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Improve Your Study Habits by Understanding How You Learn

Improve study habits and grades by understanding how you learn. Did you know there are three learning styles? Once you know which one applies to you, devise a learning style test or learning style quiz to aid in studying. You will get more answers correct on these self-devised tests, and will therefore perform better in class.

What are the Three Types of Learning?

  • Auditory Learning: Auditory learners retain information best when it is presented in an auditory format. Listening to a teacher or professor speak, studying while playing music, and other forms of audio information give you the best results on school work and tests.
  • Visual Learning: Visual learners retain information best by seeing it. Looking at charts, graphs, photos and videos are all parts of this type of learning.
  • Kinesthetic Learning: Kinesthetic learners absorb information best through touch and movement. Feeling models, putting puzzles together, using flash cards, playing learning games, and even listening to a lecture while doing some kind of physical activity are all excellent ways for these types of learners to exceed in school.

How Do You Know What Type of Learner You Are?
How do you discover your learning style? Simply do a learning style inventory. It starts with understanding each type, and then looking at the lessons in school where you performed the best. How were they presented? Also, consider how you memorize information best. These will serve as important clues indicating how you most successfully absorb information.

How Can These Learning Styles Make You Successful in College?
Knowing your learning style can give you an edge when it comes to mastering classes. If you are a visual learner, pay more attention to the graphics in your textbooks, draw charts as study guides, and try to find videos on your class’s subject.

For audio learners, listen carefully when your professor speaks, repeat facts out loud when studying, and try to get copies of your textbooks as audiobooks.

If you’re a kinesthetic learner, take notes in class, as the act of moving will help you remember better, and put your learning into as three dimensional of a format as you can, such as with physical learning aids.

Additional Tips
If you still need assistance with learning and retaining information presented in your classes, consider getting a tutor who can customize lessons to your learning style. A good tutor should be well aware of these learning methods. You can also talk to your professor about presenting information in a variety of ways for the different learners in your class Also consider utilizing your student resource center. It should have people who can help format a study plan to best fit your needs.

By learning proactively, you will see amazing results with your academic performance.


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