The Best Part-Time Jobs and Job Resources for College Students Looking for Work During Covid-19

Looking for part-time work during a pandemic may not be ideal, but it’s certainly not impossible. There are plenty of job opportunities for students looking to land a part-time gig while in school. In fact, during the pandemic over 1 million new job openings have become available. So where should a college student begin their job search? See our list below.

Person painting a wall

Home Project Contractor

While most people CAN not everyone WANTS to put together a bed, or paint a room, or pick up a couch they bought off Facebook Marketplace. If you have a truck to help someone move or you’re handy with a hammer or skilled with a paintbrush, head over to TaskRabbit and make some money offering your handywoman or handyman services. Their app and website are * (chef’s kiss) at connecting taskers to potential jobs.

Person talking to another person

Resident Advisor

Almost all colleges employ resident advisors, and though that spot might be filled now, the after-hours responsibilities could prove too much for some full-time students trying to juggle this position with their studies. If you think you’re up for the challenge (it’s surely a memorable and a one of a kind of job) check with your school periodically for openings.

Groceries on the counter at the checkout in a store

Grocery Store Clerk

If we have learned anything from the pandemic, it’s that toilet paper will always need to be purchased. Sometimes in quantities so large, someone could construct an entire toilet paper toilet paper factory out of their toilet paper. A factory where they could make MORE toilet paper and sell to another person in need of his own toilet paper who would also buy so much toilet paper he could build a toilet paper toilet paper warehouse that would house all of the toilet paper the toilet paper toilet paper factory made!And when all the toilet paper toilet paper factories and warehouses have been built, people may stop buying toilet paper from the grocery store. But they will still need to buy food. And that’s why we will always need grocery store clerks.

And when all the toilet paper toilet paper factories and warehouses have been built, people may stop buying toilet paper from the grocery store. But they will still need to buy food. And that’s why we will always need grocery store clerks.

Clothes hanging

Clothing Reseller

Download one of these clothing resale apps (or use their website) and open your very own resale shop online. The apps take a percentage of each sale, but they also give you a platform to sell to thousands of shopaholics waiting to purchase your used Nike Air Force 1s and Reformation dresses.

Food delivery app open on a phone

Third-Party Food Delivery Service

You’ve used them a hundred times to bring you a burrito. Now you can bring someone else their burrito. Burritos for all.

Person walking dogs

Pet Sitting/Dog Walker

The pandemic hit dog walkers especially hard, and many had to find alternative work to pay their bills. Well now who will give Rusty his midday pee pee when his owner heads back to work next week? With some remote workers now returning to the office, the dog walking service industry is picking back up and will need walkers again. Visit Rover or Wag and fill out an application or apply to a local dog walking business in your community.

Package on the ground

Amazon Delivery Driver

Every time you click that “Buy Now” button on Amazon, a driver gets his… money! Not all shipments that come from Amazon’s warehouses are delivered by the USPS, UPS or FedEx. Many are Amazon Flex delivery drivers who set their own hours and make money delivering packages using only their smart phone and 4-door vehicle.

Groceries in a bag

Grocery Delivery

Because of Covid-19 grocery delivery is no longer limited to the carless big city walkers who gave up lugging six bags of groceries through busy city streets decades ago. Word is out in the suburbs and now even grandma has perfected her online grocery shopping skills. Help grandma get her pie ingredients.

Someone hanging another person a bag

Delivery Courier for Chain Restaurants

Papa John’s and Dominos aren’t the only places that hire delivery drivers these days. Many chain restaurants like Insomnia Cookies, McDonald’s and Popeyes employ their own drivers to deliver online orders to customers now. I would have mentioned Taco Bell, but I’m still not over the eradication of the Mexican Pizza.

Food containers on a table

Delivery Driver for Local Restaurants

It’s already hard being a restaurant during a pandemic. Which is why many restaurants use their own delivery people to avoid the crazy commission 3rd party delivery services charge to list restaurants on their apps. Check with your favorite local restaurant to see if they are looking for any delivery help.

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