Gobbling Up Gratitude

It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner! We comment every year on how quickly time passes. I’ve been told the years pass by faster as you get older because you have more years under your belt… but I refuse to believe it (or admit it). Hopefully, despite the speed of the year, you have enjoyed it. You’ve had more good moments than bad. You’ve had personal growth, opportunity, and success. You’ve felt love and happiness. You’ve felt thankful.

As another November quickly races by, I hope you can take a moment to reflect on all that makes you thankful. Take a moment to feel satisfaction in yourself and in what you have. Now is the perfect time to show gratitude. While you’re prepping for another holiday, take a moment to feel that gratitude and share it with others.

I took a moment to ask my colleagues and some of their kids what they are thankful for this Thanksgiving. Hearing others gratitude is a great way to feel instant happiness. To feel good. I hope you enjoy learning what our team is thankful for this year!

“I am very thankful that my wife and I have good jobs and a nice home. I am a home body.”

Jeff B.

“I might not be able to explain this the best way possible, but I want to say relationships. I’m thankful that I have had the opportunity to meet so many great people that have really helped and supported me/my family in times that were difficult or offered food, shelter or kindness when needed, when it was thought that there was no solution. One of the best things that i think we can do, is to help people when they need it. What may seem like a small gesture that you may never think about again, could change the world for someone else. No one can push through this world alone, no matter how much they try to or think it’s the only option. Think positively and give people benefit of the doubt and help when you can, you’ll be surprised on how much that comes back around your way when you may need it.”

Chris S.

“I’m thankful for my kid’s health and their laughter that fills my heart and home. I’m truly convinced their hugs are magical and their joy is contagious. I’m in awe that they are mine and I’m forever thankful for that!”

Alison B.

“I am thankful for chickens and cows that give me chicken wings and cheeseburgers…”

Jason H.

“I am so thankful for my wife Patricia. Before we met, I was a mess. Very depressed, very angry, and a lost soul. She has showed me how to live again and put the past behind me. And for that I thank God every single day for her.”

Darrell B.

“I’m thankful for the happiness and entertainment my dog has brought to my life, even though he can sometimes be an anxiety-ridden, mischievous ball of way too much fur. But at least he’s cute.”

John K.

“I’m thankful for my tenacity. Life hasn’t been easy for me; but the fact that I can wake up everyday and juggle multiple hats continues to AMAZE ME!”

Jeneé C.

“I am thankful that I am still able to play soccer and hopefully will be able to for many years to come, and I am thankful for a family that supports me doing so.”

Connor D.

“I’m thankful for zippers.”

David. D.

“I am thankful for my health and family.”

Luke T.

“I am thankful that we have pets, a house, and enough to eat and drink.”

Lyla S.

“I am thankful for my parents and not having too many physical problems, and for having lots of friends and pets, and my PS4.”

Noah S.

Happy Thanksgiving,
Alison (and the TextbookRush team)

About the author

Alison Blankenship
Senior Marketing Manager
I graduated Cum Laude from The Ohio State University (Go Bucks!) with degrees in Marketing and Communications. I’ve been working in the textbook industry for over 10 years, and my work has been featured by College Confidential, Mercy College of Health Sciences, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Pennsylvania Tribune, Montana Technological University, Oregon Live, and other organizations.

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