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Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, a Textbook With Exercises and Basic Grammar

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ISBN-10: 0299212041

ISBN-13: 9780299212049

Edition: 2006

Authors: Ronelle Alexander, Ellen Elias-Bursac

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With the disintegration of Yugoslavia has come a shifting of linguistic boundaries, chiefly along political lines. Out of this complex situation three official languages have emerged: Croatian in Croatia, Serbian in Serbia, and both these languages plus Bosnian in Bosnia-Herzegovina.Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, a Textbookintroduces the student to all three. Dialogues and exercises appear in each language, presented side by side for easy comparison; in addition, Serbian is rendered in both its Latin and its Cyrillic spellings. Teachers may choose a single language to use in the classroom, or they may want to familiarize students with all three. Features of the textbook include: All dialogues,…    
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List price: $39.95
Copyright year: 2006
Publisher: University of Wisconsin Press
Publication date: 7/18/2006
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 500
Size: 8.75" wide x 11.25" long x 1.25" tall
Weight: 2.596
Language: English

To the student
To the teacher
Optimum use of the exercises and drills
Organization of the lessons
Designation of differing forms
Organization of vocabulary boxes within lessons
Unaccented words and clitics
Abbreviations used in Lessons 1-20
Kako Se Zoves?
Alphabets and sounds
Verb conjugation
Singular and plural you
The verb to be
Vocabulary differences
Sta Je Ovo? [B,S] Sto Je Ovo? [C]
Nouns and gender
Dobar Dan!
Adjectives, continued
Spelling of personal names
Pas I Macka
Nouns denoting professions and nationalities
The verb to be, continued
Plural of masculine nouns
Vocabulary differences, continued
Vjezbe [J] Vezbe [E]
Domaci Zadatak [B,S] Domaca Zadaca [C]
Geografska pitanja
Blank map
Cyrillic practice sheets
Uciti Zajedno
Addressing people: vocative case and politeness formulas
Accusative case
Time expressions: days of the week
Present tense of verbs
The conjunction da
Variant forms: ijekavian and ekavian
Object pronouns, clitic forms
Koga Vidis?
Accusative case of animate nouns
Object pronouns, full forms
Demonstrative pronominal adjectives
Fleeting vowels in adjectives
Kupujem PSA
Accusative of animate masculines and fleeting vowels
Verbal aspect, introduction
Long and short adjectives
Adjectives ending in -o
Verbs in -ovati
The verb moci
Vjezbe [J] Vezbe [E]
Domaci Zadatak [B,S] Domaca Zadaca [C]
Geografska pitanja
Kako Ste?
Nominative plural of nouns
Nominative plural of adjectives
The words meaning person, people
Conjugation of poznavati
Long-form pronouns used for emphasis
Case forms of names
The word for one
Laku Noc!
Feminine nouns ending in a consonant
Accusative plural
Added syllables in the plural
Negation, continued
Sta Vise Volis? [B,S] Sto Vise Volis? [C]
Cije Su Ove Olovke?
Interrogative pronominal adjectives
Sound shifts in nominative plural
Vjezbe [J] Vezbe [E]
Domaci Zadatak [B,S] Domaca Zadaca [C]
Geografska pitanja
Odakle Ste?
Forms of the genitive case
Fleeting vowels and consonant softening
Possible accent shifts
Question words and conjunctions
Kod Koga Su Nase Knjige?
Possessive pronominal adjectives
Uses of the genitive case
Pronouns in the genitive case
Turning questions into statements
I Jos Nesto ...
Partitive genitive
Masculine names ending in a vowel
Trazim Neke Stvari
Prepositions with the genitive, continued
"Pointer" words
English It is... sentences
Verb conjugation
Names ending in -ski, -ska
Vjezbe [J] Vezbe [E]
Domaci Zadatak [B,S] Domaca Zadaca [C]
Map of Bosnia and Herzegovina: the Federation and Republic of Srpska
Geografska pitanja
Pet Macaka I Pet Pasa
Genitive plural
Uses of the genitive plural
Adverbs of direction
Distributive po
Nema Novca!
Uses of the genitive case, continued
Prepositions with the accusative case
Telling time
Motion verbs and aspect
The verb "want"
Ko Dolazi? [B,S] Tko Dolazi? [C]
Genitive phrases of time
Verbs and aspect
The possessive adjective svoj
The verb budem, budes etc.
Bosnian vocabulary
Izlazak U Grad
Aspect and prefixation
More on vocabulary differences
Vjezbe [J] Vezbe [E]
Domaci Zadatak [B,S] Domaca Zadaca [C]
Geografska pitanja
U Zgradi
Locative case
Usage of the locative case
Irregular plurals
Univerzitet [B,S] Sveuciliste [C]
Past tense, introduction
Verbal usage, continued
Forms of the locative case, continued
Time expressions
Ordinal numbers
Kako Ti Je?
Dative case
Dative and locative personal pronouns
Word order
The pronominal forms sam, samo, sama
Sta Ti Se Svida? [B,S] Sto Ti Se Svida? [C]
The words "like" and "love"
Other uses of the dative
Vjezbe [J] Vezbe [E]
Domaci Zadatak [B,S] Domaca Zadaca [C]
Map of Croatian regions
Geografska pitanja
Instrumental case
The instrumental case of pronouns
The instrumental case with prepositions
Cime Ides Na Posao?
Use of the instrumental case
Prepositions with the instrumental
Verbs of transport
Negative imperative
Ma Nemoj!
The imperative mood, continued
"Inclinational" se-verbs
Prepositions meaning "to [a person]"
Aspect, continued
Cime Pises?
Instrumental of means
Variation in suffixes and gender of nouns
Vjezbe [J] Vezbe [E]
Domaci Zadatak [B,S] Domaca Zadaca [C]
Aforizmi Dusana Radovica
Plural case forms
Vocative case, continued
Neuter nouns with added syllable -et-
Irregular plurals of dete / dijete, brat, gospodin
Javi Se!
Se-verbs, continued
Review of prepositions
Vjezbe [J] Vezbe [E]
Domaci Zadatak [B,S] Domaca Zadaca [C]
Aforizmi Dusana Radovica
Sta Ces Raditi? [B,S] Sto Ces Raditi? [C]
The future tense
Word order in the future and variant spellings
The preposition na in future time expressions
Pogledaj Se!
Questions and negation in the future tense
Word order in the future tense
Double meanings of hteti / htjeti
Reflexive verbs
The particle se with verbs
Aspect, continued
Negated prepositional phrases
"What" clauses
Na Stanici [B,S] Na Kolodvoru [C]
Vjezbe [J] Vezbe [E]
Domaci Zadatak [B,S] Domaca Zadaca [C]
Aforizmi Dusana Radovica
Kod Charliea [B,C] Kod Carlija [S]
Verb typology
Past tense
Usage of the past tense
Past and future tense of "existential" ima and nema
Pisati I Napisati
Word order in the past tense
Verbal aspect, continued
Subjectless sentences
"Bio Jednom Jedan Lav" - Dusan Radovic
Bole Me I Noge I Ruke
Verbal nouns
The human body
Verbs of transport
Vjezbe [J] Vezbe [E]
Domaci Zadatak [B,S] Domaca Zadaca [C]
Aforizmi Dusana Radovica
Vazno, Vaznije, Najvaznije
Comparison of adjectives
Passive participles
Dva Restorana
Comparison of adjectives expressed by consonant softening
Comparison of adverbs
Comparison "than"
The verb trebati
Names of professionals
Struka I Posao
The instrumental case, continued
Treba Mi Posao!
The verb trebati, continued
Verbs of body position
Vjezbe [J] Vezbe [E]
Domaci Zadatak [B,S] Domaca Zadaca [C]
Aforizmi Dusana Radovica
Studentski Dom
Cardinal numbers, review
Agreement with cardinal numbers
Fractions and approximative numbers
Koji as relative conjunction
Present verbal adverb
Agreement with cardinal numbers
Group numbers
Past verbal adverb
Koliko Imas Godina?
Ordinal numbers in naming dates
Discussing one's age
The "exact future"
The conjunction sto
Words meaning "ought, might, may"
Sta Se Dogodilo? [B,S] Sto Se Dogodilo? [C]
Ordinal numbers, continued
Aorist and imperfect
Vjezbe [J] Vezbe [E]
Domaci Zadatak [B,S] Domaca Zadaca [C]
Aforizmi Dusana Radovica
The conditional mood
Evo Kompjutera! [B,S] Evo Kompjutora! [C]
Use of the conditional in "toned-down" statements or requests
Indirect discourse
Da introducing proposed actions
Polako ...
Conditional sentences
Conditional of purpose
Relative clauses
Compound conjunctions
Vjezbe [J] Vezbe [E]
Domaci Zadatak [B,S] Domaca Zadaca [C]
Aforizmi Dusana Radovica
Recept Za Kahvu [B] Kavu [C] Kafu [S]
Infinitives in the function of imperative
Passive sentences
Impersonal sentences
Passive participles, past and present verbal adverbs
Telling time, continued
Crna Hronika [B,S] Crna Kronika [C]
Vjezbe [J] Vezbe [E]
Domaci Zadatak [B,S] Domaca Zadaca [C]
Aforizmi Dusana Radovica
Pingvin Charlie prica: Hanna Kraatz reziser: B. Kolar
Aspect choice and verbal meaning
Aspect and narrative
Sve plus the comparative
Kontrolni Test
Jedan drugi "each other"
Sav "all", sve "everything" and svi "everyone"
Vjezbe [J] Vezbe [E]
Domaci Zadatak [B,S] Domaca Zadaca [C]
"Ljepotica I Zvijer" - Ferida Durakovic
"Zemlja" - A. B. Simic
Grammar note on aorist and imperfect
"Vece Na Skolju" - Aleksa Santic
Nastanak I Nestanak
Vjezbe [J] Vezbe [E]
Domaci Zadatak [B,S] Domaca Zadaca [C]
"Jesenje Vece" - Antun Gustav Matos
"Notturno" - Tin Ujevic
Matos I Ujevic
Grammar note on the particle god
Vjezbe [J] Vezbe [E]
Domaci Zadatak [B,S] Domaca Zadaca [C]
"Ociju Tvojih Da Nije" - Vasko Popa
"Za Lazi Izgovorene Iz Milosrda" - Desanka Maksimovic
"Sibinjanin Janko ..." - Stanko Pizurica
Epska Poezija
Vjezbe [J] Vezbe [E]
Domaci Zadatak [B,S] Domaca Zadaca [C]
Pismo O Dolasku Na Filmski Festival
Odgovor Iz Sarajeva
Pismo O Istrazivackom Radu U Hrvatskoj
Odgovor Iz Zagreba
[characters not reproducible]
Odgovor Iz Beograda
Vjezbe [J] Vezbe [E]
Domaci Zadatak [B,S] Domaca Zadaca [C]
"U Zagrljaju Rijeke" - Miro Gavran
Vjezbe [J] Vezbe [E]
Domaci Zadatak [B,S] Domaca Zadaca [C]
Abbreviations used in the Appendices
Latin and Cyrillic alphabets
A selection of women's and men's names
Cyrillic guidelines for use with worksheets on pages 14-17
Noun declensions: paradigms Declension of personal names Adjective declension: paradigms Declension of pronouns
The most common prepositions
Verbal conjugation
"Osam Malih Prica O Mojoj Zeni" - David Albahari
"Ljubav Na Spanjolski Nacin" - Muharem Bazdulj
Kljuc (Key to A exercises in Lessons 1-14)
Key to audio recordings
How to use the BCS glossary
Different forms
Grammatical information
How to use the English glossary
Abbreviations in the glossaries
BCS-English Glossary
English-BCS Glossary
Sources for illustrations