You can't sell textbooks to Amazon anymore

You Can’t Sell Textbooks to Amazon Anymore

Launched around 2010 as an extension of their rapidly growing Trade-In Program, the Amazon Textbook Buyback system quickly became a popular option for students wondering what to do with old textbooks. Over the course of nearly a decade, the program allowed students to sell textbooks to Amazon with the same convenience and competitive pricing that Amazon is known for across their business. In that time, the program helped the company amass an expansive inventory of textbooks while simultaneously growing their user base among younger segments of the population through annual subscriptions like Prime Student.

So where is the program now? Unfortunately for loyal users, it’s not so easy to sell back textbooks to Amazon anymore…

What Happened to Amazon Textbook Buyback?

If you did a Google search today hoping to sell textbooks to Amazon, you’d be out of luck. In fact, that search might be how you found this article. That’s because, effective April 1st, 2020, the Amazon textbook trade-in program was shut down without notice or explanation. While this will likely come as a surprise and disappointment to many, there are a few reasons why this move makes sense for the tech company:

  1. Industry Trends: Over the last several years, renting – rather than buying – eBooks or textbooks has become a more common alternative for students looking to save money. The existing inventory from ten years of Amazon textbook buybacks allows them to stay active in the rental space without incurring additional inventory costs moving forward.
  2. Counterfeit Inventory: A well-documented issue in the industry is counterfeit textbooks, and Amazon’s textbook trade-in presented an opportunity for users to, knowingly or unknowingly, send in counterfeit books. Sorting through trade-ins to identify and dispose of these bogus copies is no small task, so it’s possible this could have played a role in the end of the program. For help inspecting your own books, check out our resource for identifying counterfeit textbooks.

We may never know the exact reason behind Amazon’s decision, but the important thing is that there is now one less option for students trying to sell textbooks.

An Alternative to Amazon Textbook Buyback

While it’s no longer possible to sell used textbooks to Amazon, TextbookRush is the best alternative for anyone looking for the same level of convenience and competitive pricing. Try out our sell textbooks tool to get started, and take a look at some of the benefits you’ll enjoy compared to Amazon’s trade-in program:

  1. $15 Minimum: Receive what you deserve for your books.
  2. Free Shipping: Just print the label and go. Multiple boxes are allowed.
  3. Fast and Secure Payment: Use PayPal, receive cash, or earn store credit.
  4. One Million Titles: We do our best to have an offer for every title and ISBN.

If you need help or have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service team. For more helpful textbook tips, including the best time to sell textbooks, check out the rest of our blog.


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