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Asian Religions An Illustrated Introduction

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ISBN-10: 0321172884

ISBN-13: 9780321172884

Edition: 2004

Authors: Bradley K. Hawkins

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Packed with illustrations, photographs, and mapsAsian Religionsbrings the rich religions of Asia to life. Examines religions of South/Southeast Asia, China, and Northeast Asia. Contains numerous photographs of rituals/practices and historical and geographical maps. Covers Buddhism, Jainism, Kikhism, Confucianism, Daoism, Shinto, Islam, and newer religious movements. Historical approach shows how traditions have changed over time. Asian Religionsis a passport to the fascinating world of Asian thought. Exploring all the major religions of South and Southeast Asia, China, and Northeast Asia, Bradley K. Hawkins looks at Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Confucianism, Daoism, Shinto,…    
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List price: $54.30
Copyright year: 2004
Publisher: Longman Publishing Group
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 192
Size: 8.00" wide x 9.75" long x 1.00" tall
Weight: 1.694
Language: English

The Religions of South and Southeast Asia
The Foundations of the Study of Religion in Asia
Asia: The Geographical Setting
Asia: The Historical Setting
The Archaic Roots of Asian Religion
The Selection and Training of Shamans
The Spirits in Shamanism
Shamanic Religion in the Social Context
The Beginnings of South Asian Religion
The Problem of Defining "Hinduism"
Geographical and Cultural Divergence in the Indic Cultural Region
The Core Components of the Hindu Tradition
The Indus Valley Culture and its Religion
The Vedas: The Earliest Religious Literature of India
The Gods of the Aryans
The Foundations of the Traditional Hindu Social Order
The Structure of the Vedic Sacrifice
The Emergence of the Hindu Wisdom Tradition
The Upanishads
Samsara and Karma: The Foundations of the Wisdom Tradition
Brahman and Atman: The Immortal Constituents of Reality
Tapas, Asceticism, and Liberation
Meditation: Liberation through Knowledge of Reality
Samnyasa and the Hindu Stages of Life
The Six Schools of Indian Philosophy
Samkhya and Yoga
Nyaya and Vaisheshika
Mimamsa and Vedanta
Hindu Devotionalism
The Worship of Shiva
Shaivite Philosophy and Religious Groups
Devi, the Great Goddess
The Worship of Vishnu and his Avataras
Vaishnavaite Philosophy and Devotion
Islam and its Influence on Medieval South Asian Religion
The Basic Tenets of Islam
The Bhakti Tradition and Hindu-Muslim Syncretism
Guru Nanak's Successors
Muslim Opposition and the Development of the Khalsa
The Sikhs and the British
Sikhism in Post-Independence India
Hinduism's Changing Relationship with the West
The Beginnings of the Hindu Reform Movement
Vivekananda and the Euro-American Reappraisal of Hinduism
Mahatma Gandhi and the Politicization of Hinduism
Hinduism in the Twenty-first Century
Jainism: The First of the Nastika Traditions
Mahavira and the Rise of Jainism
The Principal Tenets of Jainism
The "Three Jewels" of Jainism: Knowledge, Faith, and Conduct
Early Buddhism in India
The Life of the Buddha
The Three Marks of Existence and the Four Noble Truths
Interdependent Arising and the Eightfold Path
Theravada Buddhism and the Formation of the Pali Canon
Later Developments in Indian Buddhism
The Rise of Mahayana Buddhism
Madhyamika and Yogacara
Tibet and the Development of Vajrayana Buddhism
Vajrayana: The Way of Ritual Mysticism
The Decline of Buddhism in India
Buddhism in the Modern World Context
The Spread of Buddhism in Europe and the United States
Buddhism in the Twenty-First Century
Religion in Southeast Asia
Prehistoric Religion in Southeast Asia
The Beginnings of Indian Influences in Eastern Mainland Southeast Asia
Religion in the Period of the Great Empires (800-1300 C.E.)
Vietnam and the Adaptation of the Chinese Worldview
The Spread of Sri Lankan Buddhism in Mainland Southeast Asia
Islam in South and Southeast Asia
The Roots of South Asian Islam
The Coming of Islam to Island Southeast Asia
Islam in British Colonial India
Islam under Dutch Colonial Rule in Indonesia
Islam in Modern South and Southeast Asia
South and Southeast Asian Religions Timeline
The Religions of China
The Archaic Foundations of Chinese Religion
The Chinese Family: The Social Basis of Chinese Religion
The Local Religious Matrix
Chinese Religion in Pre- and Proto-History
Philosophical Daoism
Lao zi and the Daodejing
Daoist Religion
Early Daoist Traditions in Qin and Han Religion
The Celestial Masters
The Development of Daoism in South China
Daoism in Northern China
Confucius and the Origins of Confucianism
Chinese History from Zhou to Qin
Confucius: The Life of a Cultural Prototype
The Texts and Doctrines of Early Confucianism
Early Confucianism and its Rivals
Xun Zi
Mo Zi and Mohism
The Legalists
Zhou Dunyi and the Rise of Neo-Confucianism
Cheng Hao, Cheng Yi, and the Elaboration of Neo-Confucian Thought
Zhu Xi and the Flowering of the Neo-Confucian Tradition
Wang Yangming and the Refutation of Zhu Xi's Synthesis
The Chinese Transformation of Buddhism
The Origins of Chinese Buddhism
Post-Han Developments in Early Chinese Buddhism
Buddhism in Northern China from the Fall of the Han to the Rise of the Sui
The Consolidation and Expansion of Chinese Buddhism
The Tiantai School
The Huayan School
The Persecution of Buddhism in the Later Tang
Pure Land Buddhism
Chan Buddhism
Chinese Religions Timeline
The Religions of Northeast Asia
Religion in Korea
The Indigenous Religious Traditions of Korea
The Early Development of Confucianism and Daoism in Korea
Buddhism in Early Korea
Buddhism in Later Silla and Koryo
Confucianism in Later Korean History
Early Japanese Religion and the Development of Shinto
The Geographical Setting of Japanese Religion
The Early Cultures of Japan
Early Japanese Myths and Religion
Ealry Japanese Religion as Shown in the Chinese Records
Shinto: A Brief Overview of the National Religion of Japan
The Rites and Rituals of Shinto
Shinto and the Japanese Imperial Family
Japanese Buddhism to about 1200 C.E.
The Ritsuryo Government: Buddhism as an Appendage of the State
The Six Schools of Nara Buddhism
Saicho and the Establishment of Tendai Buddhism
Kukai and the Development of Esoteric Buddhism in Japan
Pure Land and Nichiren Buddhism
The Rise of Pure Land Buddhism
Honen and the Growth of Pure Land Buddhism
Shinran and the Jodo Shin School
Zen Buddhism in Japan
Eisai and the Founding of the Rinzai School of Zen
Rinzai Zen
Dogen and the Establishment of the Soto School of Zen
East Asian Religions and the Challenge of the Modern World
Cao Dai
Christianity in Korea
The New Religions in Japan
Northeast Asian Religions Timeline
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