Human Development
Human Development in the Age of Globalization
The Global Refugee Crisis
Indigenous Peoples: Precarious Life in the Fourth World
Fourth World Reactions to Human Rights Violations
The Threat of State Disintegration to Human Security
Gender Politics: The Subordinate Status of Women and Its Consequences
Human Rights and the Protection of People
International Ethics: Reconciling National Interests and Human Interests
Key Terms
Suggested Reading
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InfoTrac College Edition
The Politics of Global Welfare
Globalization and the Prospects for Global Governance
The Global Information Age
Global Communications
The Media: Markets or Monopoly?
Global Health or Global Infection?
Global Migration
The Globalization of Finance
The Globalization of Trade
Globalization and the State: What Future?
Key Terms
Suggested Reading
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InfoTrac College Edition
Money and Markets in the Global Political Economy
The Global Context for Interpreting Contemporary World Economic Change
The Shadow of Past Commercial Policy Philosophy
The Clash between Liberal and Mercantile Values
Hegemony: A Precondition for Economic Order?
Monetary Matters: Can Financial Regimes Promote Growth?
The Nuts and Bolts of Monetary Policy
The Bretton Woods Monetary System
The End of Bretton Woods
Floating Exchange Rates
Reforming the International Financial Architecture?
Free-Trade Trends and Troubles
Threats to Free Trade
Triumph or Trouble for the Global Economy's Future?
Key Terms
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InfoTrac College Edition
Population and Resource Pressures on the Global Environment
Population Change as a Global Political Challenge
Understanding Growth Rates: The Persian Chessboard
The Demographic Divide between Global North and Global South
Population Momentum
From Population Explosion to Population Implosion-A Demographic Transition?
New Plagues? The Global Impact of Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, and Avian Flu
The International Response to Population Issues
Food Fights: The Clash of Optimists and Pessimists
A Prescription for Optimism or Pessimism?
Environmental Security and Sustainable Development
The Ecopolitics of Energy
The Global Politics of Oil Supply and Consumption
Running on Empty: Is Energy Security an Elusive Goal?
The Ecopolitics of the Atmosphere
Climate Change
Climate-Change Culprits
Ozone Protection
The Ecopolitics of Forests and Biodiversity
Shrinking Forests and Dust Bowls
Toward Preservation: The International Response
Trade, the Environment, and Sustainable Development
Toward Sustainability?
Key Terms
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InfoTrac College Edition
Managing Global Conflict
The Transformation of Armed Conflict
Continuities and Change in Armed Conflict
Rival Theories of the Causes of Aggression
The First Level of Analysis: Individuals' Human Nature
The Second Level of Analysis: States' Internal Characteristics
The Third Level of Analysis: Cycles of War and Peace in the Global System
Armed Conflict within States
The Characteristics of Civil War
The Causes of Civil War
The International Dimensions of Internal War
Key Terms
Suggested Reading
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InfoTrac College Edition
Military Power, Coercive Diplomacy, and National Security
Power in International Politics
The Elements of State Power
Distinguishing Power from Capabilities
The Changing Character of Power
Trends in Military Spending
Changes in Military Capabilities
Trends in the Weapons Trade
Trends in Weapons Technology
Military Strategy in the Nuclear Age
The Uses and Limits of Coercive Diplomacy
Military Intervention
Economic Sanctions
The Great Powers' National Security Strategies
The U.S. Superpower Embraces a Revolutionary New Security Strategy
Russia Adjusts to Its New Geostrategic Circumstances
China's Global Clout and Security Posture
Japan's Search for a Strategy
Germany and the European Union Search for a Strategic Vision
The Search for Security in an Insecure World
Key Terms
Suggested Reading
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InfoTrac College Edition
The Realist Road to Security through Alliances, Arms Control, and the Balance of Power
The Impact of Alliances on National and Global Security
Realpolitik Assumptions of Balance-of-Power Theory
Managing the Balance through a Concert of Great Powers
Stabilizing Power Balances through Arms Control
Arms Control versus Disarmament
Bilateral Arms Control and Disarmament
Multilateral Arms Control and Disarmament
The Problematic Future of Arms Control and Disarmament
Balancing Power in the Contemporary Global System
Models of the Balance of Power, Past and Present
World Domination by the U.S. Superpower, or a Multipolar Future of Balance-of-Power Competition?
Key Terms
Suggested Reading
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InfoTrac College Edition
The Liberal Institutional Paths to Peace
International Law and World Order
Law at the International Level: Core Principles
The Limitations of the International Legal System
The Relevance of International Law
The Legal Control of Warfare
International Organizations and World Order
The United Nations and the Preservation of Peace
Regional Security Organizations and Conflict Management
Political Integration: The Functional and Neofunctional Paths to Peace
World Federalism: A Single Global Government
Political Disintegration
A Democratic Peace: Can Votes Stop Violence?
Liberal Institutions and World Order: From Security to Stability?
Key Terms
Suggested Reading
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InfoTrac College Edition
The Problematic Twenty-First Century
Twelve Questions About Twenty-First-Century Global Prospects
Toward the Global Future: Key Questions for the Twenty-First Century
Will States Remain the Primary Actor in World Politics?
Should Global Interests Be Placed Ahead of National Interests?
As the Disappearance of War between States Transforms the Meaning of National Security, What Is the Purpose of Military Power?
Can the New Global Terrorism Be Contained?
Will Separatist Conflict within States Lead to Hundreds of New States?
Will the Great Powers Intervene to Protect Human Rights?
Will the United States, China, or the European Union Reign as the Globe's Supreme Superpower in the Twenty-First Century?
Is Globalization a Cure, or a Curse?
Is Realism Still Realistic and Is Liberalism Still Too Idealistic?
Is the World Preparing for the Wrong War?
Is This the "End of History" or the End of Happy Endings?
Is There a Reordered Global Agenda?
A New World Order or New World Disorder?
Key Terms
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Author Index
Subject Index