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C A Reference Manual

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ISBN-10: 013089592X

ISBN-13: 9780130895929

Edition: 5th 2002 (Revised)

Authors: Samuel P. Harbison, Guy L. Steele

List price: $87.00
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This reference manual provides a complete description of the C language, the run-time libraries, and a style of C programming that emphasises correctness, portability, and maintainability.
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Book details

List price: $87.00
Edition: 5th
Copyright year: 2002
Publisher: Prentice Hall PTR
Publication date: 2/21/2002
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 560
Size: 7.00" wide x 9.10" long x 1.20" tall
Weight: 1.936
Language: English

List of Tables
The C Language
The Evolution of C
Which Dialect of C Should You Use?
An Overview of C Programming
Syntax Notation
Lexical Elements
Character Set
Operators and Separators
C++ Compatibility
On Character Sets, Repertoires, and Encodings
The C Preprocessor
Preprocessor Commands
Preprocessor Lexical Conventions
Definition and Replacement
File Inclusion
Conditional Compilation
Explicit Line Numbering
Pragma Directive
Error Directive
C++ Compatibility
Organization of Declarations
Storage Class and Function Specifiers
Type Specifiers and Qualifiers
Implicit Declarations
External Names
C++ Compatibility
Integer Types
Floating-Point Types
Pointer Types
Array Types
Enumerated Types
Structure Types
Union Types
Function Types
The Void Type
Typedef Names
Type Compatibility
Type Names and Abstract Declarators
C++ Compatibility
Conversions and Representations
The Usual Conversions
C++ Compatibility
Objects, Lvalues, and Designators
Expressions and Precedence
Primary Expressions
Postfix Expressions
Unary Expressions
Binary Operator Expressions
Logical Operator Expressions
Conditional Expressions
Assignment Expressions
Sequential Expressions
Constant Expressions
Order of Evaluation
Discarded Values
Optimization of Memory Accesses
C++ Compatibility
General Syntactic Rules for Statements
Expression Statements
Labeled Statements
Compound Statements
Conditional Statements
Iterative Statements
Switch Statements
Break and Continue Statements
Return Statements
Goto Statements
Null Statements
C++ Compatibility
Function Definitions
Function Prototypes
Formal Parameter Declarations
Adjustments to Parameter Types
Parameter-Passing Conventions
Agreement of Parameters
Function Return Types
Agreement of Return Types
The Main Program
Inline Functions
C++ Compatibility
The C Libraries
Introduction to the Libraries
Standard C Facilities
C++ Compatibility
Library Headers and Names
Standard Language Additions
NULL, ptrdiff_t, size_t, offsetof
EDOM, ERANGE, EILSEQ, errno, strerror, perror
bool, false, true
va_list, va_start, va_arg, va_end
Standard C Operator Macros
Character Processing
isalnum, isalpha, iscntrl, iswalnum, iswalpha, iswcntrl
iscsym, iscsymf
isdigit, isodigit, isxdigit, iswdigit, iswxdigit
isgraph, isprint, ispunct, iswgraph, iswprint, iswpunct
islower, isupper, iswlower, iswupper
isblank, isspace, iswhite, iswspace
tolower, toupper, towlower, towupper
wctype_t, wctype, iswctype
wctrans_t, wctrans
String Processing
strcat, strncat, wcscat, wcsncat
strcmp, strncmp, wcscmp, wcsncmp
strcpy, strncpy, wcscpy, wcsncpy
strlen, wcslen
strchr, strrchr, wcschr, wcsrchr
strspn, strcspn, strpbrk, strrpbrk, wcsspn, wcscspn, wcspbrk
strstr, strtok, wcsstr, wcstok
strtod, strtof, strtold, strtol, strtoll, strtoul, strtoull
atof, atoi, atol, atoll
strcoll, strxfrm, wcscoll, wcsxfrm
Memory Functions
memchr, wmemchr
memcmp, wmemcmp
memcpy, memccpy, memmove, wmemcpy, wmemmove
memset, wmemset
Input/Output Facilities
FILE, EOF, wchar_t, wint_t, WEOF
fopen, fclose, fflush, freopen, fwide
setbuf, setvbuf
stdin, stdout, stderr
fseek, ftell, rewind, fgetpos, fsetpos
fgetc, fgetwc, getc, getwc, getchar, getwchar, ungetc, ungetwc
fgets, fgetws, gets
fscanf, fwscanf, scanf, wscanf, sscanf, swscanf
fputc, fputwc, putc, putwc, putchar, putwchar
fputs, fputws, puts
fprintf, printf, sprintf, snprintf, fwprintf, wprintf, swprintf
vfprintf, vfwprintf, vprintf, vwprintf, vsprintf, vswprintf, vfscanf, vfwscanf, vscanf, vwscanf, vsscanf, vswscanf
fread, fwrite
feof, ferror, clearerr
remove, rename
tmpfile, tmpnam, mktemp
General Utilities
malloc, calloc, malalloc, clalloc, free, cfree
rand, srand, RAND_MAX
atof, atoi, atol, atoll 1
strtod, strtof, strtold, strtol, strtoll, strtoul, strtoull
abort, atexit, exit,_Exit, EXIT_FAILURE, EXIT_SUCCESS
bsearch, qsort
abs, labs, llabs, div, ldiv, lldiv
mblen, mbtowc, wctomb
mbstowcs, wcstombs
Mathematical Functions
abs, labs, llabs, div, ldiv, lldiv
ceil, floor, lrint, llrint, lround, llround, nearbyint, round, rint, trunc
fmod, remainder, remquo
frexp, ldexp, modf, scalbn
exp, exp2, expm1, ilogb, log, log10, log1p, log2, logb
cbrt, fma, hypot, pow, sqrt
rand, srand, RAND_MAX
cos, sin, tan, cosh, sinh, tanh
acos, asin, atan, atan2, acosh, asinh, atanh
fdim, fmax, fmin
Type-Generic Macros
erf, erfc, lgamma, tgamma
fpclassify, isfinite, isinf, isnan, isnormal, signbit
copysign, nan, nextafter, nexttoward
isgreater, isgreaterequal, isless, islessequal, islessgreater, isunordered
Time and Date Functions
clock, clock_t, CLOCKS_PER_SEC, times
time, time_t
asctime, ctime
gmtime, localtime, mktime
strftime, wcsftime
Control Functions
assert, NDEBUG
system, exec
exit, abort
setjmp, longjmp, jmp_buf
signal, raise, gsignal, ssignal, psignal
sleep, alarm
Extended Integer Types
General Rules
Exact-Size Integer Types
Least-Size Types of a Minimum Width
Fast Types of a Minimum Width
Pointer-Size and Maximum-Size Integer Types
Ranges of ptrdiff_t, size_t, wchar_t, wint_t, and sig_atomic_t
imaxabs, imaxdiv, imaxdiv_t
strtoimax, strtouimax
wcstoimax, wcstoumax
Floating-Point Environment
Floating-Point Environment
Floating-Point Exceptions
Floating-Point Rounding Modes
Complex Arithmetic
Complex Library Conventions
complex, _Complex_I, imaginary,_Imaginary_I, I
cacos, casin, catan, ccos, csin, ctan
cacosh, casinh, catanh, ccosh, csinh, ctanh
cexp, clog, cabs, cpow, csqrt
carg, cimag, creal, conj, cproj
Wide and Multibyte Facilities
Basic Types and Macros
Conversions Between Wide and Multibyte Characters
Conversions Between Wide and Multibyte Strings
Conversions to Arithmetic Types
Input and Output Functions
String Functions
Date and Time Conversions
Wide-Character Classification and Mapping Functions
The ASCII Character Set
Answers to the Exercises