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Now is the Best Time to Sell Your Textbooks

When the spring semester abruptly ended this year, you may have found it difficult to unload the textbooks you purchased – especially if you were used to handing them over to the campus bookstore. What you probably didn’t realize, is that not being able to access the bookstore may have actually put more money into your pocket. For one, the bookstore is known to give very, very little back in return for your textbooks, they’re in the book business after all and they’re trying to make the school money…not you. Two, selling back after the spring semester is only the 2nd or 3rd best time to sell books back and make money on your textbooks. So what is the best time?


The very beginning of the fall semester is great, but students have already started shopping for textbooks for their fall classes. Getting your books out there early not only means you’ll be up and running to sell during the big textbook buying rush at the start of classes, it means that your books could be some of the first books students or textbook buyback websites purchase. Suppliers are stocking their inventories up as we speak and come the beginning of the semester you may not find as many places to sell back to, or they may not be offering as much for your textbooks, as they already have the supply they need.

So if you’re currently sitting with a pile of textbooks from last semester’s classes and you’re waiting for school to open back up to sell them, change your plans and get started now. You could even purchase new (used) textbooks with the money you make selling your old ones, because guess what, this is also a great time to snag the best priced textbooks for fall, before other students buy those copies up. Welcome to The Great Textbook Game Of 2020, you’ve got this!

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Alison Blankenship
Senior Marketing Manager
I graduated Cum Laude from The Ohio State University (Go Bucks!) with degrees in Marketing and Communications. I’ve been working in the textbook industry for over 10 years, and my work has been featured by College Confidential, Mercy College of Health Sciences, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Pennsylvania Tribune, Montana Technological University, Oregon Live, and other organizations.

I’m an obsessive lover of dachshunds and a passionate reader of books. I’m an avid Pinner and poster, and I’m all over our Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram and Pinterest.