TextbookRush making a donation to the American Red Cross

Thank You, Red Cross!

I went to the American Red Cross in Columbus on Wednesday to make a donation on behalf of TextbookRush: $1,000.

It’s an indescribable feeling when you realize you work for an organization that recognizes the importance of helping others. TextbookRush understands the value of the Red Cross.The Red Cross is more than just blood drives.They are more than just disaster relief.They are the people that help communities and individuals on a day-to-day basis .Tuesday night, there were 5 families affected by house fires in Central Ohio.That’s 5 families in need of food and shelter that the Red Cross provides.

I met with Mark, the Regional Director, while I was there. He was thrilled to receive our donation. He told me that the Red Cross is working hard to help people develop their “game plan.” And no, I don’t mean for a basketball game or any other sporting event. It’s important to know how you are going to handle emergencies. When I was little, I remember my parents explaining what I need to do in case of a house fire. They told me to leave everything and get out of the house anyway I can and go next door and call 911. They also told me to never EVER run back in. That was our game plan. What’s yours?

Talk with your loved ones. Come up with the winning game plan. And if you need help, the Red Cross will help you!I also want to take a moment and encourage you to get involved.The Red Cross is always looking for Volunteers. Locate your local chapter and see what you can do to help!I’m planning on getting involved here in Columbus.

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