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Five Ways to Get Textbooks for College

When you’re approaching a new semester, the last thing you want to spend time on is researching where to buy textbooks — but, if you want to cut costs, exploring your possibilities is a must. That’s because there are a lot more ways to find books for your classes than simply walking into a bookstore and paying retail price. Want to learn more? Below, consider five ways that might work for you to buy eBooks and textbooks this year:

  1. Shop online. The beauty of online stores like TextbookRush is you can shop from anywhere — on your phone, in your dorm, while eating breakfast in your pajamas — finding what you need in moments. Just type in the title you need, and you’ll see what copies are available. On top of that, online stores typically provide the cost savings that come from a streamlined business model. Click here to shop textbooks online at TextbookRush.
  2. Buy used books. Purchase textbooks that have been previously owned, and you’ll enjoy a significant discount on their costs. Simply because a book has been used, it will come with a hefty price reduction. Get exactly the book you need without paying top dollar for it. Click here to shop used textbooks at TextbookRush.
  3. Buy international edition textbooks. You probably don’t hear a lot about this, but international editions of textbooks often offer the exact same content as the U.S. editions, just with a different cover and jacket design. Nonetheless, simply because they’re international editions, they’ll be significantly cheaper. Before buying the book you need for a certain class, why not check to see if there’s an international version for less money? Click here to shop international edition textbooks at TextbookRush.
  4. Rent textbooks. When you don’t expect to use a textbook once a class is done, why not rent ebooks or books instead of owning them? Opting to rent instead of buy can save you as much as 90 percent of a book’s sticker price, while still providing the information you need during the duration of your course. Click here to rent textbooks online at TextbookRush.
  5. Trade in old books. Put your old textbooks to work for you by selling them online. When you use the proceeds of old books toward the next set of books you’ll need, you save more money. Click here to sell textbooks online at TextbookRush.

Because there are so many options for purchasing textbooks, there are countless ways to save. Try some of the options above and cut your course costs this year! Contact TextbookRush today or check out the links above for more information on college textbooks.


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