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Earth's Dynamic Systems

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ISBN-10: 0137453736

ISBN-13: 9780137453733

Edition: 8th 1998

Authors: W. Kenneth Hamblin

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Coverage in this edition includes new discoveries on Europa and Ganymede and the possibility of bacteria on Mars, along with discussions of Cretaceous-Tertiary extinctions. There is increased emphasis on Earth as a system.
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List price: $74.67
Edition: 8th
Copyright year: 1998
Publisher: Prentice Hall PTR
Publication date: 12/16/1997
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 740
Size: 8.31" wide x 10.83" long x 0.91" tall
Weight: 3.344
Language: English

To the Student
Earth Materials
Planet Earth
Introduction to Geology
Earth Compared with Other Planets
Earth's Outermost Layers
Earth's Internal Structure
Major Features of the Continents
Major Features of the Ocean Basins
The Ecosphere-A Model of Planet Earth
State of the Art: Mapping the Continents from Space
State of the Art: Mapping the Ocean Floor from Space
GeoLogic: Meteorites and Earth's Interior
Geologic Systems
Geologic Systems
Direction of Change in Geologic Systems
The Hydrologic System
The Tectonic System
Gravity and Isostasy
State of the Art: Heat Flow Measurements and Plate Tectonics
GeoLogic: Earth's Systems from Space
The Nature of Minerals
The Growth and Destruction of Minerals
Silicate Minerals
Rock-Forming Minerals
State of the Art: X-Ray Diffraction and the Structure of Minerals
GeoLogic: Internal Structure of Minerals
Igneous Rocks
The Nature of Igneous Rocks
Textures of Igneous Rocks
Types of Igneous Rocks
Extrusive Rock Bodies
Intrusive Rock Bodies
The Origin and Differentiation of Magma
Igneous Rocks and Plate Tectonics
State of the Art: Microscopes Reveal Hidden Worlds of Geology
GeoLogic: Laccoliths of the Henry Mountains
Sedimentary Rocks
The Nature of Sedimentary Rocks
Types of Sedimentary Rocks
Sedimentary Structures
Sedimentary Systems
Stratigraphic Sequences
Sedimentary Systems and Plate Tectonics
State of the Art: Ocean Drilling Program: Probing the Deep Blue Sea
GeoLogic: Sedimentary Rocks at Dead Horse Point
Metamorphic Rocks
The Nature of Metamorphic Rocks
Origin of Metamorphic Rocks
Types of Metamorphic Rocks
Regional Metamorphic Zones
Metamorphic Rocks and Plate Tectonics
State of the Art: Rock Metamorphism in the Laboratory
GeoLogic: The Black Canyon of the Gunnison
Structure of Rock Bodies
Principles of Rock Deformation
Geometry of Rock Structures
State of the Art: Geologic Maps: Models of the Earth
GeoLogic: The Keystone Thrust
Geologic Time
The Discovery of Time
Relative Ages
The Standard Geologic Column
Radiometric Measurements of Time
Other Methods to Measure Numerical Time
Calibration of the Geologic Time Scale
Deciphering Geologic History
Magnitude of Geologic Time
State of the Art: Single Grain Ages of Earth's Oldest Rocks
GeoLogic: The Story of the Grand Canyon Revealed in Stone
The Hydrologic System
The Atmosphere-Ocean System
Composition and Structure of the Atmosphere
Energy and Motion of the Atmosphere
Composition and Structure of the Oceans
Energy and Motion of the Oceans
Climate Zones
Climate Change
State of the Art: Earth from Space: Satellite Eyes
GeoLogic: The Greenhouse Effect
Physical Weathering
Chemical Weathering
Weathering of Major Rock Types
Products of Weathering
Climate and Weathering
Rates of Weathering
GeoLogic: Weathering of the Mexican Pyramids
Slope Systems
Factors Influencing Mass Movement
Types of Mass Movement
State of the Art: Landslide Hazard Maps and GIS
GeoLogic: Slope Systems
River Systems
Geologic Importance of Running Water
Major Characteristics of River Systems
The Dynamics of Stream Flow
Equilibrium Gradients in River Systems
Processes of Stream Erosion
Processes of Stream Deposition
Rivers, Climates, and Plate Tectonics
GeoLogic: Russia's Lena River Delta
Groundwater Systems
Porosity and Permeability
The Water Table and Aquifers
The Movement of Groundwater
Natural and Artificial Discharge
Confined Aquifers
Thermal Springs and Geysers
Erosion by Groundwater
Deposition by Groundwater
Groundwater Resources
Alteration of Groundwater Systems
State of the Art: Computer Models of Flowing Groundwater
GeoLogic: Cave Systems of Gullin, China
Glacier Systems
Glacial Systems
Valley Glacier Systems
Continental Glacier Systems
Pleistocene Glaciation
Records of Pre-Pleistocene Glaciation
Causes of Glaciation
State of the Art: Mass Spectrometry and Earth's Climate
GeoLogic: Glaciation in the Sierra Nevada
Shoreline Systems
Longshore Drift
Erosion Along Coasts
Deposition Along Coasts
Evolution of Shorelines
Types of Coasts
GeoLogic: Tidal Inlet, Eastern Canada
Eolian Systems
The Global Eolian System
Wind Erosion
Transportation of Sediment by Wind
Deposits of Wind-blown Sand
Deposits of Wind-blown Dust: Loess
GeoLogic: Mars: The Eolian Planet
The Tectonic System
Plate Tectonics
Continental Drift
Development of the Theory of Plate Tectonics
Plate Geography
Plate Boundaries
Plate Motion
Rates of Plate Motion
The Driving Mechanisms for Plate Tectonics
State of the Art: The Magnetic Fabric of the Seafloor
Seismicity and Earth's Interior
Characteristics of Earthquakes
Earthquake Hazards
Earthquake Prediction
Earthquakes and Plate Tectonics
Seismic Waves as Probes of Earth's Interior
Seismic Wave Velocity Discontinuities
Convection Inside Earth
State of the Art: Radar Interferometry Reveals Earthquake Deformation
State of the Art: Seismic Tomography of Earth's Mantle
GeoLogic: Inclined Seismic Zones
Divergent Plate Boundaries
Midoceanic Ridges
Structure and Composition of the Oceanic Lithosphere
Origin and Evolution of Oceanic Crust
Continental Rifts
Plate Movement During the Last 200 Million Years
State of the Art: Gravity Variations Reveal Hidden Continental Rift
GeoLogic: Sheeted Dikes of the Oman Ophiolite
Transform Plate Boundaries
Characteristics of Transform Plate Boundaries
Oceanic Transform Plate Boundaries and Fracture Zones
Continental Transform Faults
Earthquakes at Transform Boundaries
Magmatism and Metamorphism at Transform Plate Boundaries
State of the Art: Global Positioning Systems
GeoLogic: Transform(ation) of California
Convergent Plate Boundaries
Types of Convergent Boundaries
Factors Influencing the Nature of Convergent Boundaries
Seismicity at Convergent Boundaries
Deformation at Convergent Boundaries
Magmatism at Convergent Boundaries
Volcanic Eruptions at Convergent Boundaries
Metamorphism at Convergent Boundaries
Formation of Continental Crust
State of the Art: Magnetic Maps Show Accreted Terranes
GeoLogic: Lau Basin: A Back Arc Basin
Hotspots and Mantle Plumes
Hotspots and Mantle Plumes
Making Magma in Mantle Plumes
Mantle Plumes Beneath the Ocean Floor
Mantle Plumes Beneath Continents
Plumes, Climate Change, and Extinctions
State of the Art: X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometry
Tectonics and Landscapes
Factors Influencing Continental Landscapes
Evolution of Shields
Stable Platforms
Folded Mountain Belts
Continental Rifts
Flood Basalts: Plains and Plateaus
Magmatic Arcs
GeoLogic: Landscape of Snow Canyon, Utah
Earth's Resources
Mineral Resources
Processes That Form Mineral Deposits
Energy Resources
Plate Tectonics and Mineral Resources
Limits to Growth and Consumption
Easter Island, Earth Island
State of the Art: Three-Dimensional Seismic Imaging
GeoLogic: The Origin of Coal
Other Planets
The Solar System
The Inner Solar System
The Outer Solar System
Small Bodies of the Solar System: Asteroids and Comets
Origin of the Solar System
State of the Art: Geologists on Other Worlds: The Apollo Program
GeoLogic: Chicxzulub: Smoking Gun?